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  1. My idea how the torpedo works is that you can rotate the torpedo tubes and fire them and they will deploy into the water while being pushed through the water and strike the hull of another warship making it go kaboom.
  2. I still demand lighter kerbalized guns, we can't do a thing. Make it 10%, we'll be proud to build bigger ships.
  3. so I know the torpedo problem but we want some craft files made with maritime,tweakscale and NAS since I can't design.
  4. I would love a few craft files that would uses this mod. a working battleship and a working destroyer. WE NEED TORPEDOES THOUGH!!! RAAAWR
  5. Will you make a Mark 12 5"/38 Twin Turret? Also,make a 40mm Bofor ANTI AIR Gun Quadruple(MOAR FIREPOWEEEEER)
  6. Can I ask how to modify the weapon sounds because I want to make the howitzer turret sound like star wars blasters
  7. RIP deadly reentry mod. But this was amazing until ksp added reentry heat... wow us with more things soon
  8. This is a good idea for a mod, usually we don't know what to do with this lander can. But now I got these parts,I may want to do a video of the first lunar landing.
  9. It happened to me once I'm not too sure but surely helldiver will fix it
  10. There is a problem when there is so 3 cars in KSC the game lags the hell out,it makes flying helos and launching shuttles impossible,I tried to make it a real life launch with the emergency vehicles ready but it just lags the hell out,can you find a way to fix this,I switched to my massive space station and there isn't any lag so the mod is the problem,can you try look into it?
  11. The reason why he can't do this is because in KSP the parachutes will cut when touchdown doing this in the air would be kind've less realistic,he's trying to make this mod as realistic as possible,but in FASA there is a parachute called the Drag parachute which doesn't cutoff when landing but it isn't radial.