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  1. Hmm, what would be a good way to visualize torque. Or would you want to simply visualize forces causing torque (forces applied to a certain point on a craft)?
  2. Hello, Just here to tell you that KerbalEdu is now based on 1.2.2 (the latest version of KSP). Just released the update today.
  3. KerbalEdu Updated It has again been over 6 months since our last newsletter and our latest update to KerbalEdu. The reason for this delay is that we have again been busy. We have been developing our analytics and store ecosystem, and our own game. But now it is time to release another update for KerbalEdu! KerbalEdu version 1.2.2e801 KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.2.2e801. The biggest feature in this update is that we are again bringing KerbalEdu up to date with the latest version of the base game. Where the last version was based on 1.1.3 we are now based on the latest version, 1.2.2. As always no feature from the base game has been left out. Everything in KSP 1.2.2 is now also in KerbalEdu. You can check the changes in the base game between 1.1.3 and 1.2.2 from the version history. We have again not had much time to make updates to the edu features further than to make them all correctly work with 1.2.2. However we did have time to do these: Fixed restart problems in the first part of EHC 1 mission, and other EHC mission bugs. Included new EHC missions in the KerbalEdu installation (as Downloaded Missions). Windows installer changed to a .msi installer instead of .exe to better enable distributed installations. Various small bugfixes If you own KerbalEdu, you can download the new version by logging in at Note: The Earth History Campaign missions downloadable from have also been updated to work with the latest version. They may no longer work with earlier versions. If you want to buy KerbalEdu you can get it at the TeacherGaming Store. You can also buy other cool and educational games there. For more information about KerbalEdu visit We are also developing an entire ecosystem based around educational games, and even one game of our own. Check them out at
  4. Hello, Sorry for the late answer. I think the arrows the OP is talking about are the KerbalEdu force arrows (picture), not the vanilla aerodynamic indicators. I forgot to add them when updating the EHC missions for the latest version of KSP (1.1.3), so it is a bug. It will be fixed in the next version of KerbalEdu. In sandbox mode you can still use them however.
  5. KerbalEdu Updated It since our latest update to KerbalEdu. The reason for this delay is that we have been busy on both making the TeacherGaming Store and creating a game of our very own at the TeacherGaming spinoff company 5 More Minutes. But here we are again! KerbalEdu version 1.1.3e766 KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.1.3e766. The biggest feature in this update is that we are finally bringing KerbalEdu up to date with the latest version of the base game. Where the last version was based on the old 1.0.4 we are now based on the latest version, 1.1.3. As always no feature from the base game has been left out. Everything in KSP 1.1.3 is now also in KerbalEdu. You can check the changes in the base game between 1.0.4 and 1.1.3 from the version history. We have not had much time to make updates to the edu features further than to make them all correctly work with 1.1.3. However we did have time to do these: Saving downloaded (web launched) missions to a separate folder instead of saves. Downloaded Missions menu for launching previously downloaded missions. Include EHC missions in the KerbalEdu installation (as Downloaded Missions). Help overlay to Function Tool. Fix /SILENT parameters not preventing launch after install in windows installer. Set required tech and money values for edu parts so they work well in career mode. If you own KerbalEdu, you can download the new version by logging in at TeacherGaming store Launched Today we are also launching TeacherGaming's newest project, the TeacherGaming Store. The TeacherGaming Store is an online marketplace that brings entertainment and education together in a way that makes sense for everyone involved. It is the place where you can now buy KerbalEdu and also other cool and educational games. Go check it out! For more information about KerbalEdu visit To buy KerbalEdu visit the TeacherGaming Store at
  6. Now i also want to make this note about the energy spheres. If you set the "Reference frame:" to surface or launch altitude the kinetic energy sphere will use speed relative to surface for calculating the kinetic energy. This will give you "wrong" values in orbit and at great heights and might even make the energy sum seem to change. You should only use these options when at low altitudes and speeds where the craft can be considered to be moving along with the surface of the body.
