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  1. The absolute mode enables you to make something face straight forward or up while still doing it manually (with the help of angle snap). With this mod you can exactly align everything, e.g. control surfaces to angled wings by just pressing the key. Watch the video linked at OP.
  2. In this post the config with Dessert runway has been suggested:
  3. My god, so much time passed since the last post in this thread. Just want to inform everyone who still haven't forgotten the mod that I am trying to make it slightly better time to time. The trouble with redouts on high timewarp lies deep in maths used mixed with KSP on-rail physics, so I have to change them properly. Also I remember the requests made by the community. As I've said, I try to get to it time to time, between real life activities and the evil lord Dart Employer trying to drain all my force away.
  4. Currently you can match them only manually. What do you mean by "the same place" for lines? Do you need to restrict a part's movement to a certain axis?
  5. Officially verified KSP 1.4.x compatibility
  6. But it still works, doesn't it? Though metadata isn't updated.
  7. Ser

    Strange FPS Drops

    I have drops like that too, both on clean or lightly modded KSP. Except I often get FPS halved to 20-25 at the Flight scene start. Then Alt-TABbing, going to space, revert to launch or whatever happens that I don't know exactly, FPS returns to normal 60. Sometimes the game starts with normal FPS but often it doesn't. And in my case it is caused by GPU load: GPU-Z shows 100% GPU load, with video memory and engine load far from max. CPU is also far from being overloaded at that time too. I have fresh video drivers and nothing graphics-heavy is running in the background.
  8. It is suspicious that the AnalogHSI prop is shown on your screenshots. Certainly some mod adds it to the MK1 cockpit. I haven't tested that prop so it can probably cause troubles. So if I knew that mod I could check that myself and fix.
  9. It just can't be so. Analog Control doesn't add AnalogHSI or interact in any other way with NavUtilities. Are you really sure?
  10. Please post your save when this happens and the mods used.
  11. Sorry, I was on vacation and couldn't respond. Seems like you use some mod that adds AnalogHSI prop to the Mk1 pod and it breaks everything. Could you identify that mod? It should contain a cfg file with "analogHSI" word in it.
  12. You see, I don't play RSS or RO and it's a bit of a headache to maintain something you don't actually use. So, why don't you want to be that hero? The mod has a tool for that, all you need is just use it and may be edit some names in the resulting config then. If you run into any troubles, feel free to ask.
  13. Version 2.6.1 quickfix Download here Someone post a vessel file on which you experienced previous log spam, please (preferrably stock).
  14. I've got it. I'll release a fix once I get on it.
  15. By the way, the Audio Muffler doesn't eat it anymore. But your mod has an issue: you bind AudioSources to the vessel's GameObject on Start(). That leads to all sounds just vanish forever after switching to another vessel. The simplest way to fix that is to create a new GameObject not bound anywhere and use it to create AudioSources instead. Thus all the sounds will stay inside the observer's head wherever you switch. You may lose sound "wobbling" together with the vessel with that approach but otherwise you'll have to implement some more logic to track all those vessel and part switches.