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  1. << If you don't go fast enough, you'll fall >> << Did you know there are 3 kinds of Kerbals? Those who seek Mun, those who seek Fuel, and those who can read the mission report. Him? he was a pilot they called Solo Wing Jeb. >>
  2. Ace Combat 6 is my personal favourite, it had a good balance between music/gameplay/storyline/graphics. Ace Combat 5 had the best musics, even if I like the Megalith one from AC4. The one that plays when you have to shoot down pixy in Zero is my favourite. By the way, has anyone tried to make the ADFX02 in KSP? each time I try to make it it flies for about 5 seconds before crashing.
  3. Ahah^^ i refined its deisgn, now it has a magazine to load kerbals inside!!sogmQSzY!4dMF6DOalSKN_-TgX03zU8PPnTI5jn7m47Qp4MkOwfw
  4. Enjoy!Z55jkLZL!aDnmZK49I9FUjunU9ZAmc8TWsMyEwOmDyRPoDNq IZqA
  5. WHAT?! NASA ON SPUTNIK?! Comrade Putin will be angry tonight.
  6. On my Desktop, at the bottom right corner of my second screen (where there is no toolbar) I have 3 KSP shortcuts that i don't use, they are Named after our 3 heroes
  7. All the new stuff in 0.24? nah. 0.24 adds 64bits so download all the mods you want and do the same thing. Need some challenges? make it to LKO only using RT10 boosters^^
  8. How long will we have to wait for a 0.24 update? I know it's not easy sometimes to update something (i had a lot of problems with VS2008 sometimes...) but it's really my favourite mod, i can't play without it^^
  9. Step one: Paint "64 bits" on your roof. Step two: run. Congratulations: you're running in 64 bits!
  10. ITS OUUUUUUUT Squad, greetings from France. You made my life complete.