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  1. I know that the console version had nothing interesting in a year, but, is there really that much people playing it ? I always thought it was a waste of time since 2015 And for the PC I know there is Extraplanetary Launchpad but it's nowhere near the Vanilla game feel, I never really liked that mod (sry skykooler and taniwha) due to the fact you have to place a size-restricted launchpad somewhere and feed him with parts and stuff... That's why I thought it would have been great to have that vanilla launchpad elsewhere than the two or three launchpads Kerbin have
  2. I saw the news on Steam and quickly read the post Saw the Münar launchpad, I was sooo happy, flailing my arms everywhere and doing dozen of happiness noises Then I read it wasen't for PC and I'm now absolutely sad, unhyped and disappointed that I couldn't do that in the vanilla game and use a wonky mod that will not quite do the job
  3. Before : 61 Secs After : 43 Secs I'm running KSP on a games dedicated 2To SSHD (16Go RAM, i5-7600k @ 4Ghz and a 1070 8Go VRAM) It's a nice improvement to me ! ^^
  4. When I'm on a Single Player game, when I'm bored and when i do know the game in every details, I do usually cheat a bit ! Just to see how bad I can break a game ^^
  5. I'm actually tired of the "Is this done yet ?" peoples so to the impatient people here : ferram4 looks like to be busy elsewhere ! Actually he is on Kerbal joint reinforcement If you want to see FAR progression, You can see the commit activity on FAR's Github
  6. Banned for not having a profile pic
  7. I'd love to have some Customisable Cockpits in the "CLB - Cockpit Layout Building" Just sayin' ...
  8. @tetryds Are your finals are finished well ? Because here in France it's holidays since one month ! And ... At this point it's a little bit frustrating ^^ I mean, I want to know if I have a (very) little chance to beat ferram !
  9. I can not believe that the Upper Prop arrived at this stage of the competition !
  10. OMG... OMG... OMG... Dat last round... OMG... It was soooo close... I can't beleve it ! This is one of the most epic and close round in the BAD-T !
  11. @Pds314 Something like a I-153 Chaika with a ramjet engine mounted under each wing ? ^^
  12. Oh ... I loved the look of the Warspite F 20 ... My earliest prototype was looking like this ! That was a nice match btw, I loved the first round when the Warspite took down my plane all the way to the ground like "YOU KILLED MY FRIEND, DIIIIIIIIIIE !!!!"
  13. In fact i've wanted a twin 20mm guns and a 23mm, the engine was the most powerful in my remaning points range I have not paid attention to my total weight
  14. If you want you can rename my plane for "Chocolatine Mk.III" if you want to avoid mistakes
  15. For me THIS update is the 1.0 ! The previous one was the "0.95"
  16. One half-hour combat !!! The next combat will be : "the first to be out of fuel will loose" ! My huge fear is to be out of ammo ! that's why I have 2100 20mm rounds and 600 23mm rounds ! (And only 40 Units of Fuel ...)
  17. @luftein J'en connais un qui va passer un sale quart d'heure Lundi ! The major flaw in the luftein's design is the nosecone, at 2:30 my plane managed to rip the nosecone off, witch is the only fuel tank Otherwise it's a very good plane ! I love the Air brakes and the wing design
  18. Yes, we can't change anything for the moment ! Otherwise, I will be with a slightly different plane ^^
  19. In fact, even the Devnote Tuesday Hype me ! Just to see how far we are from the Hype Terminus !
  20. I agree, my teachers used to put Comic Sans Ms in their lessons ...
  21. Mmmh, Why have I not thought about it, something about THAT Clever ? ^^
  22. I didn't use the non-inline cockpit because it's heavier ! and you can't look behind you Maybe for the WWII BAD-T III there is going to have customs cockpits @tetryds If you want one other original prototype, You can take my old flying wing design !