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  1. Wouldn't stating in my post that you aren't responsible for any bugs that may incur from using this unofficial 1.2 update be enough to prevent this from happening? Anyway, I'll take the link down now. My apologies as I hadn't considered that possibility. Not sure if creating a derivative is justified as I don't intend to supersede your mod in anyway. Would you mind if I instead stated in my post that I can share my unofficial version mod to anyone who wishes to use it by private messaging me?
  2. As @Filigan said, this is also one of the essential mods in all my playthroughs. As such, I took the liberty of recompiling it for 1.2 and, so far, everything appears to work as expected. Anyone who wants to have a ride with it can download it here. Just say the word @JPLRepo and I'll take the link down. Anyway, continue onward with your major feature enhancement! Can't wait to see what you're cooking up for this amazing mod!
  3. Many thanks @Diazo, that was exactly my problem! I had no idea that the .NET framework level mattered in regards to KSP. I owe you one. Also, I had no idea that mod existed @Fwiffo, thanks as well for sharing it here.
  4. Hello everyone! So as to train myself in the art of KSP modding, I am attempting to develop my first mod. Its purpose is simple: adding a Light emitting component to the z-100Battery indicator, the little green bell-shaped thing on top of the part. However, I've hit a roadblock. The following error (from the log file) has been haunting me for the past day or so: This results in the part not even loading, obviously. The mod consists of 2 files: BatteryIndicatorLight.dll z-100Battery.cfg Additionally, the file structure is as follows: For reference, the code developed here is based on BatteryIndicator and EngineLightning. If anyone would be able to assist me in finding the cause of the error, I would be most grateful!
  5. Hope you don't mind @magico13, but I took the liberty of recompiling your EditorTime modlet for 1.2 as I really wanted to play with it. If you also don't mind me sharing it while you find the time to recompile them all, anyone who might need it can download it from here. Just say the word and I'll take it down if necessary. Anyway, thanks for all your work! I find this particular mod indispensable in my playthroughs!