  7. Hello, Actually the whole formula for gravitational potential energy is , where K is an arbitrary constant that can be used to define where we consider the zero potential to be. Usually "pretty much everyone in physics" uses 0 for K meaning that gravitational potential energy will only be approaching zero at infinity (infinite distance from the main body), which makes sense since there is not limit to the reach for the force of gravity (it just gets weaker and weaker the longer the distance). It also makes calculations easier since you don't need to include the constant K everywhere. However for the purpose of visualizing how kinetic energy is converted to potential energy and back with the energy spheres we consider potential energy to be zero at the surface of the main body (K = GMm / R, where R is the radius of the main body). Otherwise we could not really draw a sphere to visualize it since it would always be negative for finite distances. I am actually now making changes to the energy spheres UI for the next update of KerbalEdu to add an option to set K = 0 (potential zero at infinity). It will make the potential energy sphere not show, but you will be able to demonstrate the values it gets when it is calculated the usual way.
  8. Yes, KerbalEdu license gives access to all future versions of KerbalEdu. Updates to KerbalEdu are not done via the launcher though. You need to log in to store and download the new installer from there and reinstall to update. I don't know what's up with your teacher and version 0.22. If I remember correctly there never even was a KerbalEdu done based on that early a version of KSP.
  9. I'm afraid I don't have much of a further explanation at this time. I have just been happy that they allow us to make and sell the edu version and have not criticized them too much for putting DRM in it. KSP is Squad's game anyways, if they wish for the edu version to have DRM then DRM it shall have, however weird it is considering the base game doesn't have any. And it is not that oppressive a DRM anyways, all it does is compare your license key and mac address to those saved on the server to check that you are not exceeding the number of computers you are allowed to run it on. It does have its problems of course, for example when mac addresses change or users remove the installation without running the uninstaller so that the server doesn't know they've uninstalled, or when an overzealous firewall blocks it from connecting to the server, but they can usually be dealt with easily enough when the customer contacts us for support. That said, we are going to ask Squad if they could remove or at least change it for our upcoming 1.1 update for KerbalEdu.
  10. Required by Squad. In practice the way it goes is we get a build of KSP with the DRM in it from Squad and then put the edu features on top of that.
  11. DRM in KerbalEdu is not implemented by TeacherGaming or any other third party. It is required and has been implemented by Squad.
  12. Wrong! KerbalEdu will get all the updates normal KSP does. KerbalEdu also has full mod support and all the game modes normal KSP does. It only adds features, nothing is removed. It is also (maybe with the exception of some limited time sales) cheaper than regular KSP if you are buying it for a school or other educational institution.
  13. Yes, mods work in KerbalEdu just as they do in regular KSP.
  14. Yes, in the mission editor you can set up which parts are available in a mission. Go to the Mission Options tab, set Mode to "Science Sandbox" and add an EduTechConfig Scenario Module. In the options of the EduTechConfig you can add parts to a "Tech", and more "Tech"s. Techs are collections of parts that can be made available or unavailable via the mission events. The first tech starts as available in the beginning of the mission. There is currently no list of part names there, so I'm afraid you need to manually check the name of each part from their .cfg files.
  15. Hi, Sorry, but this is not currently possible for the KerbalEdu EHC missions. They should be short enough though that saving is not required that much.
  16. Which mods? Are they supposed to be compatible with Kerbal Space Program 1.0.4? Have you tried them separately, maybe they simply aren't compatible with each other?
  17. Earth History Campaign Launched! What do you think happens when Kerbals get their hands on a piece of human technology? You can stop wondering and find out in the latest update to KerbalEdu: Earth History Campaign! Earth History Campaign is the first major content update for KerbalEdu that introduces students to the history of spaceflight, basics of gameplay and essential physics concepts. You can start Earth History Campaign directly from the website: Note that you’ll need the latest version of KerbalEdu to run the new missions! You can find more information about Earth History Campaign in our latest blog post. KerbalEdu Update In preparation for the Earth History Campaign, KerbalEdu has been updated to version 1.0.4e711. To download the latest version, log in to store. You need this new version for the Earth History Campaign missions to work correctly. The KerbalEdu website has also been updated. It now contains a lot more information on how to start using KerbalEdu for teaching.
  18. Hello, Here to inform you that a new mission has been released to Earth History Campaign. First update your version of KerbalEdu (download from and install). Then go to, select mission V and play. Mission is divided into two parts that can be launched separately. Sorry for requiring you to update again. We were originally not planning to update the game between the missions, but we needed new conditions and actions to the mission editor to make the new mission as we had envisioned it. On the plus side you now also get to play with them and the new condition grouping functionality in the mission editor (log in at and select Mission Editor).
