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  1. We were watching a movie last night. I cant believe that I never noticed the parts are based on the Hermes from the Martian before. NOW I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE!
  2. as HebaruSan said, is exactly how/why I ended up here on the forum in this thread... that said, I guess i'm going to tighten down the straps on my 5-point harness and get ready for a bumpy ride!
  3. does anyone have a filter extensions patch? cant recall how I used to get them to show up in category with all other tanks.
  4. i'm overall unimpressed with it, and EXTREMELY dissapointed with the steam version having DRM, it will only work in the stock steam directory, so i cannot play my modded installs. i'm refunding it since the parts wont even load anyway.
  5. and its been discussed many, many, many, many, many, many, many other times. and will be discussed again in the future. why? because Squad keeps putting their fingers in their ears and saying no despite where all those discussions end up.
  6. wont work outside of the steam install directory. so it has DRM. which KSP itself doesnt. what?! dont buy it from steam if you play modded. you cannot play or make missions, it opens your browser to the store page. it also doesnt load the parts in the normal game modes.
  7. Oh wow. we've been asking for this for so long, and DM comes to our rescue!
  8. as title says, only option on the popup is 'restart mission' which destroys all mission progress and starts at 0. nice.
  9. is that the same suppy bags from SSPX? or are they smaller to fit inside the shrouds? either way they look great cant believe how long ive been watching this drooling and waiting. drooling and waiting...
  10. Getting 100% science from everywhere is always my goal. but I do end up splitting it up and focusing on a different planet at a time per game. I do however send relays/telescopes/scanners everywhere else every time a good transfer window comes around just to keep up realism between the saves.
  11. I like to think of KSP like the sandbox game version of the old 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books that i grew up with. the better your imagination of what you want to do, the better the later game play will be.
  12. I had that problem, I cant recall how i fixed it, but am pretty sure it was related to cryo-tanks, and some texture/model not being located. I believe it just went away after removing the cryo tanks folder (since i use the LFO patch anyway) I'm sorry, i know that probably doesnt help. but maybe it will help get you in the right direction.
  13. As long as you keep the dll from the mod, you can add the module to any docking port part. I still use the old universal ports from Cpt Kippard (they're still my favorite astheticly), and have modified them to have the konstruction functionality. an example of how you can add it with a MM patch I suppose you could just add it universally for any part with ModuleDockingNode as well
  14. i made one from the short crew tube and some radial attach points around. looks great since it matches the surrounding parts.