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  1. Hey guys! Just found out i'm getting some money on Christmas and i'm in need of a new laptop. The Lenovo Yoga series laptops are interesting to me, especially the 510 model. I've already surfed the whole internet and read every review written about it. If you had any experience with them, please tell if you recommend/not recommend it and tell me why! Thank you in advance <3
  2. Is that possible? Will my ship be attached to the asteroid? Or will i have to keep it in place with rcs? Thank you!
  3. I got sennheisers recently, not a headset though, just the headphones, but they are awesome. And they actually create headsets, too! I'm planning on buying one of these. http://en-us.sennheiser.com/gaming-headsets
  4. Oh my, this might come in handy for my videos.. But how does it differ from using the mouse wheel button? I like that you can focus on other ships though!
  5. So i'm trying to install new os into my old pc, I did that several times in the past. I'm using usb flash to boot it, but it's stuck at "Verifying DMI Pool data....". My pc can see the flash drive, I had no problems before. And I chose usb as the primary boot device on bios settings. Any ideas?
  6. Woah guys, forgot to check this forum for a day, my bad, I just wanted one person to help me, thats all. But now, problem is gone, i did it on my friends phone. I know, i know, instagram is stupid, I just wanted to see my gf photos on her instagram, nothing big. Gotta speak with her about all those social/anti-social networks and all, I personally like to suspend my facebook account from time to time, feels good. I would like to get this thread locked so we don't have any cursing/offense.
  7. So, i'm in a weird situation right now, my gf wants me to create instagram profile (I don't like it but hey, lady said, lady knows) Problem is, though, that instagram's creators are so.. narrow minded(?) that they created it for smartphones only (i mean really, why would you do that?!) And i can't create it, because, believe it or not, i don't own a smartphone. Why? Because i don't need it, i have everything i need in my pc, brick phones for the win. I am not sure if anyone will have time to do it, but really, i don't have any other place where i could ask.. anything at all.. So, if you really
  8. Hello again, guys. Woah, i never knew this thread would get so popular, i'm very thankful for your replies. As I am seriously new to this, I started to try some things. First of all, i'm not exactly sure about my dream memory. For example, last night, I was dreaming myself, piloting a some sort of space shuttle or an airplane, I remember it as i was flying over the earth, could see very tall and weird looking skyscrapers. Then, i was talking with my friend which was standing next to me. I think, I woke up as I was trying to land it in ksc runway. So yeah, i should play less ksp That's what I
  9. Hello Today, i was told about lucid dreaming for the first time, and after searching a bit on the internet, i can't believe it. I mean, why nobody talks about it normally? Is it a common thing? Am i.. sick that i haven't felt any vivid dreams in my entire life? I will try it out tonight, though this whole thing sounds a little bit unrealistic to me. Anyone here who has lucid dreams often, tell me how can i feel it for the first time? Thank you.
  10. I think it may have something do with recent methane level raising and dropping..
  11. Although i'm still very young, I had some experience. Gotta say, what you will say, it will happen. I was sad at the moment when i just couldn't find a girl, i felt lonely. But then, i started to unleash my angryness on sports, i got muscles and, most important, i got self confident. That helped me a lot.
  12. Caterham seven, i'm dreaming about this car. Relatively, it's very cheap as it weights only 500kg, has a small ~100hp engine and you can find one for about 20,000 euros. Numbers are small, but speed is big, it makes 0-60mph in 5-6 seconds.
  13. Oh, when i was going to lko with a new rocket and it went dry when i had apoapsis of 73km and periapsis of 4km... Had to either decouple the capsule to raise my periapsis or burn. But i used two separation boosters on my second stage and i saved it! That was about 10-30dv..
  14. Hello Had this question in my head for a couple of days, then i posted it on our facebook group but everybody said different answers. I know there should be atleast some diehards ksp veterans who could even remember it.
  15. Well, i hate them too, but i have two exceptions, battlefield 4 (i kinda like that game on ps3, yet it's a shame that nobody in here plays with it) And arma 2, the most realistic (not including realistic physics) military simulator.
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