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  1. ObsessedWithKSP

    The v1.2 Hype Train Thread - Prerelease is Out

    Looks good, excited to see the close approach orbit crossings in action.
  2. ObsessedWithKSP

    Bug, Fully LVL up everything.

    BowWhalley, could you confirm you're using the 32bit KSP application (not the OS)? This is a common bug in the hacked 64bit workaround (at least on Windows).
  3. I believe it's actually the CoM that's off-centre, which would be intended behaviour (to help control re-entry).
  4. ObsessedWithKSP

    Forum Migration Nov 27th!

    I'll see you on the other side, guys and gals! :D *salutes*
  5. He lives! Hooray for updates!
  6. [quote name='CatastrophicFailure']er... [I]which [/I]one?[/QUOTE] TextureReplacer.
  7. [quote name='linuxgurugamer']Just an FYI, it looks like he will be releasing a new update soon. I just looked at his Github, and the last update was 9 hours ago, the version file was updated to 1.9.0[/QUOTE] Ooh! Thanks for the heads up! 1.8.2 was available from there for ages, never officially released, fwiw. Also, so many changes! Pretty things! [IMG]https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VenVen/Stock-Revamp/123fea17db3142a4b1c6d09b04af1227023bad61/GameData/VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/IVA/Props/MFD/MFDScreenSaver_BLU.png[/IMG]
  8. ObsessedWithKSP

    Forum Migration Nov 27th!

    [quote name='Dispatcher']Somehow limiting the size of images would really be helpful for those of us with slower machines or connections.[/QUOTE] I agree with this, but not that implementation. Rather than put the limit on everyone, make it so users can set the limit - like 5thHorseman says, have an option to disable pictures if you don't want/need them. There's no sense in limiting everyone to a max image size or what-have-you. Imagine something like the AVP or KSPRC post with a max image size of 512x512 or 100kb :rolleyes: Half the point of those mods is beautification and you can't show that off in a tiny pic. Let people post big pictures, just because someone can't or doesn't want to load them doesn't mean no-one else should.
  9. [quote name='3viL_M0nk3y']WNTS... Why, because you don't want it? It's a suggestion. Take it or leave it. No reason to comment just to be snide.[/QUOTE] No, the WNTS isn't just for stuff people don't want, rather the opposite - so many people suggest it and want it that no productive discussion comes from suggesting it, just a bunch of 'yes' posts. Of course I want it. But as far as I know, Squad are already planning to add such a thing somewhen and if they aren't, they know full well the community wants them too, making this suggestion pointless, hence why I think it should be on the WNTS list.
  10. ObsessedWithKSP

    Forum Migration Nov 27th!

    [quote name='Commander Zoom']I suspect that the site creators are thinking in terms of mobile viewers, not desktop.[/QUOTE] Which raises the question "why are they catering to [s]minority[/s] less-abled, rather than the norm?"
  11. [quote name='3viL_M0nk3y']a stock dV display[/QUOTE] Honestly surprised this isn't on the WNTS list.
  12. ObsessedWithKSP

    Forum Migration Nov 27th!

    [quote name='*Aqua*']almost all maximize the foreground window. [...] Not utilizing all of the width is a common thing[/QUOTE] I'll be the first admit that it's late at night and I may be slightly slow on the uptake but I cannot see how the first equals the second. If "almost [everyone] maximizes the foreground window" then surely "utilizing all of the width" is common i.e almost everyone does it. If I maximise the window, then I am utilising all of the width. With my 1080p 27" moniter, 99% of web pages are maximised and thus utilise all the width.. Even ignoring the KSP forums, I always have my web browser maximised which leaves no gaps anywhere .i.e. utilises all my screen width..
  13. ObsessedWithKSP

    Squadcast Summary 2015/11/19 - Dr. Turkey I Presume?

    Dayum, the new Squadcast time means I definitely won't be able to catch it live... Previously, it's been on at midnight Friday night my time which could be doable except I have to get up at 7am Saturday for a 10+ hour shift so unless I was very not tired, I could watch it, but Thursdays, I don't even [U]finish[/U] work until like at 6.15pm Eastern (11.15pm GMT), add on a 30 minute commute and I'm home and at the computer just in time to watch it finish at midnight. TL;DR - with this new time, I am completely unable to watch it live. Not that it matters, HV is doing a grand job at recapping it :) Talking of which, I should check this out - first major appearance of the good Doctor. Thanks HV for the summary!
  14. ObsessedWithKSP

    MORE Kerbal Last Names!

    Is everyone forgetting that Kerman is, I believe, a title, not a name? It's like Mr. or Sir or Commander.. That's what the original astronauts were called by Harvester, with the adjective form 'Kerbal'. Same as something like 'Commander John' and 'Commander Anna' - you wouldn't ask for more first names, because it's not a first name, it's what that thing is - a Commander. Or rather, a Kerman.
  15. [quote name='sarbian']Both should work (unless I am missing something obvious). The log should tell you why it is not processed.[/QUOTE] Would spelling mistakes have an effect? Both 'description' and 'resourceName' are spelled incorrectly.