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  1. You might be missing the point of why most people play KSP.
  2. Also the engines don't like fluctuating/different pressures on the windward side vs leeward side. Even if they didn't mind, the data gained will not necessarily be applicable since you wouldn't be launching in those conditions anyways.
  3. Given how advanced the Raptor is, I would call [nonsense] if they didn't have any issues during development. It also seems the issues cropping up have not led to any major re-designs, which is very promising.
  4. Careful, you are comparing an A320 to an A321. You can tell by the cargo door position and over wing exit. The 321 is the only one of the family to have double slotted flaps whether CEO or NEO and has to do with it using 320 wings on a plane that is much heavier than a 320.
  5. I think you missed my In any case, if you aren't joking, I suggest you do not use those "rectangle" maps to judge distance anywhere that isn't the equator.
  6. This might sound far-fetched in a game like KSP, but couldn't you construct something to raise your altitude and take a screenshot instead of trying to look online for a map?
  7. So I gotta ask, for these shots do you have sort of guidelines like if the sun is at x degrees above horizon, exposure should be y for "regular" brightness, or is it more a learned, intuitive thing?
  8. I gotta say, there is something very addict-like about this process...maybe its the whole "shareholder-profit-above-all-else" mentality, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out they could make more shareholder profit by not constantly screwing the pooch. I half-expect AAA studios to come out and say "ok, jokes over, it was all a social experiment to see just how much unfinished garbage you guys are happily willing to toss your money at while sending us death threats out the other side of your mouth"
  9. I think its a long exposure. The boats are moved by the water whereas the piers are stationary as viewed from the camera. Another clue is that the sun disappeared, but the overall brightness is the same across the pics.
  10. Lets ask CDProjekt how that $1 Billion stock devaluation went for them after trying to squeeze their game onto a console that objectively can't run it so customers wouldn't have to upgrade. "This is true. But most KSP console players are on these old tech so..." A quick survey of console players on this board says they hate the fact that they got a half-baked version of the game. Seems better to make a proper console version for next-gen, than pull a CP2077 and possibly entrench the idea that console players are second class to PC players.
  11. No its not. RAM is cheaper than its ever been. I'm looking at kijiji in my area and name brand 2 x 8GB goes for $40 Canadian.
  12. Or your craft's terminal velocity is higher than parachute deploy speed.
  13. No, no they wouldn't. Besides, what would you even put in loot boxes in KSP? A "legendary" Mainsail?
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