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  1. @ImGr8M8, @MiffedStarfish, guys, you rock
  2. 1. Right click the flamed out engine. Sometimes the flameout reason is written in that window. 1. Don't you forget the air intakes? 2. What mods do you use?
  3. Couldn't reproduce that. I've created a custom runway, moved it into a separate .cfg file and removed custom = True line and it still appears everywhere it should. So I need exact steps to reproduce your issue. Another bug I've found is if you have a removed runway by an MM patch and create a new custom one, it gets saved to customRunways.cfg without the removed one so that runway just gets deleted permanently. Well, the runway save system still isn't perfect.
  4. There's no such an option currently as I never had any troubles to return the view manually to its initial position. I think that shouldn't be hard to implement, besides it needs to mess with KSP cameras again, so I've got your request.
  5. I thought about that. Yes, it would be awesome and not only for NavUtilities. But it may be tricky to implement. If we recognize a row of similar parallel objects as a runway then there's a lot of such things around KSC including taxiways/roads. How to distinguish runways from roads? And not all the runway tiles are similar, e.g. I suspect that runway sides and ends are different types of objects. Fortunately, stock runway tiles have the word "Runway" in their names but I doubt that it is common for mods. So this remains an interesting algorythmic problem. As a compromise, the mod has a tool to mark custom runways in semi-manual mode, it's explained here:
  6. Do you mean the new runway selection window or the list in runway editor window?
  7. If you keep your runway configs as a separate .cfg, I'd recommend to remove those custom = True lines. In current implementation they make your runways editable with custom runways editor and saved to customRunways.cfg file whenever Create runway button is pressed.
  8. In IRL those speeds are provided in the landing chart like here: (see the page 4-2, 4-3, lower right corner). Actually it's not that hard to keep on the glideslope even not knowing what your vertical speed should be. Here are some hints: It's hard to control both ground and vertical speeds at the same time, that's why you want the reading that would show you the VS whatever your ground speed is. The trick is to "fix" the ground speed. Keep it just above the speed you start stalling, when your aircraft is still controllable. Try to keep the +/- exact value all the time. "Inverse" your habits from high speed flying: use throttle to increase/decrease vertical speed and pitch to control your ground speed. It is more difficult with stock engines because the time the thrust reacts on throttle but it's easier with AJE with more realistic engine responses. When you need to adjust VS, the throttle should go first, then make fine corrections to the ground speed with pitch. Then a little bit throttle again, then a little bit pitch. Approach at the proper altitude: see the landing chart 4-3 on the above link: you should be on 600 m altitude when passing DME 10 km. And already be close to your landing speed. You may start your descent a little bit earlier to keep up with moving GS indicator. Increase your vertical speed gradually until the GS indicator stops moving. Look at the current VS value and remember it. Then increase your VS a little bit more - the GS indicator will move up to the "center". Once it gets close, set the VS you've remembered. If you go below the GS, don't chase the VS needle by going up. Just set a minimal (or zero) vertical speed and you'll intercept the slope sooner or later. Then repeat 4. The closer you get, the more sensitive the indication gets, so after the middle marker you don't have to keep it exactly centered. Once you cross the end of the runway (the inner marker sound helps you to hear it) forget the GS and look only at vertical speed to have a safe value on touchdown (assuming you've followed the GS properly). Of couse, it would be much easier to follow flight director by just keeping your nose in the FD cross but that's not for the evil hardcore pilots (Doesn't ASET HUD have this?)
  9. I have HOTAS and pedals, but in KSP I prefer to use Analog Control and I feel it's enough for this game. It doesn't require set up, trimming, dead zones, no FaceTrack problems. But yes, it will never be a joystick + pedals + TrackIR because it is only a single mouse.
  10. You're right, in IVA this is a little messed up because of stock way the mouse look works there. Once you release the RMB, mouse is fixed in the center of the screen thus centering the control point. So I've just got used to use it that way: first RMB press and hold activates stock lookaround and fixes controls. After I've done looking around I return the view to the present position, release the RMB and click it once again. That releases the stock mouse view mode. But more often I just press the [O] key to freeze the control point, look around and after that press it once again. It works well unless you're dogfighting and need to control your plane and view simultaneously.
  11. You can just hold the right mouse button, the marker point will become red indicating that the controls are paused at the present position, and look around absolutely for free while still holding RMB. This is shown in the OP video when looking around while inverted and when turning to final approach.
  12. I didn't touch it, so it is still included in the mod but there's a probability that some refactoring could make it malfunction.So if you find any bugs with it please report them. I don't know the way KerbinSide stores its runway data. Looks like @Beetlecat is doing just that. As for some custom runways that haven't any data at all, there is a Settings window opened with [Alt]-click on the Toolbar button. From there you can go to the custom runway editor. Place a vessel on the runway's end, match its heading with the runway, check all the "Auto" boxes, press "create" and the runway will be created and saved in the Runways/customRunways.cfg. Then you can copy and paste all of your runways from there into another .cfg file, placed anywhere in the gamedata. So they will be automatically loaded everytime KSP starts. I guess you don't even need Module Manager for that. Module Manager is needed if you alter some runway. For example, I don't like to be guided to the Abandoned KSC so I've created a patch: !NavUtilRunway[*]:HAS[#shortID[KSC2]] { }
  13. Version 0.7.1 is out Changelog: * Added a runway selection window accessible by [Alt]-click on the "RUNWAY" word on standalone HSI or via settings window. It is useful if you have lots of runways which are hard to select by forward/backward clicking. * Fixed customRunways file overwritten when adding a new runway Download from Spacedock