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  1. License is now MIT Here's all my original files Thanks for picking up where I left off, I look forward to seeing what you do with it
  2. Ok, The license has now been changed to MIT which should allow anyone to do whatever they want with this mod All my original files that I can find on my computer are here if anyone wants them This should have all the blender, photoshop, unity etc. files - the folder is pretty disorganised though so sorry for that I am interested to see what people will do with this mod and will check back every now and then but just wanted to thank everyone who has used this mod and thank you for all the great comments, artwork and even donations over the years One day I may return to mod
  3. Hey guys, sorry for all the fuss I will be changing the license and making all of my original files public ASAP, hopefully today
  4. Go for it, the license is still AAR, unless given explicit permission - well here's my explicit permission
  5. Hi guys, Sorry it's been a while, I started uni in September and so I've been very busy. I don't know when I'll be able to get back to modding but I don't think an update is likely before the summer. If in the summer I decide I will not be able to continue development I will consider releasing the files without an 'all rights reserved' license so that others can continue development. Thanks for being patient
  6. I know you say you've done extensive testing but I can't see any possible way for this mod to affect other parts, no aerodynamics or anything is changed. You can check the source code here and you will see only parts with the 'ModuleKerBalloons' module have anything done to them
  7. You can just delete the whole folder, you don't need it but it's required by Squad to include it in the download
  8. Did you copy the 'Source' folder into your game directory because I forgot to remove the .dll from there which would cause it to load twice?
  9. v0.4.3 Released for KSP 1.3 Changelog -Recompiled for KSP 1.3 Thanks Not KSP related, just what I've been getting up to which has kept me from KSP modding
  10. Here's an update for you all Before July I was unable to work on my mods due to exams, they've since finished so I now have the time to work on them. I've recently been working on other stuff (this for example, if people are interested) but I'm gonna spend some time on KerBalloons next. I am going away for 2 weeks on 25th July, I will get a 1.3 patch out before then and when I get back I'll carry on with working on the new stuff (like hover mode and Jool balloons) I'll try to keep you all updated, my YouTube channel will probably have a few videos going up of the new featur
  11. Changed the license to MIT, anyone feel free to update it for the newer versions of KSP
  12. This is awesome, would you have any objection to me using it with the future release (with full credit of course)?
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates, busy time of year with exams coming up, not sure if I will be able to get the update before then but if not then I have 3 months off and the next update will be a big one. -Jool Balloons -Flight computer (with hover mode) -New science experiments -Contracts (hopefully)
  14. Just out of curiosity, any chance of getting the Large Solar Wing updated to work with the current version of KSP, considering it is the only solar wing mod for KSP?

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