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  1. Heh. That works. I did figure in-game that I could create a transfer direct to the mun, get a periapse approach, and then offset to an appropriate number of degrees by eyeballing. Not perfect, but then real side-L points would be a bit outside the body's path at 60 degrees (I think it's 60 degrees for a two body L4/L5 right?).
  2. I'd like to place some relay satellites in-line with points L4* and L5* in front of and behind the Mun. Assuming the usual 60 degree difference, how should I calculate the angle required from my parking orbit around Kerbin (usually 150km) to burn for an apoapse and reach either point at the correct angle? Thanks! *Emulated. Yes, I know; don't remind me. Single body physics.
  3. Is there a way for a couch gamer to scale the UI size? I tried editing the guidisplaysize.xml file to no avail. May I request it as a feature if it doesn't work? I am having the devil of a time reading the numbers from 8 feet back.
  4. Oh, btw. The reason I couldn't access the debug menu was because I had the new GeForce Experience installed and "share" was active. Alt+x controls are default key bindings and override the KSP controls. Disable share and its fine.
  5. I am such an idiot. It took a third trip and a closer glance at the screenshot I took. I was still in time acceleration. I'll go hide now. Still can't get debug to show up though.
  6. Ok, I replicated it, but I need clarification on whether this is a bug or an expected feature. *Should* a spacecraft still be controllable when out of CommNet range when there is a live Kerbal or Kerbal pilot controlling it? If not, then nevermind. It's working as expected (even though I didn't expect it). If so, then I have launched both Jeb and Valentina to Munar distance with degraded comm operation and was unable to control their spacecraft. I *was* able to create maneuver nodes, but I could not control attitude of the spacecraft or throttle engines up. SAS is ghosted as happens with
  7. NK? Sorry. Jargon and all that. If it may be a bug, I'll have to reproduce it myself again in case it's simply a transient. I'll see if the editor can do it. Also, for clarity, what is supposed to be the behavior? Edit: er, Alt+F12 should work for debug, right? It's not popping up for me.
  8. Build 1532. Rudimentary Mun rocket, no external antenna, Valentina piloting. When Kerbin goes below the Mun's horizon, the spacecraft becomes unresponsive. I was under the impression that kerbal pilots should be able to fly the spacecraft independently of a communications link to KSP. Is this correct?
  9. Last night I flew Valentina behind the Mun and lost attitude control of my spacecraft. I thought kerbal pilots were supposed to always be able to fly the ship.
  10. It looks like the Steam Controller does not correctly change modes. By testing, the controller remains in menu mode when inside the VAB and airplane hangar. Haven't yet tested whether flight mode engages at launch.
  11. Gotcha. Just to clarify my strategy was sort of like the Cirrus SR-22. Parachute down to an EVA site, pack the parachutes, take off like a normal airplane. Pre 1.1 that was a good way of not having to worry about difficult landings in tight spots.
  12. Those are some good ideas. I have trouble with the "settling" part though. Planes in Kerbal are difficult to corral already and I do have trouble slowing the rotation rate of the nose to a point that it doesn't "Pinto" (80s ref!) on touchdown, space-shuttle style.* KSP just doesn't seem to have that level of precision. *I got to meet the guy who created the descent control laws for the shuttle. He said controlling nose pitch on rollout was the hardest of the control schemes. Wild, huh?
  13. Slashy, do you have a recommended tweak to dial back some of the nose-gear's resiliancy? I think it would probably work ok at a higher weight, but letting the gear fall on rollout after landing causes it to go into an uncontained bounce till it explodes. It's very amusing and it's only one part, but maaaybe I should split the difference? Edit: and cheat the gear to indestructibility. Gah. I just discovered that my old strategy of doing Kerbin EVAs by ballistic parachute recovery won't work anymore. The gear need, probably, <5 m/s fall rate and I can only provide about 7 with five chute
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