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  1. Its simple logic...you cannot use an anti-gravity device to go to a place that has gravity
  2. Due to all the experiences that comprise my life, if somebody or company etc, in the past always showed me proof of what they claim, then all of a sudden start making claims without any evidence, my trust level will drop. I will wonder if there is a reason for the change in behaviour. I'm not trying to say I am correct, but my viewpoint exists, just like yours exists. I'm just hesitant the community managers would think its a good idea to make a text only update post, and risk an entire thread's worth of "Pics or it doesn't exist!!" posts.
  3. Fair enough, I see where you are coming from. However this isn't the airlines. I don't think its fair to compare an airline choosing between 737's and A320's (with relatively similar range, capacity, fuel burn, etc.) with NASA choosing between landers. One is a competition for actual capability and performance you are tailoring your mission to, the other is a contract for spares and after sales support since the aircraft are nearly identical in capability.
  4. The outrage clearly is because they launched a smear campaign, then when they lost, said "oh, well actually we have one just like it!!"
  5. RCS is probably at least an order of magnitude of force below gimballing. There is a reason aircraft have control surfaces, not little engines to adjust trajectory.
  6. There's still going to be a meeting later on about it, I bet.
  7. I think he is saying the delicate bits are shock mounted and thus experience a different acceleration. Mass is relatively irrelevant given an adequate shock mount.
  8. Whatever happens, everyone who was born to know 80's music will love to hear that nobody likes this. Edit: I thought I was harsh, no that is harsh on the eardrums of anyone who was there at the time. Feel glad you like it haha, its not necessarily bad, but a group of us had only that to listen to for a decade. Yo where is buddy who's tag is "punk rock enthusiast"?? I'm sure he can help hahahaha. I whipped up a quick tune to show my thoughts...just guitar...but you can't swear on this board... so the song "Something Jeff Bezos" will probably never hit number 1. Edit again...holy crap, its "whats the matter with kids today?" by NOFX...oh well Lets see if I can write another song thats already been written haha.
  9. I've experienced this variable TWR as well. It seems to scale exponentially with distance from a suitable repository.
  10. Not much info yet, but reports are a medical issue, with NASA saying the following: "The issue was “not a medical emergency and not related to COVID-19,” but the space agency declined to elaborate on the nature of the problem or say which astronaut was involved." So my throwaway joke bet is someone got diarrhea.
  11. [citation needed]. Australians are mammals? Next you are going to tell me the Welsh are carbon-based! Jokes aside, I tend to agree with @mikegarrison with regards to being able to predict what is actually the path of least resistance for life. If we put ourselves in the shoes of dinosaurs of the late cretaceous, and one of them said "hey guys, you see those little furry things that eat berries and nuts, and we step on them by accident like 100 times a day? Those little snacks we eat between meals are going to rule the planet" Everyone would call you stupid and laugh you out of the...well dinosaurs didn't build rooms, but you get the idea. The entire reason the hierarchy of life on Earth changes is because something new was introduced. Of course there are long, drawn out changes that last geological time frames, but for the most part, the new dominant species comes out on top due to something out of their control. They just rode the wave they were given. Now the question I guess is "are humans sufficiently advanced to preclude dropping from our dominant position?" Maybe, but something usually goes wrong whenever humans as a group are like "nah, don't worry, we got this!" Edit: maybe a better way to say this is "Do humans have a complacency factor that other organisms don't due to our cognizance?"
  12. It requires tankering fuel. Compounds that are good for use as a heatshield are low density, lower than fuel, so I don't think they even got to the discussion of how do they even implement it. I know Elon has said something about not improving stupid designs...
  13. Hard no. Keep aliens out of KSP2. I'm pretty sure the Dev's have said the same in the past. I don't get how you can say things like " After all, you can make KSP2 an interactive game, and not just new planets (which players will pass in a week) and new engines (on which new concepts will be collected in a month and abandoned)". This game is over 10 years old and players still enjoy playing it. No aliens required!
  14. Or rather than phrasing it with velocity, if LUCY is behind Earth, and Earth's gravity pulls it forward in its orbit, LUCY will have a larger apoapsis.
  15. It's kinda odd. Like cool, high performance cars are going electric...but what percent of annual GHG emmissions is that? The Kerbal thing to do would be to make everything electric...not just sponsored people with gopros. Edit: to stop complaining, nah lets see an electric tank or something!
  16. $80? Best I can do without being political. No wait I can say "Modern Operations"? Like C'mon, we all know you mean "Modern Warfare"...like maybe one day we won't live in a world where you make a joke about a Western franchise, cuz you think it sucks, like COD: Modern Warfare, so you make fun of it, but then you read online there is an actual game you can buy in China with the same name as your joke. Don't get me wrong, there have been too many western games that take down communism, etc, but this reminds me of when the US Army released a game about killing brown people...its just so tone-deaf its surprising!
