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  1. Well lets at least be fair here and let Boeing complete their test program before you go declaring SpaceX the winner. Its not a race, first into space is not the superior vehicle.
  2. How could it be a cheat? I mean its not like Danny 2462 or someone similar uses this exact method...oh wait...
  3. The thing is separation events can be ridiculously complex with trying to model all the airflow, so if you are already making a clean-sheet design, and you know you are going to be carrying something that could literally melt the CFRP in the airframe, why wouldn't you just design it to minimize the chance of an accident or mishap taking out your ONLY aircraft, and thus your entire business along with it? Slightly off topic, but this article gives a great example of how hard it is for really smart people to make something fall off a plane and MISS the carrier aircraft. http://www.ejectionsit
  4. In addition to what you said, there is no way rockets are going to absorb all our plastic waste. We simply do not launch enough rockets. And even if we did, we would literally be putting combusted hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, just the same as more efficient fuels, so it seems logical to make the most efficient rocket fuels, and also make the most efficient plastic recycling (and yes, I know how it is not viable currently. That's kinda my point) I honestly do not believe we can make a good argument for using this as a fuel if we are burning reprocessed plastic jugs, clothing a
  5. So, hold on, only @K^2 and @pandamanare actually discussing the thread topic of the possibilities of an open or closed beta? My personal opinion can be reduced to "do the beta in house by trained professionals, but if there are features that require a bunch of people that 90+% of will just play the game and not give reports aside from telemetry and that delinquency is an acceptable loss, then open beta."
  6. Well, fair post, but what made me make this post is that we don't even know the properties of the planets the Devs are creating, so asking for a planet creator without knowing what has been created is kinda pointless.
  7. In agreeance with the above, and I'm sorry to pick on this thread because honestly, its the only one I could grab a quote from, but half this forum is people complaining that the game is delayed/"can I beta test so I can play early?" and the other half is suggestions of stuff to add to the game that objectively will delay the game unless the Devs are already implementing it, in which case, you don't need to suggest it. I don't get how nobody sees the incongruousness of these two points. What I am getting at is that I imagine everyone on this board would love to talk to the Devs and have t
  8. I love your interpretation, but I meant that the hype was indeed formed too early, but not so early as to be comparable to cyberpunk. Edit: I don't mean to sound sarcastic, I laughed reading your post!!
  9. Its gonna be hard to do that since they didn't release a trailer 9 years ago.
  10. Storage tanks are not storage tanks though. There are commercially available storage tanks for applications that exist right now. Starship is a different scale though. The evidence is they built a storage tank bigger than any tank they bought commercially. What I am saying is really that this is a guy who went to Russia to buy rockets and they told him to get bent, so he said "ok, I'll build my own rocket." This is a strategic move, not a financial one.
  11. You are missing the fundamental observation of logistics and integration. I get what you are saying. I am trying to say that everytime you outsource something it has errors. You are playing the game of "broken telephone". For rapid iteration as SpaceX is obviously doing, you need to be in control of..well everything. How much does it cost to delay your testing schedule because your supplier had to re-tool to meet your demands? It could very well be a NASA contract worth 8 figures. You are talking millions of dollars, I'm talking hundreds of millions of dollars.
  12. Its still burning plastic though. Nobody smells that and says "oh this must be great for the environment"
  13. Haha, that's not how anything works. To actually add some content to my snarky comment, things such as lead times must be considered. Before you have a game ready to be quality tested, you don't hire a bunch of testers "just in case". Obviously Private Division is a large enough company they are not literally hiring new people, rather shifting them from one project to another, but those other projects already allocated them and its a "robbing Peter to pay Paul" situation. Unless they know that they would profit from the expenditure of hiring people to expedite the release, chances are the r
  14. The parts I am missing is why it would be financially beneficial to get a third party to do something you can do in house.
  15. Its a 9 metre tank...there is photo evidence.
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