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  1. I hate to play this card, but 19 years is a short amount of time. There are many, many companies that have seemed solid for decades and then collapsed overnight. I'm not suggesting Take Two is heading this direction, but its short sighted to think companies have any goal of lasting a long time. Some do, of course, at present, but its almost like you speak of your steam library like life insurance.
  2. While I am surprised someone actually wants to use the launcher, surely you can imagine someone wondering what is up when they paid for a game, try to start it, and it doesn't work. "Not good" seems appropriate. I mean it is literally not "good" that someone cannot play the game they paid for. Perhaps you interpreted their comment as "my game doesn't work, therefore KSP2 got shutdown" ?
  3. Well it does look more like male anatomy than female.
  4. Before I say anything, this is a difficult topic to be accurate on, given what information we have, so thanks for trying to explain your point of view to me. Where I am coming from is that of course Nate wants to check out all the cool stuff we made. If I were him, I would be too! I'm talking about how it was worded. Without stating what Nate is doing (and I'm not suggesting any sort of NateTracker or anything), simply saying he is checking out player creations, without saying he is doing anything else is selling him short. Presumably he is working hard coaching the team to release the first patch, but with only the comment from the CM, all we know is that he is browsing pics of rockets and "liking" the cool ones. I know this is not all he is doing, but we are not told he is doing anything other than this. For sure, Joe. I was a bit hasty in the wording of my reply. I hope my reply above shows where my train of thought is going.
  5. @Izny I think we are in total agreement. I didn't understand that you were making an observation. Instead I thought you were more trying to say that the forums should be sorta abandoned. I think this is an issue that has to do with Take Two has data that "X" worked in the past (i.e. using discord), but failed to realize that KSP is not like their other games, and thus their previous data does not apply universally.
  6. I'm not trying to say anything about what Nate does with his time. I am saying that the wording leaves it up to the imagination. If I was a boss overseeing a launch, whether it goes well or not, I don't want my media team telling the community that I am only looking at the positive replies. You don't sell games by catering to the people who already bought the game.
  7. Please don't say things like this. It doesn't matter what the reality is, it sounds like he's not working on the game. We all get that he has a life and obviously cannot work on the game 24/7, but a better way to say it would be "Nate is so invested in this project that when he is not directing the course of the game, he is interested in seeing what players create." You basically just said that Nate is trying to inflate engagement by liking posts when he could be working on the game. I doubt what I said is the absolute truth, but what you said can lead people to think that. Think of it this way: I have a car, it works pretty well. You are trying to sell me a new car. The brochure says its better, but I buy it and its not. So I say that I am disappointed. You tell me the designer is currently ignoring me and only talking to people who like the new car. I'm going to ask for a refund, since I'm clearly not cared about as a consumer.
  8. I don't think the friction setting controls the tendency to slow down as much as its tendency to initiate a turn. So with zero friction, the nosewheel loses its ability to ruin your takeoff run by turning you off the runway. I suspect the wheel in its current state is modelled as a vertical peg with the wheel attached dead centre. There is no natural tendency for the wheel to return to a "straight ahead" condition if modelled this way. Edit for the plane nerds: Yes, usually aircraft achieve caster by different means than a typical shopping cart wheel, usually the big metal uses dampers, etc to achieve the same effect.
  9. I get what you are saying, but its simply a poor business decision to decide that communicating to part of their base is "too old school." I mean, this is like "sorry, we don't want to talk to you unless you use Intel processors...we don't have time for AMD users. Also, please buy our game, AMD users!"
  10. In real life, nose gear does not have brakes. They are also designed to have a caster which naturally returns to "straight ahead." I doubt this is programmed into the nosewheels in KSP2
  11. I'd like to give some insight as to why people are asking for more communication from you. Merely saying T2/PD are 100% behind the intercept team has no proof. Logically, if they were behind the Intercept team, they wouldn't have kneecapped the release so they could add it to their shareholder's report (or whatever that was for; it surely wasn't because the game was ready) . Let me use the example of a corporation with a supply chain that manufactures a consumer product: in order to create a certain consumer experience, you need to provide a certain level of quality. When integrating a product, you cannot directly control the quality of all your suppliers. If one of them drops their quality below a certain point as to affect the end consumer's experience, you tell that supplier about the discrepancy. That supplier then usually responds and lays out a plan to achieve the required quality. Suppliers that say "don't worry, we are 100% committed to quality" are replaced because it is basically gaslighting. If you guys don't have a plan, just say so. "Look community, with the state the game is in, we need to explore to figure out the best course of action with regards to what issues we will attack first" then follow it up when you try something. Update us when what you tried worked or failed (failures are not failures if you engage the community about what you tried). We know you aren't superhuman and this won't be fixed overnight, but the cold, hard truth is that sales are being impacted because of the poor communication. The whole world knows this release went disastrously. Stop pretending its a small bump in the road. Admit it blew up in your face, and I guarantee you people will be more open to believing you when you say you are behind the game. Truth and honesty is what is going to sell this game for you. Another cold, hard truth is that if you guys screw the pooch on KSP2, the community has enough skilled and passionate people to make a spiritual successor without you. Forward that to your higher ups at T2/PD. I'm not aiming this squarely at you, Dakota, I get you are in the in-enviable position of "messenger" but this has to be said.
