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  1. I think it's supposed to be like that... I'm not a fan of this mechanic either, but what i tried was to set the engine under 7 or 8 % power output, so the Magnetic charge doesn't get consumed because it regenerates just as fast. (at least that's how it worked a few patches back. I haven't played KSP for a while ) Hope this could help a bit.
  2. I'll try to be honest with you. You lost me with the implementation of Blutonium. Please let me explain, i like it that the Reactors need a harder to get type of fuel. I'm totally ok with that. But the fact that many engines need it too and most importantly the fact that you cannot store it in a central fuel container makes it unneccessarily complicated, because you have to keep track on how much blutonium there is on each individual part. As i said i'm not against complex game mechanics, but it shouldn't make game play cumbersome or confusing. I would have preferred that there was a more clearer chain of resource usage for all engines. Like Reactor (Blutonium) -> Virtual particle creator (Energy) -> Engine (Virtual particles + Ore), or something like that.
  3. What do you feel is missing from the STOCK game as far as parts goes ? A functioning* and simple** warp drive. * Meaning: without the ship breaking apart if some minor bug occurs ** Meaning: without having to have a degree in physics to use it in KSP
  4. That's an excellent idea! This wold also allow a lot of new Habitation parts, like esucation or recreation centers and construction sites. Like you said a whole working economy could be created, which would be awesome.
  5. Yeah, why not? For the more conservativce ppl here, maybe a compromise could be to have the shipyard be surface bound so we had to build it on the surface of another planet or moon? Resources (ore, fuel, etc.) would need to be created there or being shipped from Kerbin to that construction yard. The way i see it, at the end of the stock tech treeKSP should become a bit Sci-Fi -ish imo. At least to me it's the next logical step. For all i care, let's make it very expensive and laborious to build a orbital or off world ship yard, but once you have it the road to other stars should be a little bit rocky.
  6. I don't understand the point of playing KSP in multiplayer anyway. I admit, i'm from another generation of players and never understood why ppl. nowadays can't do anything on their own anymore. But playing KSP in multiplayer seems contradictory to me.
  7. Just some thoughts. To me the reason to go to other planets should be because of resources, science and habitation. Science: As proposed by many ppl here. Let's have some more places to do diverse experiments, or new Experiments. Maybe adding some minigames. Habitation: One of the main endgame goals should be to colonize other planets with Kerbals. The more Kerbals we have living off Kerbin, the more founds we get. There should also be underground habitations, to protect Kerbals from hard stellar radiation and atmospheric storms. Resources: Ok, this would require a bit of rebuilding the economy, but i think it would be great if Kerbin only had a limited amount of resources of fuel and Ore (for example). We should have to actively mine Ore (or refine it into fuel) on other planets and bring it to kerbin to either sell it or use it for our own puropses.
  8. I hadn't had much time to play KSP lately, but the additions you made for this mod look very nice imo. To be honest, i haven't got accustomed to the fact that Blutonium can't be stored on a seperate tank. It's a bit unpractical in my opinion to keep track of each part that uses that resource (if you happen to have more than part using it on a vessel). I don't know about other people here, but i'm perfectly ok with (overly) powerful Sci-fi like engines, as long as it's hard/expensive to produce fuel for it. Especially when it's a bit Sci-fi -ish themed. If i had the time (and talent), i would love to create a small addition to this mod myself. (I have some basic concepts but neither time nor the knowledge to realize it.) Have you considered to create something like a (non warp) drive system that is powerfull enough to reach other star systems within a reasonable time? I could imagine a enormous engine + energy source that are way too big and massive to be build on Kerbin or to be used on a SSTO, maybe something like a bussard ramjet or orion drive system for a pure space ship. A massive Blutonium reactor (or something even more powerful) could create enough energy to generate a wide area manetic field to collect resources while travelling (dust, Hydrogen or deuterium) to propel the engine with. But the critical resource would be blutonium (or something else) to run the reactor. So the ship wouldn't need to be refuelled with x amounts of tons of actual fuel but much smaller amounts of Blutonium (or whatever those even more powerful reactors need to run). The ship could be refuelled by a smal lander/shuttle carrying much smaller amounts of reactor fuel, instead of sending dozends of heavy rockets into orbit. The hard (or better said expensive) part of it would be to produce the reactor fuel and the costs to build the engine system (Reactor, Engine some other fancy parts maybe). Of course that's a much more Sci-fi -ish concept than normal KSP mods are, but i would love to have something like this in KSP.
  9. Just one Question: Would you consider making the Warp Drive system a standalone download? I know there's the alcubierre Warp drive mod out there, but to be honest i find KSPI-E Warp Drive system much better working. And would you mind if it is used in other mods too? (Don't get me wrong, i'm not a competent modder by any means. I'm just tinkering around with some ideas for my own private mod needs )
  10. Just an idea: Since you are leaning towards a "Star Trek" like warp drive system, have you considered to implement deuterium as basis for the M/AM reaction? A Bussard Ram scoop could collect hydrogen (which will be converted into Deuterium) from the surrounding space and then turned into plasma . With that you could also fuel the WT-02 "void" thruster and the microwave drive.
  11. I wish they would add some inline comand pods (3.75 or bigger), by "command pod" i don't mean small lander-like pods, i mean big command centers for deep space/long term missions. Another idea would be to include something like the "deep freeze" -mod. At least Kerbals should have some space for themselves on longer missions and not being constrained in a tiny 2 man cockpit for several months or years. On a personal note: PLEASE don't waste time on developing KSP for multiplayer. I'm on the run from multiplayer games and KSP was one of the last games where i could spend my time in peace. In my experience Multiplayer games always tend become stressful and a race against other players, that's not why i play KSP. To me a game should be fun, relaxing and leave you fulfilled, not stressed, angry and hating mankind. I can have that all day if i wanted to.
  12. I was actively looking for a space exploration game for years (being a great Starflight I fan). The frustrating part of this was that almost all games that are set in space are almost soley about killing stuff, without doing anything else. KSP is (almost) exactly what i was looking for, at least it represents the beginning of the game i was looking for decades. I love building stuff, especially since it is not just for aesthetics, but also for functionality. I just hope that KSP will expand its horizon and becomes interstellar some day.
  13. I forgot to mention: I don't know if that's possible but could you make the Attero engine benefit from the "magnetic cooling units" magnetic charge? It looks like the Attero is supposed to be something like a afterburner to the Kannae drives (i think), but giving it some way to enhance it would be nice IMO. And BTW: do you consider it cheating to let the Attero drive run at < 5% so it doesn't consume any magnetic charge at all, but still does create significant thrust? What i'm trying to archieve is to have some kind of interstellar drive, without relying to the alcubierre drive or the (sadly bugged) Orion drive mod.