  19. Hi, It is a bug. I don't think he even actually dies anywhere, it is just a false message about it.
  20. Yes, it is possible to land on the runway. Your trajectory should take you quite near it. When you have entered atmosphere try to achieve level flight along the same trajectory you entered on. The runway should be somewhere to the front (maybe a little to either side) on a flat patch of land somewhere on the ocean shore. Quite close. Simply fly directly towards the marker and a tutorial window should pop up when you are near enough. It also pauses the game so you can't crash even if you approach at high speed. No need to land.
  21. KerbalEdu has been released! Some of you may have heard that us, TeacherGaming LLC and Squad have been working together to make Kerbal Space Program more accessible for schools. Guess what? The launch is today. It’s here, we call it KerbalEdu and we are excited What’s KerbalEdu? A school-ready remix of KSP for with added features to help building rockets, record flight details and create and share missions. These features are designed to be used in schools, but many of them will be very useful to home players too. Part of our collaboration with Squad is to make KSP also more affordable to educational institutions. The price for the game can be less than 50% of the original price. Why would you do something like this for schools or in schools? The world is facing an ever-increasing series of challenges in terms of climate and resources. Solving these challenges begins from adopting a new kind of approach towards them. We need to raise a generation that is able to ask the right questions, identify the problems and begin answering them. Science education will play a key part in this. We want to help teachers to create engaging learning activities and at the same time change the way we teach. Is this going to be available to players at home? Yes. Anyone can buy KerbalEdu, you don’t need to be a school, though only educational institutions (includes libraries, museums etc. too) will get it at a discount. We also intend to bring some limited features (mission editor!) available for those who only have regular Kerbal Space Program. We don’t have an exact roadmap for that just yet, but be assured that our intentions are to make this available to as many gamers in the KSP community as possible. We will let you know! Where to get it and where to follow what’s going on? Main site - @KerbalEdu on twitter Mission library and mission editor What is TeacherGaming? TeacherGaming LLC is a small independent Finnish-American startup established in 2011 by teachers and programmers to adapt video games for use in classrooms worldwide. With the success of MinecraftEdu, TG’s network holds 4,500+ schools in over 40 different countries. See you in space! (Which space?) (and happy holidays!) TG team
  22. Hi, Thank you for your feedback! Sorry for taking so long to respond. First of all, the Earth History Campaign missions are supposed to be launched directly from the website. This is because we wanted to make it easier to integrate them to learning management systems and the like. I don't know why that doesn't work for you. Have you tried running "registerurlhandler.cmd KSP.exe" in the installation directory manually? Are you perhaps using an older version of KerbalEdu? EHC missions are only fully compatible with version 1.0.4e711. Copying them manually is there just as a backup measure and we know there are many issues with that currently. The reason some of the missions are savegames and others scenarios is that some features used in the ones that are saves won't work in scenarios. We are continuing to look for ways around that. It would be nice if they all could be scenarios, then we could have them easily restartable. If we can't make them all scenarios, we should probably create our own in-game menu for launching them and hide them from saves (put them to some other folder), or just hide them from saves and have them only startable from web. We are also looking into how to fix the problems you pointed out in the missions themselves.
  23. Yes, I think you are right, a size or other limit on the folder the config file points to might not be a good idea. However there would be a good reason to ignore the scenarios and training folders. If they are copied from the redirected save folder at every program start, any updates we would do to scenarios and tutorials could be overwritten by older versions for the redirected folder.
  24. Thank you for writing about your experience with the edusettings.cfg save game redirect. You are the first one I have heard of actually using it. Glad to hear you got it working, though it seems it needs a few tweaks. At least I think I'll make it check that the directory it is directed to contains some saves (or is empty), or is smaller than some specified size, so that it won't copy the whole root even if it was directed there. Also probably a good idea to make it ignore scenarios and training directories so that those won't get deleted or written over. Better instructions on using it in the readme and on the page are probably in order too.
  25. The cabbages come with it now. Those "tantares-style" parts will come with missions that will be released later.