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  1. Pffft, setting up server was anything BUT easy... And it still doesn't work. If you could just link me to the server information (ip/ etc) then I'll join.
  2. @Kvick- Ok, better now were on the same level sorry for my comment. I might consider teamviewer... But since I'm so cautious on this, I'm gonna make a compromise, I've got a seperate computer I'm using for crap that can't run anything, so I'll setup kmp EXACTLY like my kmp on the main computer and you can see what I see and move etc.etc. I'll follow whatever you do, however as I said before, at this point, it's experimentation. I'm gonna do what others have said as it sounds like a problem within the mod, but if it still works then maybe I'll ask for additional help and you can teamview then. Your best way to help now is to provide me with a server for testing.
  3. I'll do this when I can and I'll tell you what I find. Do you know of any server that I could test on? To make sure this all works?
  4. @Jahannes- One of the reasons I'm so extensively determined to get this to works is (A) I want to play ksp with my friends and ( because I want to back this up all the way until its final version (if there will ever be ). I just want to help and enjoy this as long as I can. All I need to know now is where the most recent version can be found... Spaceport, or the KMP forum. :/ anyway I enjoy this mod
  5. @godark- This is better now. I hate to see someone having the same problem as me, but it does mean that we can see and solve the problem much easier. I'll just go download the most recent version on Spaceport... Or should I go to the forums? @Kvick- Honestly? The manual is too old. Besides, my problem was not in the installation, but the mod itself. Finally, I'm not going to go to google to find what you said, when your contributing nothing. If you've got a problem, go rage it someplace outside of ksp.
  6. I think you are going to far, remember the problem is that it says I'm missing the squad folder. I can fix everything else, but I'm looking for why it does that. :/ and if there's a possible fix. I'll have a link to my problem before the end of the day, but if I can't find the fix beforehand then that'll make things much easier. However I'll still give anyone who need the output log, via pm or any other way feasible ATM. Ah I see what he meant. I can fill in the blanks now and yes, the manual is FAR to out of date and explains too ambiguously. There are too many places for someone to get lost and most have gotten lost on steps that could have been explained once someone has updated it, and or added more to it. If someone outside the mod creator could update it, then it would relieve the pressure on the modder of making it.
  7. Ah, now your going the wrong way, I don't have steam, nor imgur, however I'll get one seen for this reason. So, I'll do what you say, just don't go on the path of steam. As I don't have it. If I get the log file, do you want to me oy put it here or where?
  8. So are you asking me to change the .exe file to something else? I think your explanation has the most hope, but please elaborate. I don't understand if you want me to change the .exe file or if it's something in game...
  9. I'm am one of those people whom don't trust the common Internet to have full access to my computer HOWEVER, if I could email you pictures of what I see, could you tell me what to do then?
  10. I have downloaded it correctly as far as anyone has said. However it still doesn't work and yes, I have no touched the squad folder. I have reused the same .zip that I got from KSP.com, so it's as original and normal it can get. I'd say it was me, but when I tried to join the servers, others could, but I could not. :/ so.... I'm gonna need a serious technician. I'll try that link you gave me, but if it fails again. Then I am lost. there is very little I can do, after this. I came to the forums as a last resort, so I am going to just skip this mod (sadly) if no fix can be found, which may be the hard truth. We'll see
  11. I have tried setting it up: KSP/Gamedata/Gamedata/KMP stuff AND have tried KSP/Gamedata/KMP Stuff+Squad folder. I have downloaded several mods successfully but only his KMP been a constant issue... Also I have followed many tutorials and guides for no avail.... Do I need Mod Manager for this? I don't think so...
  12. I have a problem! I install KMP as said. I put the Gamadata folder in the Gamedata folder of KSP; I put the saves in the saves folder. I boot KSP and it says I'm missing the Squad folder which I'm not since I have not moved nor modified the Squad folder whatsoever. Please help me!!!
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