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  1. I understand moders are gamers too with lives. I just want to tell you what your mod helped do for me. I did a series called the great kerbin trek. Like a kerbal star trek. with elp for orbital ship yards, the sleeper mod for long term space travel. While dropping jump point becaons for ftl, while using the intersteallar mod to get out that far. A extra solar system mod, 2 I think. Then buidling colony ships and seeding theses huge space conlnies a lot like gundam all throughout the system, and then building ships their, with ftl. I owned the galaxy with your mod and spread kerbin kind to ever
  2. I love mods like this. I love doing challenges to try and fly to other solar systems. However I don't care for the fact that you take out sun light is their something I can do to put that back to normal. If not that's fine your's is the best solar system mod i've found yet, these are pretty rare sadly.
  3. In this lets play, warp drive is just the tip of a very bigger idea. Were blasting off into very deep space. Making use a mods that don't see much use. I did this once before in a playthrough. Was a lot of fun now I am doing it on youtube as a lets play. Would love it if you check me out our kerbin stark trek, to other solar systems and beyond.
  4. I haven't played ksp in over a year. I am thinking this may be a bug but my thermometer isn't working. Everytime I go to use it no matter where I am it tells me it can't be used now. I have tried in orbit, in atmosphear and on the ground and it's the same message. Anyone have a clue why this isn't working.
  5. I landed my probe in the water but it won't let me recover it. It thinks I am still in the sky. The recovery button won't appear and when I try to leave for the space center I get a message saying can't leave while craft is over kerbin and it relods me to my last save. It seems to be locked in flying mode. Anyone seen this before or know what causes this? I can reload but I land and it does the same thing again. It worked 30 min ago to recover but that was over land and this is in water.
  6. thank you for the cool mod. I like the clouds, I like the city lights. It makes kerbin seem like a real place with real ppl and not just some meanless rock.
  7. I installed the mod but my game won't load, no error. Is their something it may not be combadibile with?
  8. When ever I launch a rocket, no matter the rocket or the engine I put on it, and only during the main stage fireing their is a soft clicking sound off in the back round. I was just wondering if anyone else notice that and why it was their.
  9. I am having a problem with the wheels. I try to take off and the wheels won't roll. It's like the breaks are on, the back end woobles back and forth until finally exploding. I have done everything I can think of but nothing is working. I checked and the breaks are not on. I am using adjustable landing gear, antilock breaks, and NEAR Aireospace. anyone have any idea what is cuasing this?
  10. I recently dowloaded the b19 mod with adjustable landing gear, and antilock breaks. I build a jet and no matter how I build it. When I go to try and take off the front wheel locks up. The back end starts to wobble from side to side until blowing up. It's almost like the breaks on on for the front wheel and only the front wheel. I have tried everything I can think of, changed out landing gear, moved it around, rebuilt the plane 5 times all in different ways and it does the same thing every time. Anyone ever seen anything like this before I am at a loss
  11. It looks like you got a good start. I was wondering can this be used with MKS mod? I was thinking if I could use both that way I could start a small colony and then once it starts to grow I can add a bunch of cilizans and create a large colony. So what I am thinking is I use TAC life support. I start a MKS colony on the moon. I am wanting to bring civilivans to the colony. So I drop a apartment moduel and a farming dome. If I connect that with my current MKS colony could I combine all the life support that it's already producing?
  12. Out of no where I am getting this werrid error that I have never seen before. I am playing on science mode not career. I have built some rather large and heavy crafts before that I never had a problem with. I am early in the game. I built a farily simple craft with 1.5m parts, nothing that should be heavy but I get this weird error. "The Launch pad can't support vessels heavier than 34028232346638529000000000000000000000t total mass is NaNt" Anyone have any clue what this means and why I am getting this?
  13. Sorry I never replied that save file blew up so their is no game left. I had to reinstall. Thanks for your responses hopefully my new install works normally.
  14. I had this working on my last install but it blew up and I am reninstalling all my mods. I can't get this to work for anything. I turn on the game and it gets to warpplugin/parts/engines/aluminiumHybrid/part/aluminiumHybrid1. And it stops their. Anyway I can fix this?
  15. Every time I try to turn on the jet pack. All the thrusters fire at once and my kerbal goes out of control. I have the same problem for thrusters on my ships I can't figure out how to use just one thrusters at a time when ever I turn them on they all fire at once.
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