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  1. A new computer. ^^ I'm done with my broken one. Only am month ago I had to replace the psu because the old didn't work anymore. The system has so many quirks and got so many temporary solutions (which became permanent solutions over time)... for me it doesn't make sense to revive it. I already had plans to buy a new computer in summer. Fortunately I just got a new job so money's rolling in. Though it'll just take a few months to save up enough. My old one: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Gigabyte something UD5 (or so) mainboard AMD Radeon HD6970 2GB 4x 2 GB RAM 3x 32 GB SSDs (different brands, RAID 0, for OS) 4x 1.5 TB HDDs (1 defect) Asus sound card (has an amplifier ) bequiet 500 watts psu Planned new one: Intel Core i5 6500 or 6600 (or 6600K but then I'll need a different mainboard and something better to cool it) Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P mainboard my graphics card if it still works 16 GB RAM (or 32 GB, not sure yet) 128 - 256 GB SSD for OS 512 GB - 1 TB SSD for games, dev and other stuff my sound card if it still works my psu if it still works => 550 - 800 € I couldn't find blown capacitators. They are advertised as "all solid capacitors", I believe they can't blow up like the other ones or can they?
  2. I've got bad news. My computer just broke down. I turned it on and got a RAID error. It turned it of to check the cables and after turning it on again the screen just stays black and there's no "everything's alright"-beep. *sigh* No beeping means that the mainboard and/or the CPU doesn't work. They are almost 7 years old, there're no compatible replacement parts on the market anymore. It'll take me months to save up for a new one. Damit! Months without a computer will make me go crazy!
  3. So you're back? Ok, then I'll have a look at the new GUI and figure out how it can be done not using Asset Bundles. I've read that getting Asset Bundle GUIs and code working together only works in very simple cases. I don't know complicated it will be to get Dust working again. IIRC Visual Studio mostly complains about missing RigidBody and Renderer properties. They are moved somewhere else. But without working wheels it'll be hard to debug. I'm not sure about asking for money. I'd like to stay away from donating etc. because I fear it's going to become work instead of being a hobby. But yes, someone has to pay for that (if you really need it).
  4. In my local install I modified the current code to run in 1.1. If compiles without flaws (but without a lot of stuff like GUI etc.) and runs fine so far. Unfortunately the UnityEngine.WheelCollider is so bugged that there's no real hope. I attached 4 small wheels to a simple rover (I posted a picture of it before) and KSP can't decide how to orient the craft (flickers really fast between two orientations). Because of that phantom forces are added to the craft which eventually flips the craft into the air. Also driving didn't work but steering somehow created a force pushing the rover to sideways. Also I'm not sure if VP interferes (doesn't look like it but who knows?). [LOG 17:31:24.154] [FLIGHT GLOBALS]: Switching To Vessel Untitled Space Craft ---------------------- [LOG 17:31:24.156] setting new dominant body: Kerbin FlightGlobals.mainBody: Kerbin [LOG 17:31:24.159] Reference Frame: Rotating [LOG 17:31:24.207] Vessel assembly complete! [LOG 17:31:24.208] all systems started [WRN 17:31:24.248] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Default part orientation. [LOG 17:31:24.249] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Version: 1.9.5939.31392 [LOG 17:31:24.252] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: 1 [LOG 17:31:24.253] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.510319E-08 [ERR 17:31:24.254] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [LOG 17:31:24.254] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Destroying Bounds. [WRN 17:31:24.257] [Kerbal Foundries - KFSuspension]: TS Corrector: 1 [WRN 17:31:24.261] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Default part orientation. [LOG 17:31:24.262] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Version: 1.9.5939.31392 [LOG 17:31:24.263] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -0.9999999 [LOG 17:31:24.264] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.510319E-08 [ERR 17:31:24.264] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [LOG 17:31:24.265] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Destroying Bounds. [WRN 17:31:24.266] [Kerbal Foundries - KFSuspension]: TS Corrector: 1 [WRN 17:31:24.267] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Default part orientation. [LOG 17:31:24.267] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Version: 1.9.5939.31392 [LOG 17:31:24.268] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: 1 [LOG 17:31:24.269] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.510319E-08 [ERR 17:31:24.270] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [LOG 17:31:24.270] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Destroying Bounds. [WRN 17:31:24.271] [Kerbal Foundries - KFSuspension]: TS Corrector: 1 [WRN 17:31:24.272] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Default part orientation. [LOG 17:31:24.273] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Version: 1.9.5939.31392 [LOG 17:31:24.274] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -0.9999999 [LOG 17:31:24.275] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.510319E-08 [ERR 17:31:24.275] WheelCollider