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  1. Hi. Same bug on a fresh 1.8.1 install. The culprit is for me the latest RSS textures (18.1). Anyway, just use the 18.0 version and your game will load fine.
  2. Hello @linuxgurugamer, Thanks for this mod! Quick question: is this mod backward compatible? I mean with MM 4.0.3 and KSP 1.7.3? I'm asking because I don't see any effect: no settings when I create a new save, no icon in the toolbar, no pop up message when I finish a flight with science grabbed during that flight. In what way am I supposed to get the result of the config file? Should I upload logs & stuff to help? Last question: should you play with RSS sized planet, what figure would you put in the config file to make it feel balanced?
  3. Hello @sarbian, hello @Jim DiGriz, I'm having a problem with the new Hohmann / Bi-impulsive transfer (dev 814). When trying to intercept the Moon in RSS, Mechjeb is way to late to perforn the burn. Printscreen (Imgur) Mod list (Imgur) Logs, save and craft (Dropbox) Am I doing something wrong? Could this be a bug? Thanks in advance.
  4. From the RSSVE thread. Posting here from wider views. EDIT: Tuning the graphic settings this way lowered the noise to the mininum hearable by human ears (well at least mine), so I'll take this as a solution. Set Anti Aliasing to 8x Set V-Sync to Every Second V-blank Frame limit to default.
  5. Hello. I don't have much hope of finding an answer, but here is my question: I'm having a coil whining sound on my graphic card. I manage to isolate it to "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements". When I install RSSVE and all its dependencies, everything work nicely, but there is this coil whining sound when I look down on Earth from lower orbit and only when look down, as looking around at the rest of space does not produce a noise from the card. If I remove the "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" folder while still having "scatterer", the noise stops. So my question is: Is there any setting I can tune in "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" to try to remove this sound? Anybody also experiencing this? The only other time I've heard a coil whining sound from my card is at the loading of "Asset Bundle Definition" during the loading of the game. I've never heard it anywhere else, whatever the played game. The graphic card is an ATI Radeon R9 380 and is up to date driver wise... EDIT: Tuning the graphic settings this way lowered the noise to the mininum hearable by human ears (well at least mine), so I'll take this as a solution. Set Anti Aliasing to 8x Set V-Sync to Every Second V-blank Frame limit to default.
  6. I feel you Bro. In short: you won't find what you need. But there are work around: In Smurff: you can tune a setting in the .cfg to make your rocket more Kerbal alike. Here is the answer of the mod creator of SMURFF when I ask him a question similar to yours: As also mentioned here: you'll need SpaceY. It is an amazing part pack that merge perfectly with the stock part. It'll give you a 5m part pack. It's mandatory in my opinion. Be aware that even with those tips, you'll still find yourself in a harder game. From reentry to communications, everything will need your double attention. But, this is how this game should have been since day 1 in my opinion because as you said: so much more epic! I hope this help.
  7. Some questions: Will @SQUAD lock some part/feature of its game in order to prevent mods from doing the same as the DLC would do? Usually, in my opinion, mods do a much better job than what @SQUAD has always come up with: Visual improvement, telecommunication, parts pack, contracts pack, and so on... My doubts are that this DLC will only look bad and could actually be "against" @SQUAD own interest: KSP has always played the "we're a new game maker company" card and the "the game is in dev" card. Now having DLC's around forbid @SQUAD to play those cards again. So if the DLC's are not a game changer, I fear that the players won't forgive errors like they used to due to those cards played by @SQUAD. The game costs now 40€, add on top of that a DLC (let's say of 10€ for instance), we will be in the same price category of any other game from the big cheeks companies. Is @SQUAD sure to be able to play in that league? Having finally my keyboard language after 4 years is typically the things that makes me fear this game is not ready for DLC's... Bear my words: I want @SQUAD to succeed in his every undertaking.
  8. I also would like to point out that our friends from India are quite numerous on this planet, that this country has a space program and is quite a "IT oriented" country. So I think that in the logic of expanding KSP, a patch for India is more than necessary!
  9. Hello. Does your screen also turn black when playing vanilla? What are the textures you use for RSS and what is your PC? Are you sure about having the latest drivers for your GPU? Please provide logs as asked before posting.
  10. Hello. Wow 7,62 MO of log! That's a big one. Before diving in this, just a question: Do you play with the 32bits .exe or the 64bits? Crashes and Return to desktop often happen when changing scene while playing the 32bits version with memory consumption mods.
  11. Website of the University of Liège. (EN and FR) It seems the discovery of that planetary system is from the end of 2015 with the TRAPPIST-Sud telescope in Chile (ESO) where the Belgian team found the 3 first inner planets. When they could use the Nasa's Spitzer telescope in Autumn 2016, their finding was reinforced with the discovery of 4 other planets indeed. The team is composed like so: Link to the team. So from Geneva and Morocco as well.
  12. Just a little precision: Those scientists are from Liège, Belgium working for the university of Liège in the astrophysics department. They operate a telescope from Chile. The Spitzer telescope only confirmed the existence of the planetary system. From the TRAPPIST team website:
  13. Could it be a part clipped that causes your problem? Are you sure every heavy part (all stages) is autostrut to the heaviest? Is your root part centered on your ship (no offset)? What happens if you empty the tanks from your lander, does your rocket still wobble?
  14. This probably is not it, but is your HDMI cable well plugged on both side? Is only KSP affected by this, or do you see it also somewhere else? Where is you game folder? What is your antivirus?
  15. Hello. We need more from you. How did you install EVE? Manually or via CKAN? What is your current version of EVE? Have you tried to launch a rocket to check if the clouds were really there, i mean, did you go past the main menu, as the clouds may not appear in that menu. Do you have other mods? Did EVE worked once and then it stopped? Etc...