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  1. To elaborate... We'll just say its a saturn 5esque ship to the mun... Everything goes fine until trying to rendezvous ascent vehicle with command module. Inside about 1km the target (com mod) starts moving away. Upon switching to offending vessel i have no control of anything but throttle. Engine gimbals do move but no change to craft heading. Oddly enough after multiple vessel swaps i can still revert flight to vab or launch._. Ive captured a video via ps4 share feature but no idea how to get it here or elsewhere except facebook. This was an issue prior to, and after a game delete/Reinstall/Save file wipe. Current version as of 27Aug19 but got the initial problem a few weeks ago._ if someone cares to boot this up the chain, feel free to copy paste.
  2. Not necessarily a flag issue._. Same thing happens to me with a rescue contract to minmus. Ship is landed near a kerbals heap, no flags on minmus at all. Saved when about to lift off with kerbal in rescue vessel. Reloaded next day after work and a bit of stutter quicly turned into 4 kerbal seconds taking over ten minutes... Tried deleting the heap before flying rescue vessel to no avail. Another thing that struck me as odd, i have two relays sats within a few meters of perfect stationary orbits. One 45ish degrees east of ksc, the other 160ish east of that. Now they are both 180 degrees of ksc.?? I finalized orbits just prior to the 8 day warp to minmus where i encountered this issue... All vessels are perfectly playable except the rescue mission.
  3. From my point of view... I play ksp on a laptop that technically cant run ksp. I have to have settings turned all the way down and rely heavily on altered part files because at 200 parts or so on screen the frame rate is all but crippled... On top of that, i am absolutely dependent on asteroid day, kis/kas, mechjeb, alarmclock, and have sacrificed to great disappointment - infernal robotics, tweakscale, kethane, TAC, colony mods, kw rocketry, interstellar, and a few others... I will buy the PS4 version, just so i can play with a good frame rate but a stock game would be a heart breaker... Going to the mun for science is good early game grinding, but quickly grows old... Stage building a self supporting mining colony on the mun is gratifying... Buildding a satellite network for transmission of control or power keeps your aspiration in check... Kerbal consruction time makes planning or sacrificing relevant problems... And while ive never tried it, being able with the right infrastructure to build launch and recover craft on other planets is appealing to me... As must as i LOVE ksp, the vanilla game falls short... i hope it at least implements some of these things because nothing ruins the game faster than going to duna with no antenna or not having a way to refuel without a docking port (kis/kas). or warping into the ground, or loosing a ship to deep space because you forgot about that 1 year till soi change (alarmclock) and why there are no dedicated outpost parts for permanent life supporting surface or orbit colonies is a... is not good... my points should go on but im typing this with a controller and am exhausted...
  4. use formula vacuum thrust x atmosphere isp(1) / vacuum isp (0) = max thrust... just reverse engineer the problem so that vac and max thrust remain the same... example vac thrust(100) x atm isp(100) / vac isp(100) = max thrust 100 or vac thrust(100) x atm isp(1000) / vac isp(1000) = max thrust 100 gets tricky when vac thrust or isp is greater than atm thrust or isp
  5. thanks makes some sense is your quoted code line from ker... (im assuming kerbal engineer) i dont use it im just trying to change values in cfg files and i dont recognize it.... the vac thrust * key1 isp / key0 isp =max thrust is working for me... now to figure out how to make my ion not need 152 electric a minute lol...
  6. so whats the third isp key? key 1 key 0 key X 0.001 (x because they all seem to be different)
  7. been experimenting with this... seems 'max thrust' is your in atmosphere value and your vacuum value is determined in relation to your isp value and the 'third key' (previously there were key 0=vacuum isp and key 1=atmosphere isp) example i tried to alter the ion engine to better isp and slightly higher thrust of 12000 and 10 respectively(i edit almost all of it because my laptop cant handle 300 part ships, 200 for that matter) anyway i went into game and my ion had 1200 vac thrust... this is when i noticed the third key... it had a value of... key 1.2 .0001 or something to that effect... i changed it to key 1.2 .0002 and the vac thrust changed to 120 ... so i dont got the correlation nailed down yet but thats my two cents...
