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  1. A voltmeter. You'd only zap yourself badly if you're sticking it in mains socket or the current is like 200A, and you have wet hands, and the cables are bare, and your voltmeter is actually a step up transformer for a power station.
  2. You mean KSPTV streamers yes? Just go in KSPTV chat and type !mods and Nightbot will give you the link.
  3. They haven't made it thinner, just the atmosphere isn't made from soup anymore. Pre 1.0 all parts had massive amounts of drag applied to them via the drag calculation, but now that has changed so it works a lot better and smarter.
  4. It's because the LV-909 = Master Race. Nothing can beat it. NOTHING!
  5. Biased poll is biased! That's like asking someone: do they want chicken with chips or do they not want chicken without chips. Plus we all know the every poll needs a Banana option...
  6. A dead Krackin? Never even heard of one of those, let alone that there was one in KSP. The only dead thing in KSP that I know of is the dead Kraken on [REDACTED].
  7. I say carry Ore; the main reason is because you can make the fuel you need on demand; as you may need LF, LFO or MP you either need a ship that carries all 3 (which has tank weight waste) or 3 separate ships (which means extra parts and extra piloting) that can go into orbit if you convert on the surface. Carrying Ore to convert in orbit. means you need 1 vessel that carries just Ore (plus its fuel, but that's seperate). Also, you could say it's easier to land a miner without a converter as it will be 4.2t lighter. Plus heat management will be easier as you don't have the drills and converter on the same craft.
  8. Load on Demand. There is still plenty of optimisation needing doing on this game and that's one that's perfectly possible.
  9. No, Hard or even Super Hard (with everything apart from penalties turned off or to 10%) isn't hard, it's just super grindy; Hard doesn't make it harder, it just makes it take longer. More time =/= More difficulty.
  10. I usually completely avoid the Mun now; I've landed there there too many times in the past, now it's boring. In my current 0.25 save the Mun is the only object in the entire solar system that doesn't have anything in orbit or its surface (apart from a flag); my new career I haven't even been there; I will only go there if I NEED the science and can't get it from an
  11. How would it be balanced? It wouldn't. People can't agree if the Dawn Ion is OP or not; if this thruster is any better than it it's OP and any worse and it's gonna be useless.
  12. I agree, only mod that should become stock now is Load on Demand. Nearly everything else should just be left to be done by mods, as then people that don't want that mod or want to save on RAM can just not install them. Plus half these stock implementations of mods seem to be worse than the original mod...
  13. I always liked the Sentar system (from planet factory); it's super inclined orbit kinda sucks but it has some cool moons around it! Skelton (based on Duna) is great because of the HUGE mountain on its surface; Erin (base on Laythe) has some really cool swamp-like terrain, and it's own cool Micro-Moon Pock; Ringle is a bit of a pain as its very similar to Tylo, but being in orbit is fun because you can get some great views! And then there's Thud... We don't talk about Thud...
  14. To continue playing my main save on 0.25. 1.0 really doesn't affect me; I'll try it of course, and if the new aero is actually good enough to "replace" FAR I'll actually keep playing it; but if not I'm not gonna play it properly until there is 1.0 update for FAR
  15. The only thing I think needs changing about the LES is to give it a bit more fuel, maybe 30-35 units instead of the stock 15, just to make sure it can get the pod away from the launch stage. I have the Stock Rebalance Mod (albeit a heavily modified version of it), which does this already; it also puts a decoupler built into it (not activated by staging) so you can decouple it with right click or action groups, but I always use the docking port trick as mentioned above, so it isn't really needed.
  16. Source? The only designs I can find are the Nerva, with 257kN of thrust; and the Nerva-2, with 333kN; supposing they both weigh around 22T each; that's TWRs of ~1.2 and ~1.5 respectively... Besides, comparing the LV-N to the NERVA is silly anyway, as the NERVA is a good 5-6 times larger than the LV-N; most KSP engines are about half the size of a Real life equivalent. It's much better to compare the LV-N to the Russian NTR (the RD-0410), as that is 1.6m wide and weighs 2 tons, very similar stars the LV-N... Apart from the fact that the LV-N has nearly double the thrust! The RD-0410 does have 910 seconds of Vac ISP though. I support changing it to these stats as a TWR of barely above 1 makes it much less of a "jack of all trades, master of all" type of engine.
