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  1. let O(eccentricity, semimajor, inclination, AN, AoP, MA) be a function that returns an orbit while those parameters are the six elements of it. let N(v(prograde, radial, normal)) be a function that returns a manuever node according to a given manuever vector. the product (N,O) returns the new trajectory of the spacecraft if the given node is activated at the given location in the given orbit. how do i know what the new trajectory is by activating the product?
  2. i asked your opinion about my way to find the exact(more or less) survey's place. it's like dropping navaid marks around when you receive the messege that says you pass the place while flying above. the marks helps you to navigate when dark and you dont see any recognizable .... around with all them pesky same hills or the flat planes, by vice versa. or its only me and my crappy machine which cant deal with high surface detail settings...
  3. i've already unlocked basic aerodynamics and landing gears... psst. you could get rover tech until then. and even without this you can navigate pretty nice with your jumping rocket and EVA RCS, which is impossible on kerbin...
  4. planting flags aroud the approx. location and dropping parts with high crash speed for surveys on water and then find it according to them... do you have a better way? (of course, all these are when you dont have rover parts yet)
  5. i want to build a spaceplane with the new parts and i figured out that i have to build massive wings for it. so i tried to copy and paste the patterns of the lift surfaces, but... well, i failed. how do i do it?
  6. what is the 5% exactly? 5% of what? So i need to put renewable resource? I used the Okto probe for my first satellite, thanks. Is 'staying stable' means the orbit or the orientation of the probe?
  7. 1. how close the current orbit of the satellite have to be to the specified orbit to complete the contract? 2. i putted batteries instead of solar panels cuze i didnt researched them yet. is it accepted as a "power" for the contract? 3. the first condition of the contract is "launch an unmanned satellite..." and its never green. when will it be accepted? its not clear how do i supposed to do that...
  8. but rockets will ran out fast & ion take so much electricity. i suggested the disadvantages: they couldnt make much at high altitude & when theres no atmosphere, that means that they wont help you when you want to launch the vessel into orbit...
  9. it would be nice to fly an airplane probe at atmospheres that doesnt consist of oxygen. there will be at least 2 types of propellors: large propellor: the one on top of helicopters, creates a tourqe that offends its rotation & spins the vessel if there's no contra-torque to resist it. small propellor: the one on tails of the above helicopters & on non-jet planes. doesnt create contra torque. there will be options to make them foldable and invert the rotation of the large one. they will be inefficient at low atmospheric pressure, that means high altitude. there will be need for foldable wings as well for launching them to other planets...
  10. because they simulate ramjet and scramjet, and those engines cant work when the plane does not move
  11. and so many big asteroids have some little astero-moons orbiting them, as well as ceres. so why not dres?
  12. note that this thing will need a massive amount of electricity, which cannot be obtained through foldable solar panels due to the wind speed. it will consume more power even than ion engine.
  13. say, you want to dock a rover to the the base but you didnt plan the precise position of the docking ports, but the rover has RCS system. or you want flip a rover & the RCS thrusters arent strong enough. i think its not considered as cheating if you turn it off back just when you finished the annoying fix, cuze we dont have cranes & such stuff in vanilla
  14. thermal jet engine is like LF jet engine, but it can operate anywhere that has an atmosphere. the principle of operation is as follows: 1. there's an intake(could be any of the stock intakes that already exists) that takes gases from the atmosphere 2. the engine uses a lot of electricity to heat the gases 3. the heated gases are emitted from the engine like any jet/rocket that engine could work on any planet that has an atmosphere(bases on Eve and refundable science probe for Jool), but one big disadvantages is the large amount of electricity it consume for doing that.