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  1. It is about the impact that space technology has had on society. I am using KSP to record mun landings and Duna for mars landings. It has been fun process.
  2. Hello, is it possible for someone to recompile this for 1.2? I want to use this for a school project I have. Thanks.
  3. What is the current status of this mod? Are you planning on continuing this into 1.2?
  4. What is the current status of this mod? Also, will it be updated to 1.2?
  5. I am looking forward to using this when it is updated for 1.1. I love how simple you have made this. thanks for taking time and making this mod.
  6. I didn't pull the .dll, i dropped the whole fuel switch mod folder in gamedata folder.
  7. I ran into the fuel switch problem same as everyone. I was able to get it to work after I got the actual fuel switch mod and installed in along side simple construction.
  8. Hey Tmarkos, when are you going to put his in the addon release forum? i love this mod and wish to see it spread among the world.
  9. I am so glad you are doing this mod. I love the idea of jump beacons and not warp drives. i am going to have to play with this and figure it out. thanks alot :-) yes pls add the crew roles. The idea of a jump gate or jump station also sounds good.. especially if we are using extra planetary launchpads.
  10. those look great Bac9. Any word on if the next update will have a command bridge or pilotable space for the huge station/capital ship parts?
  11. Yes i use UbioZur's welding tool. With the current engines and fuel, it would only be good in the Kerbin system. Of course I encourage you to download the part file and put whatever you like in it.
  12. Kerbin Drive Yards is happy to announce the newest class in kerbal star destroyers. The Minmus-class. This little beauty weighs in at 40 tons. part count after welding is 82. She maneuvers extremely well. Below in the dropbox link is the craft file for the ship pictured and the hull part. very important that you install the part file in the squad structural parts folder. Without the hull in that folder the ship will not work. Action Groups: #5 - Floodlight #8 - Toggle Capacitors charge #9 - Toggle Capacitors discharge #0 - Toggle reactor radiators Dropbox Ship Files mods used: Near Future Propulsion Kerbal Engineer Redux Romfarar's Sunbeam laser mod
  13. Yes those are B9 panels.. i have started using stock panels for newer class ships because they can be welded. Helps keep the part count down. But thanks.. this ship took me weeks to get it to this point. New ships will come out faster now that i know what i am doing. :-)
  14. Thanks all... I am currently working on another class of KSD. I am trying the welding mod to get the part count down. If the welding works I will retrofit the Kerbin-class KSD.