  17. If you want to flip every switch and follow checklists, I recommend it 100%, even without VR, but if you want like a mission pack for KSP, its a different game entirely. I've been playing since before 0.5 and can tell you the Dev is a really passionate guy and continues to impress, but at the end of the day, he is one guy, so keep that in mind. To expand on the scope of the game, Reentry is kinda like flying missions in KSP, but all IVA and RO/RSS. The switches actually work and you need to set up the flight computer properly for what you are doing. If you think you are an absolute master at docking in KSP, prepare to be frustrated and embarrassed.....and satisfied 100 times more than docking in KSP when you finally nail it! The biggest difference between Reentry and KSP I feel is the amount of *stuff* you have to do to set up your craft. Honestly, if you are considering it and have steam or another service that lets you return the game within 2 hours, you will figure out if you like it or not in an hour I'd bet.
  18. Inside out too. I like the dial cutouts on the exterior of the dash!! Or is this proof of the first ricer who put fake vents on the front of a rear engine car?
  19. Oh, cool thanks for bringing that up! I was unaware of the solar power push over there. I recall when the decision to phase out nuclear was made, it was kind of an emotional reaction rather than a pragmatic one so this is great to hear!
  20. And this attitude is exactly why we are here in the first place. Why do you only believe something if it is profitable to shareholders? Clearly coal is cheaper than Nuclear. Just like its cheaper to not put airbags or seatbelts into cars. Just because Germany made a stupid decision a few years ago doesn't mean they are correct. Let that analogy sink in for a second.
  21. This is a board specifically for science. Comments like "The guy seems qualified, but there are plenty of examples of consultants being hired, and either not interpreted correctly, or ignored, or only used for some parts while other things are done without consultation: Jurassic Park films, Interstellar, etc " are kinda misplaced, because this isn't a movie. Like if I bring out a video game and you are like "yeah but jurassic park!!" like you lost me. So cuz 2 movies were not scientifically factual, you wanna crap on KSP2? Like who are you? Why should I take your opinion into consideration if I was a dev? Prove to me scientifically that because Jurassic Park and Interstellar sucked, you extrapolate that to mean KSP2 will suck. I'm all ears! Edit: or here's an Idea! wait for it to come out before you crap on it! "Meeeh, but I think the devs are doing a bad job!" Don't buy it...you do not have a right to a spaceflight sim...you have a privilege based on your income. Choose how you spend your money. I'm not your Mom. Neither is the Dev team. you don't like it? cool! Go try Simple Rockets 2 or whatever the crap you like it elon musk? there are many games you can play that do not have the same KSP-stupid-physics. Why you gotta crap here instead of just installing a new game if you hate so much? Let's look at cars. Tell me one that is "perfect" Or rather tell me what you do not like bout even awesome cars...same as planes...go ask any pilot about the plane they like flying the most....ask them for the faults of it and you will walk away saying "ok, shut up!" Learjet-rear anyone?
  22. Yeah, but as posters upthread said: is he a "real"scientist? I mean this GAME must have people quitting their jobs to devote their life to a game! Like no video game in history has not adhered 100% to the bounds of physics!!! Say it ain't so!! Snark aside, this isn't a level D NASA simulator, so attenuate your expectations...you play the game with a keyboard and mouse...or a controller if you are hardcore...or a gamepad if you are so cursed. You can't please everyone. I know I'm gonna get bashed for this comment, but in the real world, you learn there is an equilibrium where nobody is happy, but they aren't upset either. KSP2 is a big enough game that 4 year olds are saying " yo don't make it this way" and literal astrophysicists are like "MAKE IT HARDER!!!" In the end, this game isn't about you, its about a community of people who wanna dick around with rockets. Like this isn't an actual space program. let some people have fun, for something's sake!
  23. ...for a prototype, that's airliner rates of failure...I get that that number isn't the vehicle as a whole, but this is encouraging to say the least! (Thanks for the numbers, man!) Edit: "airliner rate of failure" does not equal crash.
  24. I'm still waiting on someone to count all the tiles and tell me what percent fell off... Edited: jokingly...I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just saying that all things considered a first prototype of a heat shield designed to be flawed and iterated on only losing like less than 10 tiles ain't bad for a first try.
  25. As was already explained, this is flight test. Its a bizarre environment if you have not been there before. Some companies won't move an inch until they have simulated thousands of hours of CFD, and some like SpaceX learn from screwing up. We have debated the pro's and con's of both approaches before, but suffice to say, SpaceX is firmly on the path of destroying everything in the name of progress, so a few tiles falling off is an easy way to show them where they need to improve...or they could simulate all the loads with CFD, but in order to make that accurate, they would have to put strain gauges and vibration gauges all over starship, then pour that data into a computer. But then they would have to physically install those sensors...they went the route of just installing the heat shield and "we will improve as we go" because as anyone who has dealt with CFD will tell you, its scary accurate, until it screws up....as in encounters a situation humans did not program enough input into it. That's why they still actually fly things...nobody trusts computers fully.
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