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  1. Has anyone considered/started an FF ribbon pack for the Outer Planets Mod? I think it would be a great addition!
  2. As soon as all the textures in my game load, ksp.exe crashes and the game shuts down. Technologically inept me would really appreciate some help from anyone who can help out. Thanks in advance. Here's my output_log:
  3. Suggestion: Change the battery name to Kerbacell.
  4. What's the deal with Sentar and the planets from the original PF? Do they just come with the core?
  5. The Sentar and Stella packs are the ones from the original PFCE, right? Anything different about them?
  6. Does anyone know if this works on 0.25? I see no reason it wouldn't...
  7. For some reason, none of the KW engines have fairing shrouds when I use them. I didn't install the no auto fairings thing, and when I right click the engine, it says the fairing is enabled (using Tweakable Everything). I'm using the 32 bit version of KSP. Any idea why this is happening?