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  1. It's not the same species for the last 500 million years. It's actually a sequence of many similar species, with several existent at any one time (4 currently). There's been arthropods that are very much like the horseshoe crab for the last ~500 million years, but it's not the same species, but is a long sequence of very similar species. What is happening is that evolution keeps selecting back towards a very similar body plan because it's still successful in that niche despite any changes to the world. At any one time there are several species in different niches around the world.
  2. Pluto isn't a planet. Ceres isn't a planet either. Both were thought to be planets when they were the only example in their orbital zones, until other similar bodies were discovered.
  3. The log lines are written by the .dll's or the loader in the KSP code on their behalf. You may have both versions installed. With file changes and differently named .dll's, that's a recipe for breaking things. You should determine the directory the mod is in under GameData, then move it out of KSP completely. Then download the latest version fresh and reinstall that.
  4. What's the easier fix than moving down the INTERNAL?
  5. I think the previous poster is confusing the desire with rocket engines with heated high-temperature exhaust to have the lightest average atomic particle mass. @mikegarrison, you are quite right that engines with electro-magnetic acceleration of the fuel want the highest average atomic particle mass.
  6. My feelings are similar to @linuxgurugamer. I remember watching "Star Trek" TOS on its initial run. How many of the original cast are left? William Shatner, George Takei, Walter Koenig.
  7. You should provide more details how you encounter this bug, the craft file, and the logs (following the red link in my signature). It's almost impossible to diagnose this issue without those.
  8. What's wrong with MechJeb? Have you reported issues (including logs)? Is it the main release or the current development release? Have you pinged @sarbian?
  9. When you talk about explosive combustion, there are two main types: Deflagration, where the burning front is moving at subsonic speeds. Detonation, where the burning front is a shock wave moving at supersonic speeds. Low explosives are easier to ignite, but they burn via deflagration. High explosives are harder to ignite and can often be safely burned. But with an appropriate low explosive detonator, can detonate violently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deflagration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detonation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deflagration_to_detonation_transition
  10. I'll agree with "Barney Miller" and "Red Dwarf" being great. "The Big Bang Theory" is horrible to women and science academics. I hope it's soon forgotten.
  11. I gave up on WoT a few years ago after years of play. WG has made the game so bad it's no longer standable. When they had the classic version on for a few weeks several years ago, even with all the limitations of early WoT, it was just so fun. Of course, it was taken away. And now WG fiddles stuff behind the scenes, perhaps even per game, and it's apparent, even if only as a feeling, and WoT is just not fun or bearable anymore. The best tank game I ever had was in War Thunder, in a Tier 1 British tank. I still think it's the better and more enjoyable game, despite its own issues.
  12. I've never managed to stick with War Thunder, even though I think it's a good game (though not without its flaws). I think the key with War Thunder is not to play above a BR that you find fun. Because the game gets harder at higher BR and that can often be frustrating. And do play both aircraft and tanks.
  13. @linuxgurugamer always wants log files, Player.log and KSP.log. In this case, I'd say do a game run where you Move the button(s) to a JC folder Use both duplicates of the buttons Remove the buttons in the JC folder(s) Move the button(s) again to a JC folder Then quit And then provide the log files.
  14. Better watch out for too many centipedes on the tracks. https://satwcomic.com/public-transport
  15. Only under Ideal Gas Law. Even Classic Physics and Chemistry have an adjustment to be more realistic if more complex in calculation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_der_Waals_equation
  16. What to do in this case is plan out exactly the process of starting up KSP, loading your save, loading a vessel, wait a short bit of time, then exit. That should have the full logs not be so long. Store them in a zip to save space.
  17. @ndiver, you should still provide the full logs on a download site for @linuxgurugamer to debug. See the details in my signature.
  18. When you have a cat, your desk will become uncluttered while the floor will become cluttered.
  19. Helmets have traditionally protected the skull from blast fragments, not bullets, as even a small frag impacting at a low velocity will do much damage to the brain, while even a small amount of steel or ballistic plastic will stop such frags and spread their impact over a wider area outside the skull. To stop bullets would require steel plating similar to those used in body armour. Such a weight on the head would likely be prohibitive. I think there are some composite designs which aren't too heavy yet can stop pistol rounds. Rifle rounds are still likely to penetrate.
  20. The 2 dependencies of @linuxgurugamer's Janitor's Closet are Click Through Blocker and SpaceTuxLibrary (links in that post).
  21. There's also plenty of experience where excessive pursue of information from a non-random (and thus non-representative) sample of a game's player base, which is what forum and poll replies are, can misdirect a company away from what the actual player base wants. Many a company that didn't vet such feedback has gone down the wrong routes with their products.
  22. I'd completely forgotten about "Emergency" until I saw your post. Damn, that was back in the day. I now recall a lot of it.
  23. So KSP2 will come out in 2777 a.u.c. Give or take a year or two?
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