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  1. I know that the console version had nothing interesting in a year, but, is there really that much people playing it ? I always thought it was a waste of time since 2015 And for the PC I know there is Extraplanetary Launchpad but it's nowhere near the Vanilla game feel, I never really liked that mod (sry skykooler and taniwha) due to the fact you have to place a size-restricted launchpad somewhere and feed him with parts and stuff... That's why I thought it would have been great to have that vanilla launchpad elsewhere than the two or three launchpads Kerbin have
  2. I saw the news on Steam and quickly read the post Saw the Münar launchpad, I was sooo happy, flailing my arms everywhere and doing dozen of happiness noises Then I read it wasen't for PC and I'm now absolutely sad, unhyped and disappointed that I couldn't do that in the vanilla game and use a wonky mod that will not quite do the job
  3. Before : 61 Secs After : 43 Secs I'm running KSP on a games dedicated 2To SSHD (16Go RAM, i5-7600k @ 4Ghz and a 1070 8Go VRAM) It's a nice improvement to me ! ^^
  4. When I'm on a Single Player game, when I'm bored and when i do know the game in every details, I do usually cheat a bit ! Just to see how bad I can break a game ^^
  5. I'm actually tired of the "Is this done yet ?" peoples so to the impatient people here : ferram4 looks like to be busy elsewhere ! Actually he is on Kerbal joint reinforcement If you want to see FAR progression, You can see the commit activity on FAR's Github
  6. Banned for not having a profile pic
  7. I'd love to have some Customisable Cockpits in the "CLB - Cockpit Layout Building" Just sayin' ...
  8. @tetryds Are your finals are finished well ? Because here in France it's holidays since one month ! And ... At this point it's a little bit frustrating ^^ I mean, I want to know if I have a (very) little chance to beat ferram !
  9. I can not believe that the Upper Prop arrived at this stage of the competition !
  10. OMG... OMG... OMG... Dat last round... OMG... It was soooo close... I can't beleve it ! This is one of the most epic and close round in the BAD-T !
  11. @Pds314 Something like a I-153 Chaika with a ramjet engine mounted under each wing ? ^^
  12. Oh ... I loved the look of the Warspite F 20 ... My earliest prototype was looking like this ! That was a nice match btw, I loved the first round when the Warspite took down my plane all the way to the ground like "YOU KILLED MY FRIEND, DIIIIIIIIIIE !!!!"
  13. In fact i've wanted a twin 20mm guns and a 23mm, the engine was the most powerful in my remaning points range I have not paid attention to my total weight
  14. If you want you can rename my plane for "Chocolatine Mk.III" if you want to avoid mistakes