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  1. Hey man, I heard you saying you got a version of RSS and Kopernicus working in the latest version of KSP, despite there being some minor issues with fuel/engine stats, I was wondering if you could let me know how you got it working or might be able to link me to the configs you updated? I'm concidering coming back to KSP to rework a mod I used to maintain 3 years ago and would love to be able to test some things in RSS in the latest version of KSP, engines stats etc really aren't a concern for me as my mod is all visuals. Any help or info would be much appreciated, cheers, Pingo.

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    2. RocketBlam
    3. pingopete


      Ah I didn't even know that was out, I'll give that one a go 

    4. pingopete


      Got it working with that new dll and new kopernicus from github, cheers 

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