  17. This is also a non-issue with proper piloting. Tilt over a coupe of degrees at 500m or 100m/s and then keep your heading marker inside the prograde marker until you're in orbit; that will prevent 99% of flips, even with pancake rockets. Struggling to keep your heading on that prograde market? Then your TWR is either too high or too low; 1.4-1.5 is a great number. It's actually really simple... Wat. If they're gonna do anything they need to LOWER the thrust of the LV-N; it's designed for circularisation and transfer burns; if you're using it on a lander or launch stage, you're doing something severely wrong. The real life NTRs had a very low engine TWR; the American NERVA being about 1.5 and the Russian NTR being about 1.8; the KSP NTR is 2.6, which is ridiculously high supposing that engines in KSP traditionally have much lower TWR than their real life counterparts... Granted, real life NTRs are slightly more efficient than KSP's; I wouldn't even mind if that got this efficiency boost in KSP if their TWR was nerfed...
  18. You do realise he will NEVER be in Smash Bros? Yeah, while the idea is cool, Nintendo are only gonna add a 3rd party Character; KSP isn't available for any console, let alone a Nintendo one... Sorry guys, but my vote is going for Rayman, Wolf, an Inkling or a character that actually has a chance...
  19. It's made from nothing, as it no longer frikkin exists! #Bringbackthemagicboulder
  20. Voted for the wrong option on the Poll.... *face-desk* Anyway, Optimization and bug fixing are the most important thing to do in KSP's development; I strongly agree that is should be ported over, and final versions should not be released until it is ported. The release state of the game should allow people even with not-amazing PC's to at least build decent size ships (500 parts) with serious lag, and for a game that advertises its "Modability" as a feature, it should definitely have 64-bit, and some better texture management and load on demand textures too; plus some features to reduce the physics lag, like part welding and disabling part physics in some situations. But that's all a bit late now... :\
  21. Unfortunately no, there is no way to just flat out drain a tank of fuel in Stock KSP... the only way you could sort-of do it would be to use engines to burn the fuel, but this obviously could take some time with Jet engines; or have empty drop tanks fitted to the craft that you can fill up with fuel and decouple when you need to dump fuel... The 2 mods that Van Disaster can do it, and Ship Manifest can do it too (if you have realism mode off), so that would be the best bet.
  22. RAM-Toaster here, but OpenGL saves my bacon. 87 mods, 4.9GB GameData Folder, but after loading KSP sits on a toasty 2.7GB, and takes many hours of gameplay to rise; Crashes are very rare, maybe not even 1 per week. My secret? 0.25. Its Memory Leak is almost non-existent compared to the Memory Waterfall in 0.90. As I play Science mode, there is very few advantages 0.90 would offer me, so I stuck with 0.25. Also, mod wise, I'm currently using the 0.90 versions of Remote Tech, Civilian Population, Regolith, Kerbal Konstructs, Kerbinside, Kopernicus, RCS Build aid and most of the Near Future packs.... they work fine in 0.25
  23. Big Fixes and Optimization. Though whether all these new features will ruin that remains to be seen... :\
  24. For the upper limit for high atmosphere definitions it's always where the atmosphere ends; for Eve this is 96.7km, for Duna it is 41.4km, and for Laythe it is 55.2km. Also, the border between upper and lower atmosphere on Laythe is around 10.2km, and for Duna it's roughly 11.7km. Eeloo's high/low space border is definitely 60km; and there is a typo on Jool's Low Space lower limit, it needing to be 138km, not 118km.
  25. Kinda agreed here; while I can happily do a mission that I don't have a contract for, having to do some (sometime quite tedious) missions just to have enough money to do said mission, or a science run, just feels too grindy and annoying for me. I'd like a sort of "Government Funding" option, where you get a certain amount of money every month, which is increased every time you do something significant; you could then have a few contracts about to do if you need bonus money... That or have very high paying contracts for stations, satellites or bases that pay over time... though I'm just spit-balling here. The only mod I consider compulsory is the Stock Bugfix Mod, as it fixes some quite painful bugs. Some other mods that I consider very useful are Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Tweakable Everything, Editor Extensions, RCS Build Aid, Scene Jumper, Ship Manifest and possibly Atmospheric Trajectories (just search these on google, they're usually the 1st or 2nd result). You don't HAVE to have any of them, but they do make certain things in the game much more intuitive and overcome some limitations.
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