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  1. Which file do you need? Not this one?
  2. Most likely, yes, as if something is interfering with the download, because for a moment everything is fine, but as it boots, it disappears
  3. A strange problem, the glare of the sun works fine, but then, as you switch to satellite, say on the moon, the glare of the sun instantly disappears and it becomes defaulted, stock. At the tracking station and during the construction of the orbits, this bug is not present, the sun is normal, it disappears precisely when you switch to the satellite itself or any ship. If you start with kerbin, this bug is missing, nothing disappears. I can not find the reason what it is, I tried both 1.8 and 1.9 the same thing, and at the beginning of that career there is a preservation, this bug is not there, i.e. I switched and nothing disappears. If you start a new career, everything also works well. But why does this bug appear over time? How to solve it. Sorry for google translit I hope you get the point
  4. Some kind of duplication scares me, I do not make a second file, I edit one file Bluedog_DB \ Parts \ Gemini \ Lander \ bluedog_Gemini_LanderCan.cfg where I add rotation = 0, 180, 0 to the model and that's it I already checked, everything is fine with him, just forward he is now where the door is
  5. only the initial position of the model changes, and only. Well, the rover will no longer get normal, but the landing module is normal
  6. it turned out to turn the model itself rotation = 0, 180, 0 and now the interior converges with the model, which basically suits me The view from the cockpit is also normal. I hope there will be no problems because of this MODEL { model = Bluedog_DB/Parts/Gemini/bluedog_Gemini_LanderCan rotation = 0, 180, 0 }
  7. tell me how to fix the Dona-LK217 Miniature Lander Can, and then stream there, initially, it is not correctly rotated, as they look both from the cockpit and in fact back
  8. Пока не обновляется, найдена замена Совсем неплохо
  9. If you right-click on any module that has several colors to choose from, the menu bug .v1.6 On version 1.5, everything is fine.
  10. on version 1.51 with dlс MakingHistory build missiles is not possible. Crafts are also broken and do not click anywhere during construction. no dlc - everything is fine
  12. I found a problem. I did not have DLC making histori It sounds strange how it affects, but the problem disappeared, as I threw the DLC files into the game. In general, miracles Thank you for spending time with me and for a good mod. But if you delete the DLС folder (SquadExpansion), you will get my problem
  13. on the English version An error occurs with any female cosmonaut. If she leaves the ship, she will immediately lose food, oxygen and water. This can be seen in the video, where the fashion icon changes to red when it happened. There it is clear that all her life support was immediately gone as soon as she came out. Going back in the ship was on the same number of resources less, i.e. all that she took from the ship was gone. Of course you can not play female gender, but it's kind of stupid The mod is good and I hope you turn it blue. I do not want to use other similar mods, I have been using this modification for many years.