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  1. Isn't this similar to how FAR uses its voxel model to derive an airflow over the entire craft? A determination of the shape of the aircraft by the parts that determine that?
  2. Not if all the ported mods are KSP 2 (dramatic chord!) !!!
  3. Ha! Trying to trick us semantically! You should say "I was not Star Theory." if you weren't in the past. You should say "I am not Star Theory." if you weren't in the present. You should say "I will not be Star Theory." but that would be a stretcher, making a prediction that could later be unfounded. A programmer of your skill could be Star Theory. Therefore saying "I cannot be Star Theory...." is patently not the case. And you should know that too, so "...I would know if I was[.]" isn't accurate either. Appears to be trying to mislead. Why.... Unless.... You are Star Theory! Q.E.D.
  4. That's because @sarbian wrote code to catch those errors because they're so common when using most pre-KSP-1.8 mods in KSP 1.8+.
  5. As I quote in the bottom line of my sig, there's fun, and then there's Dwarf Fortress "fun". This applies not just to the game but on a meta level to developing and disucssing the game. Glad to hear that the new Kopernicus will be here soon. Considering the changes with KSP 1.8 and the modding depth of Kopernicus, it's quite an accomplishment.
  6. Jacke

    Is KSP2 dying?

    Moving this topic to the KSP2 discussion subforum is doomed.
  7. The way I saw it quite a while back was Google took that slogan and effectively interpreted it as "By definition, everything Google does isn't evil." Google does a lot of good. But some things.... Now, SpaceX is doing a lot of good too. They have a lot of fans. But there's still the possibility of some things....
  8. Oh, I saw that from the previous post. I just can't remember what changes happened to parts, besides some node adjustments around KSP 1.0/1.2 time and various problems with landing legs and wheels due to problems and changes with them in Unity. You'd have to dig through the more detailed change notes of many KSP versions to be sure. Those with better knowledge of what changes when with parts could comment better.
  9. From that far back, I can't recall exactly what but some things about parts did change. Not as bad as landing legs and wheels, which are unusable. Maybe surface mounting-only parts might be okay.
  10. @Wildcat111, can you upload your logs after a hung game load to a file sharing site and post the link? There's troubleshooting info at the link in my sig, but it may not be updated for the changes in KSP 1.8.x. You want to upload these two files (location for Player.log for Windows) C:/Users/<username>/AppData/LocalLow/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/Player.log GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  11. What @Kerballing (Got Dunked On) said.
  12. @vardicd, are you running KSP 1.8.x ? You're using Module Manager 4.1.3 and it's only for KSP 1.8.x. From KSP 1.8 on, output_log.txt is no longer used. That file would have to be a log when you last ran KSP 1.7.3 or older. The current log file, at least under Windows, is here: \Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\Player.log
  13. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, @Triop. I know COPD is serious, but hopefully it can be managed and your situation improved.
  14. No need for insults. It's a KSP race challenge in the spirit of the Dakar Rally, a off-road endurance race with both professional and amatuer entrants, known for breaking cars and people. Well, of course. It's from the fevered mind of @Triop. And I didn't see the page changed and @DoctorDavinci had already replied.
  15. I thought all parts have non-zero mass (and drag and thermal numbers). And if physicsless, the part's mass and drag pass back up to its parent part.
  16. Constant-speed propellers, with automatically adjusting pitch, were developed in WW2. Should be in KSP too.
  17. Hype is just Hope with a vowel shift. So, stop with all those negative waves, man.
  18. It's just that we're at cruising hype. Closer to the release, when more info comes out, now then you'll see some hype!
  19. Damn, this means I've gotta make a car design. Wanna let us know what the KSP versions and mod requirements we'll be running under, please?
  20. The hardest part of that is if the Trans Joolean Injection burn out of Kerbin orbit is long due to low acceleration, quite common with fully loaded spacecraft. Then to figure out the angle of the power track (the trajectory under thrust) around Kerbin, which angle being large and significant to get the point in orbit to start the burn, you really need to solve the Lagrangian of the maneuver (using Lagrangian mechanics. It should be the Lagrangian equations of the second kind, in circular coordinates, with each coordinate equation (2 of them) equal to the acceleration in the particular coordinate due to engine thrust). Where I learned this was from reading Werner von Braun's book The Mars Project (1953), where he shows and does an approximation solution for the Lagrangian of the Trans Mars Injection for his spacecraft. Back around 1980, I coded a graphing program in Pascal to solve and draw out an example. Still got that program someplace, on a deck of cards (it was a different time). I don't know if @Muetdhiver did that level of solution, as a Caveman design usually has a significant reserve and he could have just calculated a more approximate angle with a more simpler method.
  21. Only the practised things are relatively easy. You can look back in the topic for me working through my last part, where I had to rendezvous the spacecraft with Jeb, change the periapsis pass, then perform the Kerbin Orbit Injection. Except for the rendezvous (which I know very well), I needed a lot of reloads to get this done. Patched conics and maneuver nodes are the way to package well doing astronautics. It is possible to go back to first principles and do the maneuvers by hand. Like all manual use of automatic procedures, there's a learning curve but you then understand the tool better. I like Caveman as a challenge, but I would prefer to have the tools in my KSP play. My sleep schedule has been rubbish for a while due to being hard to fall asleep, which I'm still working on. And it's still just past 23h30 by my local clock.
  22. It's a little bit harder than going to Mun (have enough delta-V, burn prograde just as or before Mun rises, work it to get the pass, refine the pass in Mun SoI). Basically, it's going back to astronautics first principles. Helps that we could take as much time as we need (no life support limits, solar power). Others did the complex interplanetary stuff, so they could explain it better. I just tooled around doing a couple launches, rendezvous and docking, and the initial return Kerbin Orbit Burn.