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  1. My God this has been a wild ride, finally caught up after a two year or so hiatus!
  2. So I had a lot of time, a lot of mods and a stable game. This is what I came up with.
  3. So ugly in fact it dosen't even need an engine, or a tail for matter of fact. The early prototype of it was even known to shoot up and get pulverised by shock heating on take off, that was of course before they made it less ugly, even they they had to scrap the design all together.
  4. CatastrophicFailures idea of the Cermian Gunship: My idea of the Cermain Gunship:
  5. I really enjoy (and enjoyed) both of your stories catastrophic, keep it up! Edit: And was that a Spaceballs reference I saw many chapters ago?????
  6. Why aren't rival space agencies been considered? Rival space agencies would add a reason for prestige and earning funds more interesting. For example: If you have more prestige than your rival(s) more contractors will contact you instead of your rival(s) driving them bankrupt from lack of funding. Prestige should be earned by been to first in orbit or researching a tech instead of bringing a Kerbal back safely (That's an achievement). Just say you get to orbit first and you get 100 prestige all the rivals following will still receive prestige but not as much as been first to orbit. Notifications of events such as a mun landing should be notified to players when they enter the space center screen telling them all the stats necessary such as how much prestige earned and if they did it first. Now you might be worried that the game would take a performance hit from having rival(s). You simply don't load space centers and huge rockets. For example: They land on the Mun. A ship never went there but the game calculated if they could go to the Mun of where you where in the tech tree and the difficulty setting of the AI. How ever you could see and go to a space station the AI launched. This is all I can say right now, and don't just judge, build upon this idea!
  7. How far do you intend to go? More the better.