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  1. Ok, hoped its perhaps just a little thing that you can implement from KAC... Thanks for your time again!
  2. Hi @linuxgurugamer could you add alerts based on contracts? Example: Magneto Scan ist maxed out so 0% science, but if a contract pops up an wants a new scan to transmit or return, it would be nice if i would get a new alert based on the contract goals. Possible or did i miss something in the settings?
  3. Yes, before every flight. Can't remember if it was that way before i updated to 1.6..1 EDIT: Just did a clean install with all mods again and it works just like it should. Thanks for your time!
  4. Yes Sir! Everything is up to date on the latest versions around
  5. Hmm... did anyone here made own settings and can remember if he had to load it every time before a flight? I'm pretty sure it was only on the first start (or the first time on a new game), now its just "default" every time and I have to change it before a flight to my saved profile
  6. I did that contract with two boosters and a lot of the small fuel tanks, splashed into the water with the last stage not decoupled, no heat shield. Worked for me, sure we ware talking about the same contract? There are a few that sounding like they are the same, just little differences
  7. @_Zee i started a new career and it goes pretty smooth, nice work! Just played a few minutes to see what contracts you created. Maybe a bit too much "moar boosters" in the very beginning. Did you also create some rover contracts?
  8. Ohhh nice! Will give it a try later, you were fast with a contract pack
  9. Same on, KSP on 1.6.1, MH stays at 1.6.0 this time
  10. Meeeh... did update KSP but the DLC is still on 1.6 and will not work. Awesome!
  11. I like the "produce a Kerbal" idea from @theJesuit to create a colonist and some other cool stuff are suggested here, having facilities that generate whatever the Kerbal needs can also generate other stuff... other stuff like @Gr@y mentioned. That terraforming idea is so cool, not sure if its possible to create something like this, but the idea is worth to think about
  12. USI Support would be great, i use LifeSupport, Kolonization and Karbonite Looking forward for you contract package, the one i used for Probes and Rovers doesn´t fit in PBC Maybe you change your version typo, if you go for it like it is we will be around PBC 40.9 in June (added mod maybe 1.7.1, 1.7.2, .... and the contract pack would be a move to 2.0... dont know, just thinking about the high numbers) The missing history update was a game breaker or "challenge" for me, a few rockets i cant use now because of the parts moving (not so bad) and active contracts i dont know yet how to reach the goals to complete, not sure if it was PBC or missing hiytory itself who did that useless moving (hadn´t installed it before)
  13. I looked at SPER, thats why i asked. Will give it a try... damn... another mod Thank you again
  14. I use a few other Science Mods and it works great for me with sliders on normal. I also use the Science Alert mod. I just wanted to add that extra bit of gameplay depth to start with probes (looking forward how that will turn out in the end with the Unmanned Contracts Pack i mentioned before). And thats all im looking for when using mods: that bit of depth to complete my KSP (or gaming experience). In the end it all depends on other mods and the contracts (decline contracts malus set to 0) @_Zee downloading the 1.5 right now. SPER comes with "Plant and Fish" experiments or have to download something else? Willing to give it a try, not sure if its playable on my laptop cause of the IVA/RAM usage
  15. Im getting the "Missing Module Manager" Box on the starting screen (will not work with RPM) but i have the newest MM and RPM versions installed, will that be a problem?
  16. Yeah, kind of tricky. Went trough this the last days too. Its just "horrible" to look and read in this forum, specially the Add On Section... Just wanted to read some stuff about a mod and find a few others... then come back for a solution or just read my followed threads... and another one found... Sometimes i thought: Why not vanilla... or CKAN at least... but there are reasons ("Mods") without support so we have to do it by ourselfs. I liked it to go through all these threads again and watch how much improvement the KSP modding scene went through since i left the game around summer/autumn 2014. I came back here for Kerbal Alarm Clock and the NavBallDockingPortAllignmentIndicator and now... well that escalated quickly... im over 40 mods and there are only 2 (DistantObject and PlanetShine) that i would count as "visual mods". If i would have a beefy gaming PC instead of my working laptop...
  17. Did you look into the Difficutly Settings before you start a New Game? You have to play with the Slider there and set it on Hard if you only want to see Kerbin, Mun and Sun at the very beginning of your new career
  18. No, its not difficult! The Point with the Goo Container is: If i cant recover the Container, cause of a missing chute, its just kinda throwing money to send the data and destroy him with the probe for no reason. I would prefer to switch the Goo in Tier 3 and the Barometer to Start and add a Probe Report. Its just the need to escape that "hurt my feelings" and a Barometer looks cheaper to destroy as a Goo (even if its not, but i can send data with 100%) A contract or a chute would fix that, but the contract package was not useful in that case (first contract was orbit around Kerbin ) Maybe integrate a Contract Package or rearrange it? First Contract: Destroy a Probe, Need: 1000-10000 meters The one i looked into was from @linuxgurugamer My Workaround for the chute is: RT-5 -> Fuel on 14.0 (10%) and Boost on 4, so it would lift off a bit at the end of the burn and landing save for a normal recover instead of escaping. Everything is fine for me, again: Thanks for your time and thoughts you put in here and there to create PBC, just go on as you want to
  19. Normal, i dont touch them. Forget about that, it was just a "if you would switch Goo with Barometer" thing. It works perfect like it is, i try to get the "Unmanned Contracts" Pack to work, not sure when these Contracts should appear or i did something wrong
  20. Oh man, tough evening to get it to work, dont know if it was another mod or just the cloud sync from who breaks it, will test it now but: Thanks for your work! Tested it this morning for couple of hours (based in Europe) and it is what it is and that was what i was looking for! At the early stage it feels kinda wrong "when you have to destroy the probe" because there are no chutes available and you have to send everything. I would prefer to have a chute before the batterie, and the batterie later with the second module, same with Goo and Pressure sensors. It would be more "realistic" to have a chute and Pressure Sensors to recover the vessel after the first atmospheric tests, than Goo Containers i cant recover without a Chute. Will test it again in a few hours an come back to that point with names and Tiers to make it more clear (just bought KSP again on Christmas, last time i played it was before "Beta than ever" came out, sorry for the gibberish / wrong terms instead of right names and tiers) Edit: Ok, it seemed to be the Cloud Sync Function, everything works great after another testing. I would like to see something like "Probe Reports", sounds interesting. Only thing would like you to think about ist to change Goo with Barometer, and add probe reports for the lack of Science cause of the higher Tier of the Goo then. And a Chute for the Start, it will create a more Stock feeling not to see the "you loveed up screen". If you really want "sacrifice in the name of science" , thanks to @jpkerman, i will go with real chutes and (kinda sadly) destroy your created out of the box feeling... otherwise.... hehe... there is a contract pack out there which wants us to crash a probe, crash on target... so... i will leave RealChutes aside and take a look at the Spacetux contract package to follow your spirit. Anyways: Thank you very much for your time and work! @_Zee There is a similar Mod that moved the Barometer in Tier One and the Goo (with Chute) at Tier 3... That one i followed before you came around one day before @SpinkAkron, so it seems i am "wrong with a Chute at start".
  21. Yes, that worked as i started a new game, but now it doesnt work anymore without making changes (i think). In the other editor (Airplane assembly building) i can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, but not go up and down. Kind of weird now... Any tipps what to do?