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  1. Resurrecting the project. New download link is up and running. Same old version as before. Please report bugs or suggestions or questions or etc............etc...... Detected a small bug. DMP sees EVA as a part. Because 'kerbalEVA' isn't in the part folder it is not picked up by the application so you must add it yourself to the DMPmodcontrol.txt file.
  2. I have tested it in Win 7 and Win 8 and all worked there. I am sorry that it does not work for you, this obviously means that it will not work for some other either. However, I do not provide any updates or support any longer as KMP started to implement their own modgen.
  3. Firstly, you must have the latest JAVA installed. After that it kinda depends on your OS. For example, my OSX version can run them by just double clicking it like a normal program. However, I believe that for Windows and Linux you must run this by using the cmd/terminal with the command "java -jar <jar-file-name>.jar" (including path). This will start the app and from thereon you can continue with the applications GUI. I hope this helps you. Sorry for the 2 day delay though, did not expected any replies anymore as the app was on the second page already. Glad to see someone still wants to use it.
  4. This concept disappeared after the famous forum wipeout and then I lost interest to make a new thread and make improvements. It is still available for 0.18 on spaceport though =].
  5. Thanks for confirming this, your remark that the file is protected gave me an idea what the problem is. I forgot to close the file scanner before deleting the file, thus the file is still open and used by the program when it is deleted. I made a quick fix, however, I am unsure if this really fixes the problem as the problem does not occur for me. I hope that it works for you guys. Please let me know. ===Update Version 3.4 Released=== Download version 3.4 now on Spaceport v3.4 *An issue was found where the program could not overwrite the existing file. Hopefully fixed this by closing the file scanner before deleting the old file.
  6. I have no clue how that is possible when going through my code. However, I am glad that you found your own 'quick fix'. I will probably not release an update for this as for one, you are the only known problem to me for now, and two, KMP 0.1.6 will include its own modgen command to generate files. I might give some small updates if people still prefer this, however, I also have some other projects to work on. I can not tell you, but what app causes problems with other mods? KSP Mod Admin or mine? Because mine should not cause any problems, at least that is not the intention.
  7. I written all code when using java 7. And I actually have no clue how to help. I am a total Linux noob. My only tie to Linux is my raspberry and that's it. And I program that with java as well. I really am sorry that I can not help you and I advise you to ask someone else.
  8. The first thing the program does (even before initialising) is creating a log file. If there isn't even a log file, I, indeed, highly suspect a problem on his end. Nevertheless I am reinstalling my linux partition to double check. Will update this post later if it is or is not working for me in ubuntu. I actually tested the v3.2 on my raspberry pi as well and it ran without any problems. But better double check anyway =] **Update** I checked my v3.3 on my raspberry and, besides the fact that controlling it over wifi is pretty slow, it works fine. So please inform your friend that the problem is indeed on his end, probably. And as I am a complete Linux beginner I, sadly, can not help you with this. I was glad I remembered how to log in into my raspberry =]
  9. ===Update Version 3.3=== I felt save enough to release v3.3 without testing it (fingers crossed). Download it now on SpacePort MulitPlayer Part Manager v3.3 ChangeLog v3.3 *Added 'Legacy' mode, scans the latest KSP.log file in the folder. It will copy all the, by KSP loaded, part names. *Improved general scanning by changing some parameters and added scanning in multiple encodings. *Changed the way part names are saved. In v3.2 they were read from the textArea, now, they are stored and read from the array itself. This will probably fix the problem where Windows would write every part name to 1 line.
  10. Alright, it worked before. Did he tried a fresh copy? Did it stopped working after I upgraded to v.3.2? Is there a MPPM.log file that he/you/someone could send me. Yes I noticed that it prints all the names at one line. This is a specific Windows problem I suppose, because I only came across this in Windows. However, if you open it with something else then notepad (or whatever Windows default text viewer is) it is printed on separate lines. Not sure if that causes any issues on Windows if you opened it in notepad. I'll try to find a way to make sure this won't happen in Windows as well. I'll start working on the v3.3 now. Please do realize that this application will be less maintained after KMP 1.6 is released (unless there are many bugs there) because as of then they include their own part list generator. So I have more time for my other projects =]. The next update will include the old legacy feature and I'll try to do some bug hunting. I'll start developing as of now! **Progress Update** The reason why some parts are still missed by the Application is, as suspected, due to wrong encodings of some of the .txt files. I am now trying to find a way to scan the file, no matter what encoding. The old legacy feature is already working and does not miss any parts I believe. It detects 19 parts more then my application currently does when including the mods: B9_Aerospace, DYJmisc, Firespitter, HullCameraVDS, IDiCEr1, MagicScmokeIndustries and obviously Squad stock parts. I will do my best to score a 100% accuracy before I release the update. However, it is always nice to have the Legacy feature as a backup. **Progress Update 2** So after fiddling with some parameters to check for part names I have now an above 100% accuracy. Not sure if that is good actually. The legacy mode detects 527 parts while my normal process detects 528 =]. This might be happening, because I added a part after I run KSP itself thus the KSP.log file is not fully updated. I think it is pretty safe for me to say that it now detects 'almost' everything. However, when running some tests with the Legacy mode I noticed that KSP does not connect part names with spaces. This means that, I am making a coding mistake somewhere, or I should ignore spaces as well just like KSP. Will take a look at that before releasing. I also already take a look at the saving. I hopefully have fixed this. I will send some builds to some testers. So some might keep an eye on their inbox. If some people liked to apply just pm me.
  11. Thanks for the notice. I am aware of the .txt.txt problem in windows and I'll try to fix it in 3.3, the saving problem is kinda unknown at the moment but I'll look into it. However exams are still ongoing (even on a freaking Saturday). I finish exams next Wednesday and I am still waiting for my laptop fixed (apple said 7-10 days so that would be Wednesday at worst). After that I will develop the v3.3 update. Sorry for the major delay as most updates are released within a week or two.
  12. Have you tried moving the application to your KSP folder? And the update on my laptop: according the the genius bar (they actually did nothing, not even checked if they could recreate the issue) the logics board is broken and it is on repair now. Should have my laptop back in 7-10 days and by then I also finished my exams so I then I will continue the bug hunting and adding some new features.
  13. Sadly, I can't help anyone at the moment. Got an appointment at the apple store tomorrow. Hopefully they can fix my laptop. Have to wait for that. And on Wednesday my exams start so it will be 1,5 weeks from now until I can have another look at the problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Mm weird, however, I am unable to help or fix anything as my precious laptop suffered a severe crash. New hard drive/other ram, nothing works. I suspect the logic board firmware is corrupt. Got an appointment at the apple store this Monday and right after that my exams. So I will check for you after 2 week from now Or maybe later. Depends if I have to buy a new laptop. In that case I maybe should raise a fund for it =p. Poor student. Expensive laptop, ugh!
  15. **Update Version 3.2** Releasing the fix for Windows skipping over de parts folders in mods. Hopefully this should solve most problems. Download on SpacePort MulitPlayer Part Manager v3.2 ChangeLog v3.2 *Fixed issue in Windows where 'parts' folders where skipped due to path error. Now the App detects the OS and changes the path accordingly