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  1. So you are suggesting there is the need to find some kind of "balance"?
  2. If you have a bare Mk1 tank yes. If you have a stack of tanks with all the tricks we mentioned above the stack will carry a lot more of fuel with a negligible increase in drag.
  3. So a stack of 7 Mk1 tanks has got the same drag of, lemme guess, a pair of wings?
  4. Wings, even if they provide lift as a counterbalance, are among the most draggy parts you can carry. You really need to find your own balance on that.
  5. Flying my "experiments" I noticed that drag is just a "state of mind" if you fly "lightly" You can really find it only if you go deep in your "inner self".
  6. I tried empirically with the old "many of the same" method when refining my own LF only SSTOs and I simply noticed that the overall drag coefficent during flight and the d/v I had left in LKO was better with the "opinions" I stated above, even if by a small margin. Roll of self explicative pics follows.
  7. "Opinions" follow: 1) less dead weight with ncs + 0.625 cone + precooler 2) that Is my style choice, works pretty well. 3) It is subtle: when you feel you need a little bit more air intake when flying away from prograde the shock cone will do. The precoolers are good for a less acrobatic flight. *) End cones on rapiers or any rocket engine you may have are really important. **) Control surfaces are draggy. Canards are very draggy.
  8. It Is a staging sequence where your next stage is lit up before your previous one flaming out. An IRL example Is the soviet N1 Moon rocket.
  9. Looks like a kraken of some sort. Maybe a mod bad interaction, maybe part clipping, maybe who knows why. Is it still present when you decouple the rover?
  10. Did you open (and then of course close) the bay before lift off in the "drag events"?
  11. @Brikoleur: that Vampire is really cool and I second you suggestion regarding practice. @AHHans: Manley's markers are the best suggestion after eyeball practice.
  12. Well, to be back on topic, it is better to disable gimbal on that rapiers to avoid them "pushing around" instead of pushing through CoM.
  13. KSP loves "leverage": you need to apply forces in line with the CoM depending on the command you want to input and obviously the longer your "arm" the lesser the force you need to apply.