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  1. Landing tests on Laythe Always entretaining
  2. 1.10 is out and I finaly completed the BepiColombo mission to Moho. And with that over I am DONE with ION thrusters for at least 6 months.
  3. I got it to fit and learnt a bit Work no longer In Progress https://kerbalx.com/kandokris/Plane-Folding-Prop-Mk3 It surprisingly a lot of fun
  4. Finally got around to turning raw video into somthing watchable well at least for those of us that know KSP Its really sped up its like 20hrs woth of raw footage at approx 1fps due to the ancient potato i play on. Basic summery is 4 craft that together made a great aircraft carrier for laythe or anywhere on kerbin with lots of side craft inside itincluding and SSTO. Incase anyone else suffers from the same madness Link to craft
  5. I'm trying to make a folding prop plane thats small enough to go into the Mk2 bay. I'm not that small yet. Here is a look at what I got so far.; It currently fits in the long 2.5m round trunk. With the current wing profile its mostly ok to fly still having some torque inuced roll that I've can offset with a aileron adjustment, a drifting issue when trying to take off and a little issue with flapping. Question Is it possible to limit the amount of prop deployment angle linked to the throttle ???? and if so how ? my googlefu came up em
  6. Thanks I thought my computer was having issues till I found this.
  7. It adds a bit of speed and brought forth an uncontrolled giggle after staring so hard trying to get how you did the belt. Certainly made me think of one bored kerbal in the truck in a hurry to make hes/her delivery. Can the truck unload at site ? the gate looks functional but dose it tilt? What I'm trying to say is I liked it.
  8. Finally finished tweaking and testing my laythe carrier now released for all
  9. Still not able to dock to a large craft after its placed in orbit. The last few attempts it loaded both craft but when I switch to the "other" craft the kraken kills it. Tried starting out from both the the large craft and the re-fuel er didnt matter which one I was on when I tried to switch it killed the craft or the game or both. I've had to re-launch several times and even opened up a fresh save still no success. "remember as stock files they load and work (no problems docking ) in 1.3x even after editing in 1.4x At this point in time I am just going to stop playing KSP till its
  10. PC is more then capable Craft has been under way since 1.2.1 and due to being stock works in all versions since. Docking of the 2 ships I speak of has been done many many times up until 1.4.x. never the less i also thought it my be corrupt so I tested out other >1500 part craft already in orbit, again working fine in 1.3 but in 1.4 I had a 1/3 success rate with the game either crashing or the craft being taken by the kraken and that was just sending <50 part refuelers. I'll update this with results after testing in 1.4.3.
  11. Didn't have that problem but my career save from 3 didn't load On a far larger note; I seem to be unable to dock large vessels since 1.4 whenever a craft comes with range of a large craft ( >500 parts ) it brings out the kraken and/or freezes up. Don't know if related but its darn annoying
  12. Stock laythe aircraft carrier, not yet given the BD flair
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