requires an attached Rigidbody to function. [LOG 17:31:24.276] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Destroying Bounds. [WRN 17:31:24.277] [Kerbal Foundries - KFSuspension]: TS Corrector: 1 [LOG 17:31:24.283] [FlightIntegrator]: Reloaded drag cube for zeroed cube root part landerCabinSmall on vessel Untitled Space Craft [LOG 17:31:24.311] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Part Count 13 [LOG 17:31:24.312] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Checking vessel mass. [LOG 17:31:24.314] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: colliderMass: 0.6025 [LOG 17:31:24.314] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Part Count 13 [LOG 17:31:24.315] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Checking vessel mass. [LOG 17:31:24.316] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: colliderMass: 0.6025 [LOG 17:31:24.317] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Part Count 13 [LOG 17:31:24.318] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Checking vessel mass. [LOG 17:31:24.319] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: colliderMass: 0.6025 [LOG 17:31:24.319] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Part Count 13 [LOG 17:31:24.320] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: Checking vessel mass. [LOG 17:31:24.321] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: colliderMass: 0.6025 [LOG 17:31:24.339] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: 1 [LOG 17:31:24.340] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.505278E-08 [LOG 17:31:24.341] [Kerbal Foundries - KFModuleWheel]: colliderMass: 0.6025 [LOG 17:31:24.342] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -0.9999999 [LOG 17:31:24.343] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.505278E-08 [LOG 17:31:24.344] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: 1 [LOG 17:31:24.344] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.505278E-08 [LOG 17:31:24.345] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -0.9999999 [LOG 17:31:24.346] [Kerbal Foundries - WheelUtils]: -7.505278E-08 [LOG 17:31:24.721] Loading Depletion Nodes [LOG 17:31:24.721] DepNodeCount: 0 [LOG 17:31:24.722] Loading Biome Nodes [LOG 17:31:24.723] BiomeNodeCount: 0 [LOG 17:31:24.723] Loading Planet Nodes [LOG 17:31:24.724] PlanetNodeCount: 0 ...... [LOG 17:31:24.873] Cannot assign AudioClip 'KerbalFoundries/Sounds/wheel' to AudioFX [LOG 17:31:24.875] Cannot assign AudioClip 'KerbalFoundries/Sounds/wheel' to AudioFX [LOG 17:31:24.877] Cannot assign AudioClip 'KerbalFoundries/Sounds/wheel' to AudioFX [LOG 17:31:24.879] Cannot assign AudioClip 'KerbalFoundries/Sounds/wheel' to AudioFX (small bug, name's "wheel2") ..... and that's it, nothing more I'm not sure how to attach a rigidbody to a wheelcollider. The WheelCollider.AttachedRigidBody property is read-only. I need to read the modder's info on 1.1 again.
  5. @nli2work Sadly the new wheel system isn't that good. For example here the wheels are somehow pressed through the runway collider (look at the main gear). I would have accepted it if they just explode if they are too stressed but clipping is a no-go IMHO. I hope Squad is still working on it. It's a pre-release so things might change again.
  6. Just click on this link: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.esper.net/?#kspmodders
  7. I was in #kspofficial and just came back from dinner. I'm idling in #kspmodders if you want to drop by. It's ok. I never expected to get KF running again so fast. 1.1 is only a few weeks (two?) away, so I don't mind waiting that time.
  8. I'm again in the irc for about 1 hour (might be afk for a few minutes).
  9. I don't mind. There's already a new parttools version for 1.1: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135228-11-parttools/ This thread is also interesting: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135442-ksp-wheel-set-up-in-unity/ But I have no idea if the KF parts are compatible with that.
  10. @lo-fi & @Gaalidas I have an hour of free time. Want to chat? I'm currently online in the official irc chat. Edit: I just set up a part cfg. The wheels start spinning when I press forward, they stop spinning when I break, they turn when I press A or D (inverted), the suspension is compressed in the editor and extended in flight, but apart from that they do nothing. That means: The rover doesn't roll or move. It just sits there. Hm...
  11. Yes, atm it is the only way to get access to it and Squad stated they won't distribute it through the Squad servers. They are to weak to handle that much traffic.The price in my country is 39.99 € . I bought the game for ~15 or 18 € back then. If you don't want to buy it, you can still have a look here: http://vehiclephysics.com/ The wheel part cfg look like this now: Edit: It seems Squad still tweaks the new wheel system. Atm it's impossible to not get into Tokyo Drift mode.
  12. We talked about that a few pages ago. The guy contacted lofi and apologized to him. The SpaceDock guys are informed and are waiting for us to pump out a new release. Then they'll delete the entry. Unfortunately it's more serious than I thought. WheelCollider seems to be completely gone. Everything is in Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll -> VPWheel and VPWheelCollider now. In total I counted 69(!) classes, enums and structs belonging to VP. It will take time to understand how everything is related and set up. We have to rewrite everything. *sigh* What recent test dll? There wasn't a new dll for months.