  8. hey guys. let me first start off by apologizing if this isn't the proper location for this post as some people get really annoyed at that. and since ive looked for a more suitable place for 10 minutes with no luck, ive settled for this location... so here goes... since the recent rash of updates, ive found that most mods can keep up or seem to be dead all together, so ive decided to do a little editing of stock parts to suit some niche needs... my problem lies in copying stock parts so I don't lose the stock functionality. for example I would like to rescale the lv909 engine and tweak thrust/isp values (or the small solid booster)... then I load the game and see the part in the vab and it says part needs purchase in tech tree, no problem, I go unlock it/back to vab/part needs purchase in tech tree... what the heck, I go back to the tech tree and it says I own it but there is a new model that says I don't... long story short is I cant use the part in the vab or hanger, it still says I need to purchase it in the tech tree, and ive got seven engines in the tech tree that are unlocked but nonexistent... in the part file I changed the name, description, and values as well as the folder name... ive since deleted this folder but all the engines in the tech tree were still there until I cleaned it all out and started over ... can someone point me in the right direction here, im mildly frustrated at having 700 hours in this game and being on year one day one... thanks
  9. also for a finer control on part rotation... and this is in no way intended to curb your enthusiasm for the previously mentioned angle control monitoring editation mod (that post isn't currently on my screen and I cant recall the proper name, apologies.) I find that if I want something rotated to a finer degree than 5, I set it to 90 then mount the part. then pick it up, set it to 1, 5, 30, whatever and move it... the original orientation remains... i.e. if you mount something to a structural pylon, say a fuel tank/engine assy. with a magnetometer on it (ksp interstellar) oriented at 90 degrees, then select the structural pylon and switch settings to 1 degree increments and move said assy. in 14 degrees one way or another the magnetometer will be oriented at 14 degrees now, not 90... its a jumbled thought, I hope you can understand where im going with it... and yes I know this isn't a cure for all scenarios, hence the second sentence above... or is that a thought... maybe it should be in parenthesis? im rambling... man I wish I knew how to update mods... its raining outside, im bored... oh well, guess ill have to play nearly stock ksp...
  10. when InfernalRobotics gets fixed, itll be going right back into my gamedata... its a must have IMO... since I haven't used any refineries yet (except kethane, which got the axe from my gamedata for no particular reason) I was wondering exactly how you know where to put them?? i.e. the kethane scanner, is there a way to detect deposits in the ground or is the .cfg just wash the whole planet in aluminum or what ever resource you want??
  11. at that rate, why have .625 probe cores/engines/chutes/decouplers??? while at the moment I don't complain too heavily on there being only one size (I wish there were quarter, half, and full sizes. the Oscar-b being the quarter) I do have the issue that they cant be radially mounted in my game... though this may be a product of "editor extentions" because since then, my materials bays cant be rotated on axis while trying to mount them radially...
  12. EDIT> found out where to put modulemanager... anyone know where I can look to learn about how to use it (it seems to me that it enables you to edit .cfg files without overwriting stock files.?.?.. do I read this as is or what... id like to tweak things to make them more viable, i.e. the nuke engine is 2.5 tons but KW has an engine that is half the weight and half the isp but twice the thrust. so why use two nukes when one KW engine seems to be a far lighter version of 'two nukes'... 120 thrust/400 isp does equal two nukes running at 60/800 respectively doesn't it??)
  13. actually I'm not sure if everything is correct but here is the situation... game broke on 23.5 update so I removed all mods and installed current versions after researching compatibilities (so bummed infernal robotics is broken) I did the gamedata in a gamedata folder the first time I tried kethane so im sure that's not it. basically what I do is extract the .zip into a folder called KSPMODS on my desktop and copy the files inside the mod gamedata file into the ksp gamedata file. not sure what to do with anything else as some mods have other stuff in them, i.e. in my mod folder interstellar still has modulemanager1-5-6-.dll in it, realchutes still has a modulemanager file that has another gamedata file that has another realchute and a modulemanager1-5-6.dll in it...I wouldn't know how to use these things ATM. also as a side note and of no consequence, when I run the game on start up the loading screen always locks on romfarer/romfarer or something from KW rocketry but doesn't crash. itll stay there for hours but if I start the task manager and then cancel, the game continues loading with no problem... I do get a "write to location 00400000 caused an access error" crash about once a day... learning new things evey day, thanks for your help guys... ps if anyone know an alternate location these problems are addressed id appreciate a point in the right direction. a lot of info to sift through on this forum... thanks again
  14. wouldn't seem so as its still in my staging folder (download location prior to ksp integration)... where do I put it? gamedata or warplugin??
  15. Thank merendel... it is there... @PART[sensorAccelerometer] { !MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment] { } MODULE { name = FNSeismicProbe experimentID = FNSeismicProbeExperiment rerunnable = true deployEventName = Collect Impact Data reviewEventName = Review Impact Data resetEventName = Reset Impact Data } Any other ideas?? part definitely only asks to log seismic data... not record events...
  16. Hey guys. I just flew an Impactor Experiment Module (Core with 6x lander probes with transmitters and impact sensors and 6x impact probes) to the Mun... long story short, after landing the first sensor probe I realized that the seismic sensor has reverted to its original role. (not the impact sensor role) I did plenty of impact experiments before 23.5 so I was wondering if this is the issue... I do have the most recent update for interstellar, I do not have any idea how to see, open, or otherwise edit cfg's or dll's... about all I can do with this game is add/subtract mods... thanks in advance.