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  1. Absolutely love this mod. Been waiting for something like this to use as a mass crew transport that looks brilliant. Looking forward to the IVA which just top it off. Keep up the good work. Also think the presentation tops anything I have seen.
  2. More inspiration to get this running again. If it is on the net I have seen most of it to do with the Lynx. Just love the concept.
  3. Ahhhh. Koala. Very clever and I like it. Now I have all dives raided with ongoing backups to an external raid NAS. I had so many projects on the go. Stupid thing was data was raided but one raid drive failed and was due to replace but neglected the urgency due to work and studies. Not long after we are.
  4. Found only one issue in the output log: "Cannot find InternalProp 'RasterPropMonitorExampleHUD'" (This is not on clean iinstall)
  5. Hi, I have the same issue. All other craft seem to be fine and RPM is functional. Will test with a vanilla KSP + just this mod and let you know. Will get log files if is still an issue.
  6. Hi All. For those who have privately contacted me the mod is in re-development but due to work commitments and also a fatal PC crash it has been delayed. I have had to start from scratch and when it is back to its previous level I will re-launch. Previously it was only due for texturing and the IVA and at present I am just finalizing the models. (Second time around I seem to be more critical on the results)
  7. I have noticed the same issue in 64bit. Can modify but not create. Testing Vanilla and all options that may be the cause. Oddly it has been working fin up till 24.2
  8. Hi Devo. What I was referring to was ability to see the the Kerbals inside similar to what SFR and Bobcat had done with out having to use a command seat. Absolutely love this mod and have loved testing it out. Just would be great to see the Kerbals inside the cockpit from externally since it is a glass cockpit. Keep up th great work.
  9. I have been using in X64 with no issues ins sandbox, legacy career and contract career and so far no issues as yet. Still testing though.
  10. Would love to see a pod using JSI. Tested this and with the right throttle controls even worked in FAR as SSTO. =)
  11. Geez DennyTX, do you ever stop. Just smashing these excellent mods out there
  12. What part of the landing gear do you need help with. Modelling or other?
  13. Control surfaces all imported into KSP and tested. **Huge thanks to Tiberion for his knowledge on this. ** Attach nodes completed and now working on the IVA.
  14. Update: Worked out the control surfaces for the wings with the combined flaps. Pivot point now works as does correct direction pivot. Just need to now import all control surfaces into KSP and test So close now for a testing release. Now final hurdle will be: 1) Texturing all parts (Will need stock textures possibly, default textures, custom textures - e.g. Carbon look) 2) IVA Looking for any assistance as I am not really that good at texturing.