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  1. BD, when you roll out the AI changes, can you include a ground AI? Because my tanks are gathering dust and have never seen any combat other than having guard mode turned on and having me peek-a-boo them for ten minutes just to kill ONE of them. Had to kill three tanks this way, ran out of shells on the third tank, had to ram the thing so that it flipped over.
  2. @BD, sorry if this is mildly annoying, but I have a deployment question. How hard would it be to make a small module that you can use to spawn craft at coordinates (I can get these and altitude from Hyperedit) of the player's choosing? I know contracts can do this to an extent, so I am intensely curious as to how difficult it would be to implement this. I would think that all it would take would be to have an input box for the coordinates and altitude, and an option for multiple aircraft that will spawn aircraft at an editable interval around the coordinates. Also a design drop-down box that would show spawnable designs (make it an option in weapon manager). I am asking because it is a royal pain to actually position each aircraft and launch them etc. I simply get into the air faster and more efficiently than the AI, and by the time they start shooting their fates are already sealed. Also would help in arranging large convoys to attack as well.
  3. O-O That was one of the best battles I have ever seen in KSP. Also glad to know that someone else knows what Battlestations Pacific music is, was getting worried everyone had forgotten. Love the American tunes from that game.
  4. +1, I hate needing to sit through tons of loading screens and manually move each plane off the runway - also I found there are small bumps in the KSC plain that blow my aircraft to smithereens if they do not take off fast enough so I can only make a couple of my aircraft enemies. Also the AI does not seem to dodge missiles at all, let alone make any effort in shooting me down, even WITH guard mode enabled. Then again maybe I am just too good for the AI but I think it is the former.
  5. Don't filter JUST yet, many ideas are coming into my head for custom-chaff... For instance, have a payload bay with a large amount of small cubic probe cores, and just release twelve or thirteen of them whenever you come near the enemy base as to confuse the radar... I heard a while back that there was a way to make a high velocity shotgun by attaching crap-loads of struts to something and then destroying that object, causing the struts to obey the inertia law and create a massive amount of "pellets" travelling at 400m/s or more, obliterating everything in their path. I really hope they did not fix that. If so I could make EPIC chaff with that Although my PC would strangle me if I tried it......
  6. That was the problem, I forgot to set guard mode on. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I have a problem with my AI. They simply fly in circles and do not engage anything, although they constantly switch weapons. I have the AI tuned perfectly to the aircraft so that they use it very well flying-wise, and they can dodge some missiles. However they do not engage any targets. Do they have no seek-and-destroy mentality? Because I placed a AAA behind the tracking station and they just flew in perfect circles around their takeoff point. (In the case of the constantly switching weapons the aircraft has Hellfires, Mavericks, Sidewinders, S-8KOM rocket pods and Vulcan cannons.)
  8. None of the contract vessels are loading at all - I have the contracts active, and I am running: -5dim Contract Mod (the one in question) -Contract Configurator -KAX -BDArmoury -QuizTechAero (adds some more airplane parts I find useful) -Kerbal Foundries I modified the M1 Abrahms turret and the 105 radial, but that should not affect the starting craft.... Anyway I was wondering why they are not spawning.
  9. Recently I revisited my aircraft making - previously I made aircraft that turned so bad I needed a 10km radius turn circle, and were so unstable I relied on missiles to hit targets reliably. Recently I made a multi-role aircraft that has a 2km turning circle at max speed, (and that thing can go supersonic like it's a cakewalk) is more heavily armed than my regular aircraft, and is stable enough I managed to gun down two tanks with Vulcans (tough doing because I make my tanks like bunkers). The point in telling this experience is that this mod provided the necessary tools to get it done, and in a way that Skillful could have only dreamed. I hope BD revisits this mod in the near future, because it is hands down the best mod ever made for KSP.
  10. It isn't the universal throttling up and things, although Burn Together is useful for that - it is the constant process: 1. Go to SPH 2. Load craft 3. Click launch 4. Maneuver it into position 5. Repeat For every, single, craft. If I want to launch six tanks, maneuver them to the edge of KSC, and then launch two artillery to blow them up, Burn Together helps once I have them launched, but what I was asking for was a GUI-based device to do the LAUNCHING for me, and the POSITIONING for me - if I want something to move, Burn Together does it masterfully, but LAUNCHING is the time-consuming problem, not the moving every craft all at once, AFTER THEY ARE POSITIONED.
  11. Is there a mod that allows you to launch other vessel while in-flight? It is really irritating to have to spend 20 minutes setting up a gunfight only to have it last 30 seconds maximum. If not, would it be difficult to add something like that to BD Armory? Just something where you can open a GUI, set a place to launch at, then spawn some craft?
  12. Hey BD, any ETA on flak shells for cannons? Because my towable 88 batteries can't become more than a dream without them... ;_;
  13. Just curious, how hard would it be for you to implement basic movement AI, BD? Like, if I make a T-34, I can give it a patrol pattern and it will follow it, then set guard mode on its cannon and approach it with a PZIII set to the opposite team, and it will fire at it while still moving? Could have the potential for setting up some really cool engagements, especially if you were able to press a button to locate all weapon managers, and with one click set them on a movement pattern, like mobilizing an army.
  14. Hmm if I may add my own request of the atom bomb: I want a glassy surface of the ground in a ~200m radius - the Hiroshima bomb, one of the weakest atom bombs ever built (that is crazy to say, but it is true) glassed a huge radius when it went off. Also, make it an option for the blinding blink of light - I really want the sky to go dark for a minute after it goes off..... Ah, the potential of an atom bomb in KSP.
  15. Mother of God, I don't check the forum for a couple weeks and this mod has a whole crapload of stuff added! Nice work, BD!
  16. Hey Dice curious - did you have to activate each weapon individually, as well as make mechjeb move the ships? Or have you made primitive movement AI and a central point to activate all weapons? If so, launching them one by one becomes a minor problem..... Decent progress anyway, good to see this mod alive and well!
  17. Angling makes any design with a non-piked nose more effective, unless extreme cases. The IS-3 for example, has a piked nose and angling will only hurt it. The King Tiger however benefits massively - the frontal armor is unpenetrable by any gun < ~200mm of penetration, and angling makes it even harder to do so. However, the Panzer IV benefits very little - 80mm frontal armor to 30mm side on the Pz4G means that the armor can only be angled up to 86mm effectiveness. I understand the Pz4H has spaced armor on the sides of its hull and turret (the turret also has rear spaced) and that would help. Actually I need to test spaced armor a bit... It could help my tanks a lot, side skirts look really nice in KSP.
  18. Unfortunately it seems that for whatever reason, in or out of control, this mod is dead. Pity, it had potential.
  19. Oh.My.God.Can't.Wait. (Sorry about the double post, do not know how to add a quote to an already existing post. My apologies.)
  20. That is beautiful. Although it remind me of the FV215b183mm "Death Star" of world of tanks.... *shiver* that thing has ruined many potentially good games... #datheshshell
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