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  1. Has anyone else had an issue where the pod engines start activated on the pad? As soon as the craft loads on the pad the engines are going at 50% thrust.
  2. Do we still need the optional FAR modules for mechjeb to work with nuFAR?
  3. Well said! Real chutes is a core componnent of many other mods I use. As a 64 bit enthusiast this decision has caused me to loose some interest in my absolute favorite game EVER.
  4. Does anyone know how to update the procedural tanks to use the new TAC values? I've looked back in this and the TAC thread and can't figure out a fix.
  5. Anyone else having problems with the limit acceleration feature? In the latest dev build it doesn't hold anywere close to the value I put in. For example, it shifts between 30 m/s^2 and 12 m/s^2 when I input 9.8 m/s^2. Using 64 bit.
  6. Is there any way to control the max thrust of the engines? Ideally I would like to slow down slower to keep the g-forces out of the red (for realism purposes). I Tried using the thrust limiter in the VAB but the engines fired at full speed but from too high up.
  7. I'm sure it'll be great. The models already look FANTASTIC. I'm more than a little stoked about this mod. Keep up the good work.
  8. I don't think they are verniers, I think they are just regular old rcs thrusters. Seems to me there would already be more than enough control authority from the rcs alone.
  9. I haven't been able to find out much on the actual specs either but most sources say it is based on the ESA Automated transfer Vehicle which uses 4 R-4D engines (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-4D). They are apparently the same engines used as rcs on the Apollo LM and CM. That's actually pretty awesome. ATV: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automated_Transfer_Vehicle
  10. Sumghai, this mod is probably my absolute favorite out of all of the 130+ I have installed (no joke, 64 bit. It all works). With that being said I have a small suggestion/request that I wanted to throw out there. Would it be possible to have a version of the service module/fairingless engine that use monopropellant instead of liquid fuel and oxygen? It would be cool to have the option for realism freaks like myself.
  11. Thanks for the reply. After reading a bit more I figured that might be the case. I'm not so much interested in efficiency as I am in historic realism. I'm on of THOSE ocd nerds haha. Do you know if there is any plugin that will let me set a specific TWR or acceleration limit for specific engines?
  12. I've been attempting to launch my Saturn V recreation into orbit with a single burn with no coasting to apoapsis (like the real life Saturn V). Do you think this mod would be handy for this? I've read the description and most of the thread but I won't be home for a few days to try it.
  13. Thank you sir. No rush. If anything it's forcing me to learn a little bit of self control.
  14. The tech limits for this mod and procedural fairings aren't working for me in career mode. I've had to practice self control and limit the tanks on my own based on the largest non-procedural parts I have unlocked. Does anyone know a fix for this? I made two clean installs, one with PF and Module manager only, another with only procedural parts and MM. Neither has working tech limits. I can make any ridiculously over-sized tank I want.