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  1. Yeah I'm using life support, thats why i've got habitation. I'm also in career, so building to suit the mission, funds aren't exactly an issue but they are a constant overhang. The lander is the most complex thing i've ever designed in career, and i'm genuinly proud of what i've managed to build. Is it more efficient to use a "mothership" style launch?
  2. Hi there, so, having just begun embarking on my second manned interplanetary mission (to Duna) after my first one hit Ike (I know, i dont know how i managed it, it was both a miracle and a tragedy), and it just made me wonder, how do you guys complete your missions? My craft is built in 3 modules, habitation, lander and engines, and its all assembled in orbit. How many of you assemble them in orbit like me, and how many of you just launch in one big rocket? And are there any other methods for launch you guys use?
  3. I got to the Mun last night to rescue Fervin Kerman in a supposedly unnmanned capsule, then looked over and realized BILL had sneaked in! I was shocked he would pull such a stunt!! My Jeb is in command of my Kerbin Science Station, waiting on a engineer to replace him to keep the station running, just haven't worked out which poor guy to send to orbit for 10 months...
  4. Totes done this too, took me a good half an hour and numerous re-boarding of the capsule to refuel the EVA tanks! My proudest moment was the first time i recovered a stranded craft from high orbit over Kerbin, with two crew on board. i had to nudge it with another shuttle until its Pe fell below 70'00, and all 3 of the crew from both shuttles returned safely.
  5. I had reverts turned off otherwise i would have too! The science can always be recollected until you actually recover a vessel containing it
  6. I myself had a massive scare with Jeb during two of my space flights. On the first, i thought i'd be clever and get an EVA report at 7'000M, and of course, Jeb got sucked off the ladder and into the air. As he plummeted towards the ground (grinning all the way) i desperately tried to find a way to keep him alive. I came to the decision that all i could do was slow his descent with his rcs to make his impact lighter so be able to recover more of him. Amazingly, when he impacted with the water he sank 10 meters, but didn't explode, and was recoverable! The second time, i opened the parachute too early in the descent and it was torn off by the G forces, leaving the craft wildly tumbling towards the sea. I remembered what happened last time, and tried the same thing, climbing Jeb out at a safer 3'000M and using his pack, manage to slow him down enough to repeat the first incident. Of course, both times the shuttle (and science gatherings) were destroyed, but Jeb is far more important, right? Right???
  7. I agree more planets should be added, but that they should be different too the other planets we've already seen, not just adding planets for the sake of planets.
  8. Ahhhh, i dont use quicksaves :3 At least 1/3 of all flight time ive gained has been reverted
  9. Your resume game menu must be crazy full!
  10. I always build an escape system into manned craft (in my career game anyway) which usually involve decoupling the command module and rolling it one way with sepratrons while the rocket is directed in the opposite direction by more sepratrons. This works 90% of the time, but there's always the odd time when a radial stack gets in the way and atomizes the command module. Despite this, i rate my chances of getting into space alive high enough to put myself in the cockpit.
  11. Finally visit every single planet in the system!
  12. Well, one things for sure, you guys are all waaaaaay more organised than me! It really annoys me when i remember the launcher that would have been perfect for the mission im setting up is on another save does anyone else find this?
  13. On my PC, i have like 10 different saves, all with interesting missions going on, but because i use lots of mods and keep installing new ones, meaning new saves. Although I'm now trying to standardize my mods, when i read a lot of posts on here people talk about their one save. It made me think, how many people have more than one save? And if you have more than 1, what is the reason behind it?
  14. Well, he was at the KSC since his Mun Missions have been completed and most of my current missions focus on space planes instead, for which i have a different pilot, as they are very prone to crashing. However, seeing as he was REPEATEDLY sneaking into the cockpit of every single craft, i actually launched a space station core section with him stuffed inside to keep him out of the way! He's now floating at a 200'000 LKO.
  15. When you finally get into duna's sphere of influence (albeit in a polar orbit) with Jeb, Bob and Bill on a craft that took you 3 hours to build in orbit, and you realise your on a direct collission course with Ike. I Rage quit for the first time in my life.
  16. We interrupt our standard broadcast to bring you this news special, straight from the KSC! So the series is just getting under way, with KISA having 7 launches under their belt, just celebrating the launching of 2 new X-2 Communications satellites. I've had some pretty good feedback, and I wanted to share it with more people, hoping they will enjoy it as much as I did making it! The style of the video is a news report on the latest launch, using footage transmitted or recovered from probes and rockets that have been launched. I also chose a sandbox game so I can advance technology at my own pace and not be restricted on craft, in order to bring the best viewer experience! I also used a number of mods: KW Rocketry (I love the new engines and fairings) B9 (Not currently covered but very useful for later craft) Hull Camera VDS (For the rocket imaging) Infernal Robotics Kerbal Vessel Viewer Kerbal Alarm Clock Environmental Visual Enhancements (Only actually active in the X-2 Video) Remote Tech (For realism in long distance missions) TAC Life Support (More Realism) I would greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad, as everything helps me get better and make it better for you guys! Here's a link to the R-1 to get you started! Keep on Kerbaling!
  17. I flew my first cargo space plane into orbit. It's a crew shuttle basically, i reached my station in orbit and transferred the crew, then turned it around and came back! was so happy, until i overshot KSC at 10'000 metres, and when i tried to come around again i stalled, and just fell out of the sky, killing both Jeb and Bill. I had actually swapped Jeb out of the station for a "lesser" Kerbal, hoping to keep Jeb for future mission... Obviously that wasn't meant to be
  18. I started my new career, with the only "easy" feature being reverting flights, because i'm not THAT good at planning ahead
  19. I just finished my second SSTO (My first SSTO got lost on a save film I must have deleted, so the "tech" I used to make it was lost (Much like the Priests of the Machine God in 40k, don't know how to replicate stuff, so just try to keep them running xD) So this was pretty much my first again, because I had to relearn how to do it all. I give you the Result - the Justicar SSTO. I flew her with Life Support on, so the electricity ran out and I was forced to make a quick re-entry, so I didn't get to give her a full orbit for her maiden flight. I also wasn't expecting her to fly all the way to orbit, so I didn't take any images on the airstrip However, she handles beautifully in the atmosphere, able to lift to almost straight vertical if you push her hard enough, and has enough fuel to leave a third of the jet fuel and half of her rocket fuel in the tanks whilst achieving LKO. She also lands like a lady, her rear wheels hit first and lightly bring her nose down with breaks on, I landed in the desert as you can see and it was far from flat, I would have flown over if I wasn't so nearly out of fuel after needing to recharge the batteries The only problem I encountered was that after all wheels were on the ground, she veered very slightly to the right, but wasn't going fast enough to topple over All in all, a great nights work! Full steam ahead towards our Satellite deployment SSTO!
  20. I remember the first time I ever tried to dock, I literally sat in the living room for 2 hours concentrating. By the end I was dripping with sweat and it was 2:30 in the morning. But I was so happy! Now it just takes me 5 mins to rendezvous and 10 mins or so to complete the docking and transfer of supplies ext. So yes, its very difficult, but once you know what your doing, its a walk in the park!
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