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  1. Some more stuff. I just heard about the 64-bit ksp release is going to be hitting soon. Maybe it might be time for me to get back into the game. edit: just saw the question posted earlier. I use photoshop for the digitial drawings, and cinema4d for the meshes.
  2. Rough storyboard/comic thing I put some time into. hope you'all enjoy.
  3. : Database Entry CALSEC Eyes Only : // The Silka fast attack corvette. This multi-role small craft has a large modular mount to allow it to accomplish a wide variety of missions. Currently equipped with a Swarmpack that can store many smaller assault drones, these Silkas are kitted out for 'smash and grab' chaos missions. The dazzle pattern paint scheme is an thermal-electric compound that acts as wide-spectrum intimidation tactic, but can be manipulated on-board if stealth is required. -These Silkas are based out of capital ship Battlecarrier Red Horizion owned by the Laughing Swarm.-
  4. Oh man, I really like the aesthetics of this mod so much. The kilometer++ station could probably use a bit of surface geometry to help the texture in 'selling' the scale, but that's my only critique I have.
  5. @NASAFanboy I start with an idea either in photoshop/paper/napkin or rough mesh file in Cinema4d. I then refine the mesh to where the proportions look good from all angles, and then take it back to photoshop. Then it's time for lots and lots of work with the standard hard round brush with tablet sensitivity disabled.
  6. Well, my hand just about fell off. Gotta take a break from the tablet. Work in progress on my Battleship/Carrier hybrid for the 3D Squirrel contest. Come join in the fun, if you want to do some 3d modeling. http://www.3dsquirrel.co.uk/forums/forum/45-battleships/
  7. @Blue. Seriously? Where have you seen these designs before? Check my slumbering SRI thread [link in signature image] for other examples of my work. But if you insist, you can do an image search for 'Daemoria'. I hope that would put your fears to rest, but if that doesnt....have a WIP image or two or three.
  8. Sorry, I don't have the time to really dedicate myself to multiple projects at the moment, so I had to put the lock-down on the SRI mod. I do want to continue it at a later point in time when I have an abundance of free time tho. In the mean time, have some Pirates!!! "I see the Flickerbeams shining, so bright and harsh." - Red-haven gunnery officer.
  9. I decided to put a bit more time/effort into a sketch. This was the result.
  10. I have absolutely no problem with you messing with my model. I released it for you to texture/modify as you wish. I like what you've managed to do with it so far. I don't really have time for SRI development for the foreseeable future... irl work is pretty busy. I only have the time to make random doodles. (green warp gate link in my sig) I see the square image-links have caught on.
  11. That animated loop is mesmerizing! (sorry, a bit late to the party)
  12. I love the stories attached to these images. Nice to know i'm not the only one who makes up backstories for ships in this game. (I love sandbox games precisely for this reason)
  13. Just some random colorful (and not-so much) space doodlings. Not really related to Kerbal Space Program too much i guess... Comments, critisisms, and insults all welcome. :[]
  14. I just wanted to post here for closure's sake. I can't devote as much time as I first thought to this mod, and still balance my job and game-dev workload. Building a mod (even if it's target is to be a total conversion) has less payoff for my skill and time invested than working on a independent game project. And because my military job/work requires so much investment I can only realistically work on one project at a time if I want to ever see anything reach completion. If my game project works out in the end, I'll most likely swing back here and resume work. There is something good here, and
  15. I just looked at the license agreement for the ActiveTexture Management tool. If i'm reading it correctly, I would be able to distribute it packaged with a custom config file when I release? I'd like to cut down on players having to hunt down separate tools to make the mod work correctly, thus my hesitation about integrating Interstelllar into the mod/relying on external dependencies. A plug-and-play experience is what I'm aiming for when the gold version rolls around.
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