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  1. I have this strange bug, that I cant place external stowage rack on literally anything. And if I launch some thing with that rack installed in editor - it will break off if ship gets some considerable acceleration, EVEN if it is shielded from air streams and strutted like dangerous crazy person
  2. How about backwards compatibility? Like, if I have some stuff from older mod version flying up there, will it be ok, or upgrading will cripple my crafts?
  3. Well fry my crabs and call me Maximus, that is an awesome NEWS!!! First you make glorious Pathfinder, and now you take over this mod! Wooo!!!
  4. So red symbols under OP title state, that career mode works. That is actually great! But there is KSP 1.1 coming, with Unity5, and stuff. My question is how long approximately will it take you to make this awesome mod work with new version?
  5. That cabin looks great! I wonder if you are making crew module, for two guys to eat/sleep?
  6. Dude, you're getting better and better! Keep it up this way
  7. whoa, this is good! At last somebody implemented this feature! But I have to ask questions. IRL there are different possibilities to get irradiated in space. Radiation spheres around the planets with magnespheres and solar wind, especially solar wind in interplanetary space. Especially during solar flares! How do you simulate theese, or WILL you simulate theese in future updates?
  8. Those cameras on top.. Can you tell me which mod adds those? Both curiosity-like and apollo-like
  9. So just few days ago I saw OSE mod. It is good, and I thought it'll be a nice addition to my future Pathfinder missions And now I'm like - holy Terra on burning rollerskates, this is sooo cool!
  10. Whoa, I will download this mod SO MUCH... Great idea, great implementation!
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