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  1. Probably around .24 You had most of the modding ability that you have right now. On the flip side you had wobbly rockets, watching disasterous launches was just as much fun as making orbit. Once they fix the joint issue, they accidentally took some fun out of the game.
  2. Paying attention to orbital vehicles. I had an SSTO in an early version. It hit my 1500 part space station traveling in the opposite direction. The plane oddly enough survived missing a few parts. The space station was badly shattered where parts would fly past you for over a minute when you got in the vicinity. Had to deorbit that monster.
  3. Best one I ever got was Mama Kermin. Alas she was so short lived in 2015 she only made it into one screenshot before dying.
  4. Fired my bad kerbals to eve. If they survive they would never get home.
  5. Well mounted a rescue mission as you can see in the first image it did not start well. As for the rest of the day a rover just started morphing into a dragster with predictable results.
  6. Fired my redneck rover to Duna complete with robotic drill stand and transport erector for rocket.
  7. Its been a looong time since I played KSP. Trying to figure out an Eve return vehicle configuration. Frankenstein rocket hit 4000 m\s straight up out of Kerbin before engaging last ion stage. So we will see.
  8. Alien Abduction: You start off with a few Kerbs abducted and dumped in a distant solar system. They have to build up escape to another and another etc etc. to get home. Don't tie the user to just one solar system. Go the no mans sky route and create do some random system generation.
  9. Well a rover of mine never meant to return home was damaged in a rollover accident. There I was minding my own business when 4 sketchy looking rocks jumped out of the shadows and beat up my rovers solar panels. Well we changed the mission to return home to Kerbin in "Operation Drop Test". Things got sketchy but you can see how Jeb made out. The initial shot of jeb in pic 1 just shows enthusiasm.
  10. Finally built a smallish science ssto that I am happy with.
  11. I am kinda in the same boat for me though the small ssto's I loved are now the most difficult. The most basic small model I built is the following. You can build flying lawnchairs, but I prefer a degree of functionality. Here's a basic science ssto I am fleshing out. It's basically getting fleshed out as a dropship for laythe but it makes orbit around Kerbin. She's so basic the only parts not in the pic are the ram air intakes and landing gear. She flys out at a 20 degree climb. when it cuts over to rocket mode watch your apogee to 75-80 k cut engines, coast then circularize. Of course always fiddle around this tiny ssto is a pain to get off the ground and more so to fly, but can actually hit orbit.
  12. Most Everything went according to plan today. Most........
  13. MacGyver Kerman stick a two gear landing while the other two that snapped off explode in the background.
  14. I returned to flight after a year hiatus to see how things were. Spaceplanes definitely harder, but I got this little girl up as a test runner.
  15. Finally getting a Cadzilla variant worthy for 1.0. It has been more problematic than anticipated, but everything is now mostly ship shape. Testing deploying a rudimentary satellite to test the vehicles throw weight. Setting a standard deployment to build emergency recovery vehicle constellations.
  16. Loaded up FAR today to try their version of Aero. Small planes are still a chore, but I think the aerodynamics are more predictable albeit a tad more unforgiving.
  17. Yeah, I gave the term "flight departure" new meaning today.
  18. Since we are out of Dev I am officially re-building the Minimus farm. Fired up an Ooooold bird for the launch. Thankfully the roof racks on my offroad ride are gigantors I needed a lot more juice.
  19. I drafted a great new kerbal today from the randoms. MAMA Kermin!!!! Also I wish to thank the guy who created the Firespitter Mod for its update to 1.0 specs. I have missed my redneck style planes for far too long. I shall rebuild my old Cadzilla planes properly now with redneck colors and pinstripes. Now if only I could get some parts like chrome and flames or "chrome flames" for that matter. Every Kerbal knows that makes your planes go faster!!!!!!
  20. Just the usual stuff... A rocket for some reason develops an anxiety disorder on liftoff. The FC Galactic League for CalvinBall is started... Jumping a dune buggy off a rover for a quick rescue...
  21. A very low altitude rescue Putting a multi-lander rocket to work for mega science. Pane Killer..... I wanted this Kerbal to live because of her name, but alas it was not meant to be. Valentina flies the newly resurrected sub-standard rocket company. It was a logo I created to enter in a KSP flag submission, but never got around to. Sub-standard rockets, a division of Lunatek.
  22. Reviewing old planes from old days and discovered a lot of initial insights were valid after all. An old workhorse is put to work. Rebuilt a jool dropship for later use. Not a true ssto but then again it was never meant to be one. And forget heat and aerodynamics.... Brute Force, it was good enough for your daddy and its good enough for you.
  23. One simple part change allows an old favorite to zoom thru max Q in a 20 degree climb straight out. You do not require a more thought out ascent with this girl. Gone is the small nose cone prone to explosion mischief. All hail the docking port jr!!!! And yes it has functional sciency stuff and is not just a flying gas can. If you are having trouble with a small SSTO here you go. The download link is listed below. You should be able to hit a 160k to 200k orbit before infringing on the reserve monopropellant thrusters. Thankfully this design is compatible with Jool 5 challenges due to its abundance of docking ports. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dum8ucdzep1p3u9/Delta%20Burner.craft?dl=0
  24. One thing I am coming to realize is that I needed to look at my space plane flight power profiles. After you have built enough you realize that some planes have better low or high altitude performance when they pile on speed. In past versions I would normally shoot for a plane with a flat acceleration curve through all altitudes, but in the new model that is causing my planes to blow up. Basically what it means is I want a slower plane at takeoff. So if I was to leave my ascent profile somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees the same as I did in .90 I would have to do compensate doing the following: Since jets have mountains of power at lower altitudes I build the plane with less jet engines leaving the plane slightly underpowered so it does not blow up in the thicker atmosphere all the while it is slowly trucking the majority of my fuel to a higher altitude before lighting the secondary engines. My lesson is use the jets for moving heavy weight to altitude and not so much for acceleration. In real terms that means you have to depend less on jets for speed and more for heavy lifting, switching modes on my rapiers faster, closing intakes etc etc. If you have a plane saved from an older version of KSP that dragged butt at low altitudes but quickly accelerated higher than 20k I would load it up and use that as a test bed. What I think a lot of players are running into is they throttle back to keep the plane from blowing up at max Q (pressure) but when they exit on the other side they hit the jet altitude limits if they are flying a straight ascent profile.
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