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  1. Someone should really bring the glory of the Space Launch System to the forums. America's going back to the moon, & SLS is gonna be the rocket to do it.

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    2. Rhode_Enterprise_By-Matt


      Tell that to SN15 who I watched land a few days ago. (I don’t want this to be an argument by the way.)

    3. ZooNamedGames


      SN15’s success is great (I was watching the NSF stream), but sadly it’s a drop in the bucket for what’s needed for starship to be ready to replace SLS.

      I said it best here.

    4. Rhode_Enterprise_By-Matt


      I agree with that tweet... it couldn’t have explained it better.

  2. Time for an upgrade bois. The Delta IV Heavy has taken a back seat to a cute Charamander.

  3. Time for a new appearance. How’s the new pfp?

    1. Spaceception


      Didn't realize it was a gif, cool!

    2. General Rarity
    3. ZooNamedGames


      Haven't seen you on the forums in a while.

  4. I run into you too often for you to have a mere ~500 reputation. I need to share the gold a bit more, you're a decent member of the forums with content I enjoy reading.

    1. Gargamel


      Thank you Zoo!

      I prefer to look at a poster's Rep to Posts ratio.  There are posters with 1500 posts, and 500 rep.  There are posters with 1500 posts and 10000 rep.  So you can figure out which one seems to make the bigger impact.   With that in mind, I am happy with my rep, but won't say no to more!

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Yeah it says a lot about my content when it's closer to 25% like to post ratio but hey, it's been improving and I'm proud of it!

      That said, I'm glad to see you around!

  5. Woo, just passed 400 damns in my Damn Counter on my damn signiture! Hot damn! That's a lot of damns given about my damn Damn Counter!

    Damns Present in this Status Update: 8

  6. When did they make you moderator?

    1. luizopiloto


      hmmm... february of this year to moderate the portuguese sub-forum... why? :P

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Huh. Guess I either just don't bump into often enough or just didn't notice.

      Eithet way, congratulations. The moderation team likely has comment just how envious I'd be and if they didn't I'll say it; I'm envious.


  7. Woo! Just broke the big 8k.

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    2. AdrianK.


      Congratulations dude! 

    3. ZooNamedGames
    4. Wildcat111


      *breaks out the champagne*


  8. New profile picture! Back to the Shuttle: Episode II.

    1. NSEP


      Good and cool!

    2. worir4


      Amazing perfect loop. Good choice! 

    3. ZooNamedGames


      That's what I try to use :) .

  9. Holy crap when'd you become a moderator?

    1. Dman979


      A few weeks ago.

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Wow. Lucky. I can't wait for the day I am... in like 6 years :P . I know why I'm not on the top of the list of recruits... ahh ramble ramble ramble! 

      Happy to see you join the league! Hope you help progress us further in the fight against the tyranny of the internet :) .

      Also happy Easter to you and the rest of the team!

  10. You need a profile pic bro :wink::P. Take a pic of you in your ODST armor! 

    I spent 5 minutes lookin through my pictures trying to find something you could make your own but ultimately that is much more you and let's face it, deserves to be seen more :P:D !

  11. 1) nice new profile picture Grand Tarkin.

    2) think you'll find this awesome.


  12. I just noticed your rep count and you sir are HIGHLY under repped. You deserve far more.

  13. Congrats on the promotion RIC :) !

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Thanks, kind of you to notice and kinder still for you to comment on it. :) 

    2. ZooNamedGames


      We're all in this community together :) . Your achievements are worthy of being shared. 

  14. Seeing as I can't rep a signature I'll just say that your Douglas Adam's quote is awesome :) .

    1. CobaltWolf


      Thank you! That was my senior yearbook quote back in high school. I love the first three books in particular.

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Who couldn't, it's an insane zany series of books that really stretches to prove the limits of "science fiction".

  15. ...Miss you bro...

         You were a damn fine addition to this community...  One unlike this community has anymore. 

        ...We could use you right now...

  16. Hey, this may sound odd, but have you ever done me blueprints for me in the past?



      Yes my friend i do blueprints for you at the past!

      I am sorry respond to you now,but i am not login until now!

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Oh I thought so :P ! I enjoyed them so much that when I saw the username I couldn't help but ask. :D 

      Nice to speak to you again :) .

  17. Hey, what ever happened to the livestreaming calendar? I've looked everywhere for it but the only links up at locked threads, old dated threads or 404 links...



    with a link to-




    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      No idea, I never used it. Maybe ping Kasper about it?

    2. ZooNamedGames


      Guess I will.

      I never used it either until I just now started livestreaming.

      Thanks for the help tho

  18. Your profile pic is awesome- can I see a larger version of it? Also what mods are used for that craft?

    1. Yakuzi


      thanks ZNG!

      Its an ssto based on the IAR-111 from a couple of versions back (0.24.5 if I'm not mistaken), and has B9 Aerospace and Procedural Wings parts (and EVE for the pic obviously). I'd send you a high res image but my laptop is in repair atm. I'll be sure to send you the image as soon as I have it back!

    2. Yakuzi


      Just checked my imgur account and found an album of the same craft (doesn't have the profile pic though):


    3. ZooNamedGames


      Well that's awesome :) . Take my rep as respect!

  19. And one last question- would it be possible to email me ([email protected]) my package tracking info once you've shipped it? I can provide authorization details in a private email to confirm my identity.

  20. @Eucl3D , I just want to confirm that the craft I purchased to be made ( Saturn Shuttle-X3 file, my link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0GVLJwOLVGyVGRkRGlPZTl6YjA/view?usp=sharing ) is the same as the file you provided back, https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1126/5306/uploads/242b48df318d67fc6c16b9b072c19f27.craft . My concern mostly arises since I left the webpage open for a few days, so I want to make sure the craft I purchased to be made is the same one as before.

    1. Eucl3D


      Email us with your order number so we can reference it!

      [email protected]

  21. Just wanted to stop by and give a high five to my favorite moderating team! 

    Keep up the good work! :) 

    *high fives*

  22. I'll work on this right away.

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