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  1. Can we pleeease get 4k stills of that trailer? They make for amazing desktop backgrounds!
  2. i have no idea how to mod and i really want to spawn stuff in without going back to the sph/vab then teleporting the craft to a place then //repeat. I have scoured the internet and found not a single one like this. this could help alot in making cinematic videos that involve alot of crafts in one scene. hyperedit is can help but really some people are too lazy to go back to the sph/vab just to spawn the exact same craft. really useful feats in this -draggable ghost of the craft before spawning in (like when removing a part of a craft in the assembly) -a User-Friendly Menu -a button in one of t
  3. is the hidden cannons part of this mod or a submod? cuz it wont shoot and i have no idea how to use it
  4. Please add a video tutorial. I don't understand how to install it there's no button on the left of main menu
  5. the joysticks, throttle, and info arent working
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