  12. My point is very simple; they did not charge money for 0.7.3 You cannot compare a free product to one that is paid for.
  13. You seem to be replying to something I didn't say. Its a fact people were pestering the devs for years for a Dv readout for KSP1. Its a fact KSP2 as it stands on March 1st, 2023 is broken. If you disagree that it is broken, feel free to look at the thread that announces the upcoming patch, because that indicates that the dev team thinks its broken, or they wouldn't be releasing it. I am not commenting on my personal opinion, nor whether I have purchased the game or not. I am saying objective truths here. Stop telling me and others you are sorry we "don't get it" because we are not talking about whatever it is you think you are replying to.
  14. What are you talking about? People were livid until it was added. Also we didn't expect a flawless game. We expected one that was not feature-complete, instead we got a broken one. There is a huge difference.
  15. I'm not sure 0.7.3 is applicable because it was not a commercially available product in early access. I think a better comparison would be somewhere 0.18-0.21-ish, which are almost a different game when compared to 0.7.3.
  16. I disagree. According to the roadmap, we were supposed to get an experience that approximates the features available in KSP1 v0.21. We did not get that. This is not my anecdotal experience either; I am clearly not the only one who thinks this way based on Steam sales figures.
  17. I'm glad you are having a good KSP2 experience hardware wise. I think we are going to have to rely on people like you with beefy systems to separate the bugs from the lack of optimization. I wish I knew who posted it, but I read in another thread someone mentioning trying to report a bug, but the game keeps crashing when they try to reproduce, or something along those lines. Also, thanks for chiming in @PD_Dakota. I don't mean to start anything with regards to publishers in this thread.
  18. Lets be honest, they know the bugs they have. A bug tracker would only be negative publicity now (if you take the POV of Take Two). @JoeSchmuckatelli "I'd second this. Or maybe have a dedicated 'bug' sub that does not allow whining about performance and optimization or 'my mom's 2015 Lenovo won't run KSP2'. " Says the guy dropping threads on how hes running 4K! I'm just razzing you, Joe, I do agree with your point. There is a huge difference between trying to solve a problem, and wanting to vent your emotions about a problem.
  19. Just 48 hours ago, I would agree with you, @Sea_Kerman, but we have to understand this game is live now...so you have to assume that there are users that don't nerd out on these forums. If I bought a game, and had an issue, I'd go to the official website/forums. I would not expect an entrance exam to ask why this game is KSP 2077.
  20. Yeah, I took a look in the thread about "stuff we like about KSP2" and found Nate: "I'm just gonna camp out in this thread today. " Nothing says "we are confident we can deliver on our promises" like only reading positive comments.
  21. The game is better than you expected. Steam reviews suggest more than 50% of players disagree with you.
  22. This is probably why many people are worried. How are they going to fund development to v1.0 if its getting mixed reviews on Steam? Just because KSP1 got developed for so long is no indication Take Two will have the same patience. Of course, nobody knows the answer, but that uncertainty is why people are upset. People aren't trying to crap on KSP2, thy are worried it will make it to v0.2 or 0.3 and have the plug pulled on it because it didn't meet sales targets. I hope I speak for everyone when I say that I do not enjoy saying negative things about my favourite game. I guess its like parenting...I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
  23. You don't get it. I'm perfectly capable of choosing where to spend my money. I'm saying you made a statement that is condescending and misses the point. And now you are being condescending to me. Go enjoy KSP2 and let us express our opinions as well. None of this affects your enjoyment of the game. People are upset. I'm glad you enjoy the game. Please understand none of us are trying to impinge on your enjoyment of the game.
  24. What I am saying is your statement is not fair. Beta tester is a job. Sometimes its paid, sometimes its voluntary, but its never a commercial product you can buy from Steam. So for you to say that a certain user "Isn't cut out to be a beta tester" is not only insulting, but wrong. They never signed up to be a beta tester. They paid money for an early access game. Show me where it is stated this release is specifically to beta test the game.
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