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  1. Meecrob

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Sorry, I made that up, it wasn't an official quote from SpaceX or NASA. I don't want to spread misinformation. Though, from what I gleaned and what posters above have said, it seems that this was the purpose of this test.
  2. Meecrob

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Interesting that this test was done with simulated "rocket-tearing-itself-apart vibrations." I'm hoping its a flutter issue, that would be a relatively simple problem to solve.
  3. Meecrob

    What was the barn?

    It is a splendid idea. Problem is it was an at the moment work in progress and kinda crap to be honest. You had sandbags bigger than Kerbals. It was probably too early to release, but us rabid fans demanded so much, they posted something that wasn't ready.
  4. Meecrob

    What was the barn?

    I think what needs to also be brought up is the general atmosphere surrounding KSP development at the time. Modders were being relied on heavily for new features...Fine Print (contracts) and Porkjet's MK II spaceplane parts jump to mind. It seemed that Squad was coasting to KSP V.1 release on fumes and many heated arguments were had on this board. Then they dropped the tier 0 art and it seemed confirmation that Squad was just phoning it in. The debate about whether the barn is a good idea or concept or whatever cannot be had without the context of development at the time.
  5. Meecrob

    Anvil Shooting

    Exactly YNM...I'm hoping for a mod SSTO anvil now.
  6. Meecrob

    Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    Yes, but that is because they are following a maintenance schedule. Think of it like your car. You don't inspect the intricacies of your transmission every oil change, but you do know that after X amount of usage it will need to be overhauled or replaced. I think you are referring to D checks on aircraft and that is when a lot of items are required to undergo overhaul/ replacement at once. Its a known entity though. It does not cost more or become more difficult to maintain older aircraft. The parts still cost the same and they are just as easy to replace or overhaul (unless the parts are not in production anymore - SpaceX produces its parts or controls its supply chain, so this is not an issue). The difference is most airliners predict a service life for their planes and run them down with no intent of performing the next maintenance check (to put it simply). When someone else buys it for cheap, then it will be more expensive to refurbish than a newer one, but they make up for that in the low aquisition cost. It does not cost more to put X part on an old aircraft than a new one. Space X will be looking at their landed stage to determine when they figure it is most economically efficient to scrap the used stage vs refurbishing it.
  7. Meecrob

    Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    I have to make a slight adjustment to what you said here. I know what you mean, but the difference I am going to say is applicable to the thread. They do not treat old airframes differently, they look at each individual frame and assess the maintenance required. In theory and practice, an old airframe has had the proper maintenance performed on it and thus does not require extra care. Wear and tear has literally been removed and replaced. There are aircraft 5 years old and 25 years old going through C checks. The crew does not go "oh crap, this is an old plane! We're in for overtime!" With properly scheduled maintenance, a 25 year old plane is the same as a 5 year old plane. As to SpaceX, their job now is to determine what the "properly scheduled maintenance" is. In a sense age does not matter. Specific parts may need replacement, but that is all part of the maintenance plan. The only time age matters is when the OEM stops producing those parts and an engineer is required to certify the aging parts, or a suitable replacement for flight. It is a measure of whether it is cost-wise to do so. SpaceX is going to have their hands full with developing a maintenance schedule and i wish them all the best!
  8. Meecrob

    Wars fought in Virtual Reality

    Along the same lines - what stops one side, or both, from attacking the oppositions powerplants to make it so they cannot participate in the virtual war? Someone is going to say uninterruptable power supplies, but c'mon, I don't see the next generation of military technology be battery farms in nuclear hardened bunkers. Real physical war and destruction is something you can't ignore, whereas losing by a few points in virtual war is untangible to the average person. "We pushed the enemy back 15 virtual kilometers today" is quite frankly not going to cut it. Sounds like a LAN party. Maybe we can get some cosplayers in BDU's to boost public awareness and morale.
  9. Meecrob

    This glitchy mess is supposed to pass for release?

    But you just proved them right; nobody complains about things that work. 100% true.
  10. Meecrob

    On the particulars of drag in 1.0.4

    I hope someone can confirm or deny, but my understanding is that KSP parts have a visual and a physical side to them. For instance, an engine will produce x amount of thrust in y direction, independent of if I flip the visual model 180* so it appears to be firing in reverse. Or if I could change the visual model to an anvil or something else comical. My interpretation is that the Rapier's 4 Exhaust nozzles are visual only and behave the same as any engine with one exhaust nozzle as far as the physics of the exhaust plume go.
  11. Meecrob

    MH370 Likely Debris Found

    I think that no matter what, the consignee is going to be asking where his "scrap aluminum" 777 flaperon is. Its a part that is too valuable to disappear like that. I don't know for sure, but I bet it was insured too. There are less than 2000 of these in existence.
  12. Meecrob

    MH370 Likely Debris Found

    You have to take into consideration that both Boeing and HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - the subcontractor) would have definitely known if they lost a flaperon during shipping and would probably tell the investigators "by the way, we lost this exact part a while back." Also keep in mind there are only 1728 B777 orders with only 1165 delivered. This is, ergo, an extremely rare piece of engineering to just "turn up" somewhere unannounced.
  13. Wait so the engine detaches from the mothership, docks with the ballistic capsule, then boosts it back to the mothership (sans engine) then performs two docking maneuvers (capsule and engine)...I don't think they have even started on docking ports complicated enough for instant engine attachments.
  14. Actually, he is proposing the mothership stop on a dime with an error margin of only a few inches, then accelerate to orbital velocity again.
  15. Meecrob

    Navigating a station - Unable to make nodes!

    I get the same issue sometimes. To solve it, I exit to the space centre, then go to the tracking station and resume my flight. Annoying, but it seems to restore the ability to set maneuver nodes.