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  1. 0.24 to 1.1 ez i just want to fly my little 1700 parts battlecruser i build back then
  2. i returned to KSP after 2 years can someone update me on the physix system? is 3.3 in place already or will we ever see a major performance gain compared to the old single core 2.2 version? I know that its not just plugging in a new engine but also possibly rewrite lovetons if its even possible
  3. Hey guys, im running this pack as the only mods with 32bit and opengl.. But somehow antialiasing seems to be very lazy now. It doesnt seem like it would change anything on any AA setting and it all looks like this: Anyone else experienced it? or knows some way to tweak it? EDIT: changed it directly in nvidia settings -> all smooth and shiny now
  4. did SQUAD post something about it already? If they even want to update to unity 5?
  5. I actualy have to correct myself about the "way to much funds" i completed all contracts once (not repeating stuff like plant a flag) i got around 3,500.000 just by doing some mun missions. Now there aint no contracts left and im facing eve, but i can rarly create 3-4 rockets with those funds i guess the main problem currently is that there aint enough different missions and you cant choose what to pick and what not
  6. in the text it says that those parts are already tested by the company and just need some "in usage" feedback. also even if you feel its realistic, gameplaywise its just boring
  7. just to clarify, so far i did not "revert" a failed launch cause my rocket had not enough fuel or exloded during start and still so much funds, eg the mission to test an atomic engine in mun orbit, the whole ship costs like ~40k? and you get rewarded with 500k!
  8. Why not? it could just vanish when the contract is done or get a consecutive one like "go fly to the mun with it" etc
  9. Well just like the Kerbal rescue missions the game could just put a prebuilt empty station into orbit
  10. First off, i'm not a kerbal veteran, i got ~96hours on playtime and i'm only playing vanilla without a single mod so please consider this while reading my personal experience. After a long break on 0.22 i started to play the new career mode again, funds? awesome! contract? even more awesome! But It feels like funds don't matter at all, you get so much that you don't even have to care building efficient rockets or recovering parts Contracts: Improvements: * They grant way to much science in average, i nearly got the full tech tree unlocked after 2 mun missions... * All those contracts about testing parts while your rocket is "Landed, On Kerbal" are senseless at the moment. There is no condition to even launch the rocket, you can just put them on a plain vessel go to launch pad and activate it - Contract fulfilled. * Every vessel you put on the launch pad without actually launching it will grant reputation on recover without losing funds * Experimental parts you get by a contract are highlighted blue (good!) but those you already have unlocked are not, i'd like to see them highlighted too so you don't have to check all the parts name over and over again to make sure you picked the right one Suggestions: * Some contracts about deploying satellites or rovers in space would be a great variation * Supply transports to existing space-stations including docking eg. "bring xxx fuel to space-station alpha / bring William Kerbal to space station beta" * Collect space debris to clear Kerbals orbit? * Build and test rovers on kerbal? What do you guys think about 0.24? Edits: I forgot to mention it but what Trollsama talks about in this thread is so true
  11. did as you said (tried it myself before) and as usual it wont load any other parts of that ship below that point about the KAS mod, i cant seem to grab a battery :S pressing G when my kerbal is in front of one battery does nothing edit: well i can grap ****load of part sbut no batterys at all :S even though the KSP.log says:[KAS] AddGrabModule(AddModule) Module successfully configured on batteryPack edit2: just figured the debug console shows me "No supported module found!" when i try to target one of my batterys edit3: added the part to KAS mod lets see if it removes the part sucessfully! -> yes it does and frames back @27 :S
  12. An option to delete a Part of any ship would be awesome :S