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  1. Update: Plugin coding for the Drive Core is finished (mostly by me, with some help from Keiphy due to time issues). All parts besides the storage tank are working (via MM configs). Future Plans: Find a Modeler/Texturer Write a plugin that lets the KEEZO Containment Unit loose KEEZO while unpowered (much like KSPIs Helium Cryostat) Particle/FX plugins for Drive Core and KCU
  2. I don't know how feasible it is, but now the only thing I am missing for ORS to be as easy to use as kethane would be the ability to project the ORS overlay back onto the planet (like the kethane grid).
  3. @PART[sensorGammaRaySpectrometer] { MODULE { name = SCANsat sensorType = 64 resourceType = 21 fov = 10 min_alt = 5000 max_alt = 500000 best_alt = 100000 scanName = Uranium Scan power = 0.4 } MODULE { name = SCANsat sensorType = 64 resourceType = 22 fov = 10 min_alt = 5000 max_alt = 500000 best_alt = 100000 scanName = Thorium Scan power = 0.4 } MODULE { name = SCANsat sensorType = 64 resourceType = 23 fov = 10 min_alt = 5000 max_alt = 500000 best_alt = 100000 scanName = Alumina Scan power = 0.4 } } That should do it. Edit: License: Do with that whatever you wish.
  4. Apparently my standard image viewer made me see things, rechecked in GIMP, nothing. My bad, sorry. Edit: Made a Kethane alternate icon:
  5. They are nice, however it looks like you exported the background so the alpha has a slight grey touch.
  6. No sorry, it was merely something I thought was missing in unity and looked for it, the thread with the code being the only source I found. KSPI uses self-illumination on it's thermal generators and antimatter reactors, so when I apply reflections I loose the self illumination texture, I can make some shots of that if that helps.
  7. Not sure whether it is possible to implement into the plugin, but someone created a reflective shader with self illumination for unity: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/69951-Reflective-Cubemap-shader-WITH-Self-Illumination
  8. Thank you so much for the plugin Trigger, even in my stripped down development install of KSP it is a must have I made an alternative Megajoule Icon that is more in line with the KSPI style, thought I'd share it. Use it however you like (and thanks for the templates too Trigger, they are awesome).
  9. Hey folks, a friend of mine (keiphy) and I have long been thinking about making a mod for KSP and I recently came up with an idea, so we present you with The mod will allow Kerbals to discover the theoretical Kerbal Element Zero short KEEZO on Eeloo, mine it and use it in Kass Effect Drive Cores that reduce the connected vessel's mass by a factor depending on the current supplied to it. After some discussion we have decided to use KSPI as a required mod to supply the drive core with enough current to make the drive core somewhat balanced. Due to this using the OpenResourceSystem for resource management was a given. Keiphy is working on the plugin proper, while I just finished the ORS stuff, making KEEZO mineable, and the KSPARP integration (just an icon really). As neither of us are any good at texturing and I am at best mediocre at low-poly modeling, we are looking for some talented help in that department. Parts Needed KEEZO Storage Tank (Radial and maybe Inline) Kass Effect Drive Core KEEZO Scanner KEEZO Extraction Unit Mod Dependencies OpenResourceSystem KSPI (Kass Effect Drive needs Megajoules) Supported Mods KSP Alternate Resource Panel
  10. Awesome plugin, but without toolbar integration the window is a bit annoying in sandbox mode. ^^
  11. Haven't seen a KSPI icon around (might have missed one) so I made one and figured I might as well share it.
  12. Love the Universal Storage parts, now if you could put all the science stuff in them .. hint hint Seriously tho, good work.