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  1. Mine was when I began building my Jool mission, I had mechjeb and was using LVN.s to build my ship by attaching the landers, and space planes to the core one by one. Well mechjeb was allways going long with my rendezvous between the ships. you know you set it to 100 m and then it arrives between 150 to 200m . I was almost finished with my ships and I updated mech jeb and set my last ship to meet up with my core ship and mech jeb got it exactly spot on and my LVN powered engine fired too late and the ship ran right into the core at 20 m/s........ What made it more painful this was a at the end of a 6 hour session that I forgot to SAVE................ NEVER FORGET TO SAVE
  2. wayback , in the 3 program update I went to Jool with an unbelievely unrealistically large rocket that carried 2 powered landers , 2 spaceplanes, and 3 oneway habs that I parachuted on Lathe. But he best part of the mission was the Tylo landing. I ran a lander with 3 Lvn's and 2 aerospikes , WAY OVER ENGINED , but I burned the lvn's on the way down and sucided the aerospikes around 15K, I had mech jeb set to land anywhere and to monitor my landing times, my landing timers were allways higher than my burn timers until I got down to 2000 m I landed with only 25 units of fuel in my entire ship. Best mission I ever played,
  3. Love the mod, when I can get it to work witht he mods, Noticed a few problems, Since Ksp has been updated if you have to be careful of the version of whatever mod you use, I had the game crash when mechjeb updated for Ksp 1.3 and it was inconpatable with Ksp 1.2.2 which brings up a few problems. If I want to try a mod, should I be looking at ksp 1.2.2 versions?? the mods listed on the main page some are broken, and a few are directing you to the 1.3 Ksp compatable variant which it seems is the problem with my game crashing. So for clarification should I be using the 1.2.2 ksp mods or can I use 1.3 ksp compatible mods?/
  4. I love the mod and the article but I cannot get it to work, I am using the steam version of the game I downloaded the gpp mod, 1.2.3, deleted Ksp via the steam mod and removed all the files from the steam directory. then reinstalled kps ran it, installed the mod and ran it without without success. After reading the posts I deleted Ksp again, deleteing the files and using the steam delete function downloaded the 1.2.2 from the website, reinstalled ksp and ran it in 64 bit mod then again installed. When I run ksp, it loads but I get an error stating the mod is not supported use the 1.2.2 mod but apparently the 1.2.2 mod from the download site is not working. any suggestions?
  5. I played with a career mission to Minmus, I dropped to 45km and noticed it took me several more passes to make orbit. the Heat affect was still siginificant but dropping lower heated up the engines and exposed surfaces too much .
  6. I just updated my KPS, I tend to play with lighter sstos, less than 20 tons. The lifting profile is a little different. where I usually pulled max thrust and 45 to 50 degree, until I reached 15 to 17 k meters, I now have to lower my angle to get the additional thrust, the engines lose thrust at higher angles and each space plane has a sweet spot of angle, lift, and airspeed to make the transition to high altitude and high speed. You have to test/play with it to keep it from overheating and burning up took my several tries to get it in orbit without losing a solar panel. My lighter sstos don't have as much DV as before, the Nerva fuel change nerfed its DV when compaired to the old fuel/oxidizer but they are still acceptable for my needs.
  7. Squad has a very great concept, I agree about paying for expansions, something on the order of 1 to 2 a years priced 5 to 10 $ , Kps has delivered a lot in a game with some zany bugs, odd content, and mostly not taking them selves too seriously. I do believe they should be paid for their work, and something more than donations.
  8. different sized nuclear engines, loved the .5 ton for space planes and the larger 2.0 3.0 meters varities. electric props, ballones, better raidial mounted rocket engines, a scram jet for space planes.
  9. constructed a skeleton rover, a chair, octagonal struts, 4 rugged wheels, single prob e tron, mech jeb, ( planned to use it as a remote rover when they left) and powered by 4 Pb nuke radioisotopes . worked well , balanced handled roll overs well but after about a minute I noticed the wheels were starting to overheat. So I parked it and looked at it to see if the heat would dissipate. over the next minute I watched as the wheels turned cherry red and the octagonal struts exploded due to overheating.... Hmm, I get the idea of overheating, flying at +800 m/s below 20,000m, or a atmospheric reentry, BUT NOT ON THE GOUND PARKED!!!!! really need to look at this heat effect it doesn't work.
  10. hmm, nice would like to use this, where can I find the scram jet mod/advanced turbojets Mods??
  11. Since the atmosphere change ssto's are not useful unless you build them big. I miss my 12 ton and lighter ssto's.
  12. well if you invert the controls ( may not the roll) it should still fly just fine.
  13. funny, had that happen a once on a Mun mission, lost solar power mapping the Mun due to a Kerbin eclips of the Mun. Just had to wait it out....
  14. lol yea, I learned how to play the game a LOOOONNG tiem ago. they dumped a lot on this version. or I can just download the .9 and play that way. everyone seems to know the problem, the drag/atmosphere and reliably putting rockets into orbit, I read about a dozen assent profiles, mechjeb tweeks, funny a lot of work for players who used to be able to put rockets into orbit. wonder how new players who come in and don't bother coming back because it is so hard to place a rocket into orbit ulike the hundred of youtube vids that show how much fun it used to be?? I am not saying change it back to the way it was but ,why not tweek it so it a little easier to launch something into orbit?? or give use a work around to get them into orbit. funny how the purist rocket players insist that you should NEVER use mods like mech jeb to get into orbit but they used hyper edit to place their eve landers in eve orbit instead of launching them from kerbin, transfer to eve, land, and do it each time for every mistake they make? hypocritical