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  1. Thanks for the hint, I'll probably look in the way of Realplume. What other mods have you lags with?
  2. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    As for youtube video, the vast majority of games are distributed under similar terms but I've never heard of any troubles streamers had. May be someday they will, the world is crazy, but what can you do about it? EDIT: I recall, a War Thunder streamer once had some troubles having his channel closed but the person who initiated it has been immediately fired with apologies to the community.
  3. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    At least in the way not violating the discussed terms as long as it is done in the way provided by the game, using documented functions and public methods. In contrary with .exe or direct memory alteration and so on.
  4. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    No We call it a "mod" but actually it is just a slang word. "Plugin" would be a more precise term. And noone would charge you just on word basis. Like if you call it a pistol, you won't be accused in illegal weapon possesion.
  5. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    I really don't understand what all the worries are about. Don't you have a feeling that the Take Two's EULA is just a standard text not specifically adapted for KSP (online transactions, game money etc.)? And do you still worry while playing other games too? "Making copies": this item was always there. Now you have finally read that line, congrats. And I was a little confused every time people admitted or advised to make copies of the game on the forums. But noone ever was warned or pursued, because IMHO noone needs to do that as it does no damage as long as you don't distribute the software. "Modifying the software": this means you cannot reverse engineer, change and then reassemble it as a solid product. Making mods by the means that the software provides itself doesn't count as modification of software. Intellectual property on anything created with the use of the game: as for mods, I don't worry at all. I would just be happy if the developers integrated some of my ideas into the game and took responsibility of maintaining it. I'd saved my time and got the game with the features I want. The only thing I'm a little worried about is if someone could take my hard work and say that he did it, thus getting all the girls' love that I should have So mod licenses remain for that purpose. Data collection: well... use firewall. "The software may not function properly in that case" - we'll see. And you can't be sure that the ones who does not state it won't do it, right? So having a firewall up is always a good idea. And if you still don't then you may think of your data as they are already compromised.
  6. Thanks! How did it happen that I'm unaware of 1.4 is out...
  7. I'll definitely need some help in that because it's very hard to fix anything that I can't reproduce. So, have you tried absolutely clean KSP without any other mods and still have FPS drops?
  8. Thanks for the info. And we see it again: no hyperthreading - no lags. I guess hyperthreading may be involved in Unity 5.0 audio group system or in audio filters used by Audio Muffler. But without them the mod would work just like the old version where everything was muffled altogether.
  9. Would be nice if someone tried turning hyperthreading off to be sure if it's the cause or not.
  10. Just tried your craft file with no effect on FPS again. Tried full stock, Chatterer, Audio Muffler in all combinations with the same FPS every time. Are you sure the FPS drops are caused by Audio Muffler? I.e do your FPS restore when you remove it and get halved everytime when you add it back? That's very strange result, because I have a weaker hardware than yours: i5 4690 (CPU has the same specs as yours besides cache and hyperthreading), GPU GTX550Ti 1Gb VRAM, 8Gb RAM, no SSD. I have some permanent FPS drops because of 80-100% GPU load but that isn't caused by Audio Muffler and I have stable 60 FPS with it when looking at clear skies or down at the runway. Have you tried to backup all your mods and run KSP with Audio Muffler only? EDIT: some googling made my suspicions stronger: seems like Unity had lags with hyperthreading long time ago, may be some of that still reproduces in the 5.0 version. That could explain why everyone who reports lags has i7 and I don't have them with i5 CPU. What I suggest is to try to disable hyperthreading in BIOS. Just to check.
  11. I don't think it's Chatterer. I've solved most of the issues with it in the first versions of the mod so it shouldn't cause any troubles. ASET cockpits are much more likely. By the way, what CPU do you have?
  12. This may be caused by some parts or mods having too much meshes or audio sources. So I need the .craft file for your 25 part plane (and list of mods used), to determine what's going on.
  13. Thanks for the report. Yes, there are some troubles with warp that need to be investigated.
  14. Sorry, I've confused it with another mod. You can open the settings window by holding Alt and clicking Nav Utilities toolbar button. Or just go to the NavUtilities continued/PluginData/NavUtilLib/settings.cfg and change settings manually in the file (you may have to restart KSP for the changes to take effect).
  15. Why do you think MAF is out of date? I see tetryds telling that he uploaded KSP 1.3.1 - compatible version to Curse. As for pros and cons compared to MAF, I can't tell for sure, I don't use it myself because I've started to use Analog Control long before MAF was created and stay with it. Although, at the time when I checked MAF out, it was intended to War Thunder - like flight: you move the mouse pointing where to go and your plane flies there by itself. Despite some interesting programming logic behind that, I hate this way of control personally, as far as I know, none of the modern aircraft is controlled that way, even Airbuses with their advanced Flight Augmentation Computer. I prefer the feel of actually holding the stick when aircraft responds to my actions directly, not playing Mario in the sky. So, among pros of Analog Control are: direct control, ability to pause controls at any state and look around/use menus etc, ability to have precise control over G load, mouse wheel as throttle. Don't know, maybe MAF has those features already implemented. I don't follow it. Cons... To fly straight with MAF, I guess, you just place your mouse at any point in the sky and it flies there forever. With Analog Control you still have to make small corrections, because it doesn't fly a plane for you.