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  1. I'm using this with 1.12.3. Everything seems to work well except that the dry mass of many tanks are a bit low as compared to stock. There is a notable absence of 1.875m diameter tanks which would make a fitting addition to this mod. Some textures need refreshed to blend in with new stock textures. Edit: I prefer the orange tank texture from this mod over stock orange.
  2. Is there a way to disable the stock alarm clock so I can focus on this beautiful mod instead?
  3. Fun! This was my very first dip into modding in 2014. Goodspeed was the introduction of what we know today as TweakScale. What parts are you excited to revive?
  4. Here is my Nova-C Challenge Entry: Landing Coordinates and Biomes can be viewed and confirmed in the Surface Analysis experiment dialogue. Also posted on Facebook #NovaCChallenge #contest
  5. @linuxgurugamer I've long thought that this mod contains some code that could be really valuable for a stand alone mod. That is a mod that can aid you with knowing if your parachutes will work or not. As a KSP user, I want to understand how much my parachutes will slow my craft (or stage) down, so that I can design my spacecraft to safely land. I understand that RealParachutes has a similar feature, but it is not designed for stock parachutes and the stock parachute module. Just something to consider
  6. Awesome! This seems really well thought out. I even love the default choices. Thanks!!
  7. I enjoy a light weight life support system for the extra gameplay, but in no way do I want to deal with Kerbal emotions and health. I have enough of that in real life. As far as I'm concerned, Kerbals live for space travel and have evolved to thrive in a spaceship environment over long periods of time.
  8. This mod looks like it could be a simplified warp travel mod that fits my play style. Are there any parts required to activate the containment field, store EM, or activate warp drive?
  9. Thanks for updating this super useful mod! It's working great.
  10. Coming back after a few months, and I can't use search any more. I used to set the filter to "Compatible" and then i could search for a mod and find it. Now when I do that I have to add an "or" filter which completely wrecks the usefulness for me. I get hundreds of results instead of a couple. Any way to use an "And" filter? or even better is there any way to revert to the prior search functionality?
  11. Having fun today exploring the Lindor system. Thanks for this great planet pack!
  12. Great work KSP team! I'm really happy with 1.11+
  13. I just tested this and it's still working great in 1.11 This is still my favorite mod for managing Surface/AGL vs Orbital/ASL displays in unison.
  14. I believe most of these parts are located in the "GameData\Squad\zDeprecated\" folder. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is safe to delete this folder if you are starting a new save and don't plan on using the older versions of the parts.
  15. Yep, it appears so: [1.9.1-1.11]R-T-B's Kopernicus Unified "Bleeding Edge" Branch
  16. This didn't age well. I went and looked ... kopernicus has already been updated!!
  17. I was doubtful this update could provide any value over what we already had with common mods, however I can see that the KSP Team has put some real thought into this update! I'm so excited to upgrade! Great job team!
  18. Just tried it with 1.10 and I get a compatibility error that prevents KSP from loading. It says that launchpad is not compatible. Just FYI and to see if others experience the same result. No rush on an update. Thanks so much for these "Simple" mods! EDIT: The thing preventing KSP load was a Simple Logistics patch problem that is known with a workaround available in the Simple Logistics thread.
  19. @timeb Can you remember the steps to get 1.9.1 B2 or the latest working?
  20. Just coming back and so excited to see this mod up and living! Thanks!
  21. Thanks all, I was able to do all you mentioned and more. It was a great day with beautiful weather and wasn't too crowded. http://imgur.com/gallery/K1Gch9h
  22. I'm here at KSC today. Any suggestions on things I shouldnt miss while here? Photos: http://imgur.com/gallery/K1Gch9h
  23. @zer0Kerbal @Miracle Magician either of you up for maintaining this mod? It's really a good one
  24. Please oh please let the dirt on planets have friction when my Kerbals take a tumble.. I'm soo tired of watching my kerbal slide down a gentle slope for 2 hours not being able to do a thing about it.
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