  13. KSP 1.1 pre-release addresses some of the issues mentioned in the OP: Building Specific Subjects: Craft editor Staging diagram layering - putting the staging diagram behind the new/load/open/launch/exit bar in the craft editor. -> It works like this now. Flight screen Navball cluster - Make SAS and RCS lights click-able buttons -> They are now click-able buttons. general - Enable the movement of UI elements -> Part context menus are now movable and stay where you put them. Other UI elements are still fixed in their places. Navball markers - Sharper navball markers -> They stay sharp even at 150% UI scale. Part glow - Disable the green part glow when in F2 mode (No UI mode) -> Parts don't light up in F2 mode anymore. 1.1 crew portrait - move the (show more/less kerbal portraits) buttons in between the portraits and the screen edge -> Add/remove portrait slot buttons pop up if you move the mouse over the portraits. I could switch between 0 to 4 visible portraits. I don't know if 4 is a hard max or depends on screen resolution. A 5th portrait would overlap the nav ball on my screen [1920x1200]. KSC screen 1.1 building buttons - add the buttons for Mission Control in sandbox, but upon clicking, tell the player the facility is closed. ^-- on that note - add buttons for the Administration Building and the R&D Center as well. -> All buildings now have buttons in the lower right corner of the KSC screen. The buttons for the Admin. and R&D buildings are still missing. When clicking on them in sandbox mode you are told that they are closed. Main menu's new save - Change "player name:" to something "world name:" or something along those lines. -> It says "Save name" now. General and Miscellaneous: misc Hotkey list - Because hotkeys are currently poor-documented, add a list with all key bindings -> Already there in the settings menu that you can reach through the main menu. I didn't check the suggestions about tourists and stuff that only works in campaign mode (for example R&D) and stopped in the middle (I ran out of free time). Maybe someone can continue this list so the op can be updated.
  14. I took our code and referenced the new KSP 1.1 api and what should I say? The error list grew from ~10 entries (just debug stuff from SharpDevelop which Visual Studio can't interpret) to 50 entries. Looking at the errors I think they mostly originate from the changed namespaces. Summary: - DustFX has 20 error regarding particle emitters not being accessible from GameObject anymore. (namespace problem?) - GUI seems to only miss referencing the right namespace (can't find the ApplicationLoader, I think it is now in one of the new KSPsomething.dlls). \o/ - Rest of the errors are mostly about missing RigidBody and Renderer references in GameObject. (I think they are moved somewhere else.) It doesn't look that serious but I only had a quick look. I have to re-read this post and scan the new dlls to get to know where everything was moved to.
  15. Kerbal language is Spanish played backwards. (in case you didn't know already)
  16. This is "just" simulator sickness. What your eyes see and what your body tells you are contradicting. Most people will feel sick because of that. Actually you can train your brain to tolerate the information mismatch up to some point. But there won't be any damage. You might feel a bit disoriented but that just happens because your brain is in the process of adjusting back from "faked" to "real" vision. Btw simulator sickness is related to motion sickness. Also it is closely tied to the problems wearer of glasses have when they get new glasses. Last time I got new ones I needed two weeks to adjust to them. During the first days I wasn't able to guess distances. It was funny to miss door handles all the times. ^^
  17. There are events for exploding parts, docking, etc. we can hook. I don't know if they work reliable enough but I believe we should investigate that.
  18. Yep. With optimization potential I meant code like that: var _moduleWheel = vessel.parts.GetComponent<KFModuleWheel>(); There's no need to retrieve the references every frame. Just once on loading the vessel and after crashes etc. is enough. GetComponent() seems to use Reflection which can have a (small) impact on performance.
  19. Yep, I also saw a lot of optimization potential. For example if doesn't need to poll for all KFModuleWheels each physics frame. It's sufficient to do it once when loading the vessel and later again when the vessel changes (docking, lithobraking, etc.). But I don't believe the accelerated processing will be noticable. The code will look more streamlined though.
  20. KF checks every physics frame (usually happens every 1/10 second) for changed vessel mass no matter the throttle settings. IMO the likely cause if FAR. On my machine it sucks up fps like hell.
  21. I looked at the code and found nothing suspicious. KF doesn't react on throttle settings (it only checks for wheel throttle which is different from [rocket] engine throttle) although it checks for changing vehicle mass to update the wheel colliders. What other mods are you using? It's likely the culprit is another mod.
  22. You are right. That's something we should change. We are waiting for the upcoming KSP patch which will force us to redo a lot of stuff. Expect that there'll be no working KF available for a few weeks or months after 1.1.
  23. My observation is that people tend to get to far into the game, exploring all possibilities, challenge all challenges and go where you can go. Once they have done that they feel they have "finished" the game. The key point is they don't have a goal anymore. Without a goal you don't have a motivation to do anything. Take a break, think about something you want to archieve. It must be something you know it isn't easy to do and it must be a specific one. Something broad like "get into orbit" won't do but if you change that to "put a 10 Kerbals Space Station into Eeloo orbit" it becomes far more interesting. Also make sure you pick an interesting goal, stuff you didn't do often. For example what about an station in a low solar orbit where you have to think about heat management?
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