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  1. Several people report that here too. I've tried everything to isolate and fix that with no luck. "Stock game is not really demanding" - I've tried the mod on the PC where KSP barely runs with all the settings nerfed to the bottom, and AMR still had no effect on performance. One of possibilities is that some mod(s) is interfering so you could help if you tried to figure that out: first, move the mods that are unlikely to create audio sources or parts away from your GameData. If FPS drops persist, move half of the remaining mods and so on. 113 mods should take at most just 7 steps to find the one causing issues.
  2. Verified to work with KSP 1.5.1
  3. Thanks, I know about them. I've just had a stupid issue with Fraps: it has a default hotkey to start recording a video bound to F9 - the same key KSP's quickload is bound to. So every time I had Fraps running and pressed F9 it started recording and certainly caused "strange" FPS drops. I found that accidentally while inspecting my HDD and looking into Fraps folder that contained over 16Gb of randomly recorded 30 second videos.
  4. Tested with 1.4.5 and everything seems to be fine. And it was compiled last time against 1.4.3, so it should work in 1.4.4. What king of troubles do you have with the mod? Your trouble is most likely caused by some mod incompatibility. I'd recommend you to try running KSP with only this mod installed and see if you still have FPS drops. It's not hard, you only have to move all other mods to a different folder out of GameData and that takes a fraction of second if you move to the same drive. Otherwise you'll have to find the interfering mod. Only then there will be something to look at. By the way, what do you use to measure FPS? Isn't it Fraps?
  5. I'll check that, thanks for reporting.
  6. The glide indicator center is at your B mark. I agree with you, it would be better to have it matched with the center of the gauge as it is in the most real life HSI's. The HSI wasn't designed by me, not even the original creator of the mod @kujuman as I understand, so I can only guess why they did it so. Perhaps, the reason was the free window space as its parts are crowded with indicators those aren't there IRL. I'll look what I can do with that, perhaps.
  7. The absolute mode enables you to make something face straight forward or up while still doing it manually (with the help of angle snap). With this mod you can exactly align everything, e.g. control surfaces to angled wings by just pressing the key. Watch the video linked at OP.
  8. In this post the config with Dessert runway has been suggested:
  9. My god, so much time passed since the last post in this thread. Just want to inform everyone who still haven't forgotten the mod that I am trying to make it slightly better time to time. The trouble with redouts on high timewarp lies deep in maths used mixed with KSP on-rail physics, so I have to change them properly. Also I remember the requests made by the community. As I've said, I try to get to it time to time, between real life activities and the evil lord Dart Employer trying to drain all my force away.
  10. Currently you can match them only manually. What do you mean by "the same place" for lines? Do you need to restrict a part's movement to a certain axis?
  11. Officially verified KSP 1.4.x compatibility