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  1. Up to this thread, I have exactly the same problem 😥 Hope someone can help . My KSP 64 crashes always with a high memory usage on ubuntu. ( I also have 32 gb ram)
  2. Make a partition on your hdd, install Linux Ubuntu, and play KsP 64 bits with 150 mods and 20 Gb Ram if you want without crashs.
  3. I am downloading this mod ! It looks exciting to play with and make me think about the old Realistic Progression 'Lite' Tech Tree from MedievalNerd. I hope to see the Community Tech Tree added to your mod, but with the Near Future Technologies instead of the KSPI. NFT is already integrated in the Community Tech Tree.
  4. Hello Ackanders, I am using your tree and it is a really good one, Well done !! I still think that nodes are too much cheap ! We can earn really more science with the mods like aies and Fasa and you tree cost only a small part of the entire amount of science that we can earn. What is your new project, are you making a new tech tree ? Cheers !
  5. Hi MedievalNerd, 1. About FASA, the 3.73 is no more released, it is now only the FASA 3.86 with parts for LEM and Saturn 1B wich is released. Will you include it also in the new techtree ? 2. My other question is : Is it possible to play your mod with the RSS 10x Rescaled stock-Kerbol system by jsimmons (still using same emplacement of planets and moon as stock, but resized) without make other changes in the files ? Thank you for the job and this awesome Techtree !
  6. Oh Great that you survived of it ! Hope that everything is okay for you now. About the RPL mod : Don't forget to check the new RealChute release 1.0.1 with some differents parts than before! And will you raise the price of some nodes, considerating that AIES, FASA and some new other science parts will give a lot more science points ? Big Congrats for your RPL mod !
  7. Waiting for next Tech Tree from MedievalNerd, you can still use the Tree Editor, and move the FASA parts that you don't want in the Start Node to other Nodes, or let them in unasigned parts, then press F5 for save the tree and play your career ! TreeEdit link for download :
  8. Oh thank you for your answer ! I hope that you can still rest well now after this crazy party !
  9. Hello Medieval Nerd, Are you implementing FASA 3.73 in your next Tech Tree ? What is the Comm Dishes section ? Where will the mining and construction tree will be implemented ? After the planet exploration probes tree ? Any news that you can give us about the next Tech tree ? Thank you for everything !!
  10. I am in love with this mod ! I really hope that we can try the MS 19 soon hehe ! I will be patient
  11. I am using this mod with Realism overhaul / RSS / RPL package. I have some issues about vessel recovery and terminate missions in the Tracking Station wich is not working with MCE mod installed. Is it an known issue ?
  12. Yeah ! My KSP game is now optimized and based only on this mod, and package for it =D
  13. Thank you for that ! I am also looking for the information about the exact position of the Kerbin station for RemoteTech_setting file for RSS please, because mine is maybe not at the right position. GroundStations { STATION { Guid = ? Name = Mission Control Latitude = ? Longitude = ? Height = ? Body = 1 Antennas { ANTENNA { Omni = ? } } } }
  14. I am looking for the RemoteTech_Settings cfg file for RSS, could you tell me where I can fins it please ?? Thanks !
  15. Oh okay ! Yeah I understand that it is a big challenge to work with your plugin and MCE at the same time... So many things has been to do for that ! By the way, will the 0.24 include economy system, or just missions package and contracts to realize without earning money ?