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  1. Same thing here. I don't have KAC installed and when I click start, it opens up but the start button is still there and nothing happens. I do have Kerbalism which is something I thought was messing with it.
  2. Quick question: I have the 3465 version installed for 1.7 and I'm currently on a career save. If I update to 3466 by deleting the Nereid folder (3465) and placing the new Nereid folder (3466) in there, will my career save be ok?
  3. Any news on the next update? Is it working with 1.7?
  4. Except I pretty clearly did not say that, did I? If you read it, carefully this time, you will realise that I support selling stuff... that doesn't belong in the core of the experience. Like I said, if a company wants to sells aesthetical things after the full release, then do it, there will always be content for it. By your standards, bugfixes and patches should be behind a paywall too, shouldn't it? They're working on a product and they need to sell the product... So, do you want a functioning game after you bought it??? Well, buy the bugfixes too, of course. That's how the industry works! I mean, I get it, man. Yeah, I get it, I really do. Yeah, yeah. So you go in to buy a candy, you get out of the store and when you open the candy you see there's only half in there, "oh well", you think, "it's one of them candies, isn't it?", so you go back into the store and give the guy another buck so you can finally have the full candy you originally paid for. That's very reasonable, of course. :sigh:
  5. You guys totally missed the point. While previous updates were all inside the base game or only added varied parts (which is totally ok, like I said in my post), this update will be restricted to the DLC and will add a whole bunch of substantial features. IF and only IF infernal robotics or SEP use just one small item of this update in their updates, it could potentially mean people would have to buy the DLC. Of course they have all their ground work done and I hope they won't migrate to use ANYTHING AT ALL from this DLC. But on the other hand, having something based off of the stock game is very inviting for potential new modders and even for old mods I imagine. It's very difficult for me to make somewhat bad regards like this about a game I love so much but hopefully you guys can see where I'm coming from.
  6. So... Basically... If new players look for mods regarding robotics and surface experiments from 1.8 onwards they'll be (practically) forced to buy the DLC? Well, isn't that just... great. I get it. How can you make content as a company without making an at least reasonable income, right? But... You guys could've gone for the aesthetical bandwagon and make just as much (maybe?) without having to force people to buy stuff to get the full experience. It would be awesome to have a little shop with varied suits and skins for parts, maybe even flags and custom kerbals. I just can't look at something like this DLC and not think you guys are being a bit of a villain in the industry. I love KSP and will keep playing it but I'm kind of sad to see it go down this way.
  7. Guys, I love kerbalism and can't wait for the update. My question is: Will the Nehemia KEES experiments work in the upcoming science system? If not, is it something easy to edit in the mod (in Nehemia, that is).
  8. I gotta say it's very sad that this mod is tanking my fps. I consider this an absolute MUST for playing KSP. Eveytime I hop on it for a new playthrough I immediately download realChutes, Scatterer and AMR for this vanilla++ experience. I don't usually post here but I feel like this is a problem that really needs fixing. I wish I knew how to code bacause I see how small this mod is (at least on the cfg) and yet I can't just start changing stuff without knowing better. I really wish you guys can help fix this issue because this mod, for me, is one of the best ones out there.
  9. Caraca, não sabia que tinha um forum brasileiro de KSP, fiquei mais feliz.
  10. i'm getting that too I just start the game and everything goes black no matter how long I wait when I open task manager it just says "not responding"
  11. Wow dude, that's a great idea! There could be a space to hang the actual capsule that returned to Kerbin (with these burns from reentry \/). It would be awesome!