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  1. Ah, thanks for the clarification! It's a pity, but keeping compatibility for a whole bunch of mods is of course a top priority. that would be a boon, but i understand that MJ is a priority. Till then, I'll wait and see what I can do with the current system. Considering what you wrote it IS an accurate simulation of the whole bunch of zeros in the KSP script . Thanks again and Cheers Edit: @SpannerMonkey(smce), this seems to answer your questions as well?
  2. Hi again and thanks sarbian and JPLRepo! So I made a particle system that looks pretty in Unity: the particles are forming a randomized stream like they're supposed, I exported it to KSP and got this: the particles are gigantic and just blink on/off in a static spheroid around the part... What am I doing wrong? Cheers
  3. Hi, I wholeheartedly second this after trying to wrap my head around the new system for the last days -frustration quitting twice and repeatedly banging my head against my desk-. It seems to me that the new ingame behavior of the particles is governed by both, the old script and the shuriken system. It furthert seems as if movement in regards to worldspace is mainly triggered by the old system (setting a world velocity vx+>0 produces a straight stream), whereas shuriken is responsible for the fine tuning (setting a local velocity in shuriken affects the stream but the settings in the old script seem to override it). I'm at a total loss how both systems interact as unity is showing the particle stream as I want it to behave, whereas ingame these settings seem to be overriden by the old script, yet the particle size seems to be governed by both... Cheers
  4. Well, I'd really like to work further on this -the problem is I can't code (last thing I touched was VB 6.0 ~15years ago). If we could find a solution to this I have a few ideas for the future... Cheers
  5. Hi again folks and @linuxgurugamer, I'm happy to announce everything is in working order for KSP 1.3.1 and will be available shortly. Regarding 1.4: I might have to redo the complete particle work, it may take a while. Best wishes!
  6. Thanks @Dr_Goddard, will do my best! @linuxgurugamer, just started a 1.4 Dev, the mod works. I'll look into the implementation of the Shuriken system, but atm I'll limit myself to getting something in the forseeeable future. Cheers
  7. Hi @Dr_Goddard thanks for the tips and taking the time to help me out! I had seen the settings and assumed it might work like this and that the animation follows a coneshaped vector. When I posted above I was aware of a few tutorials online, and have already started experimenting. ATM I do have enough time to try out everything till my personal perfectionism is satiesfied `;) . So, additionaly I am happy to anounce thathe first model is done, currently working on the texture, then unwrapping, unity etc. bye and god night everyone!
  8. Hi again, I have taken a look at the document you posted, that's pure gold. Thanks very much! I think I might be able to recreate the current effect. And, regarding the issue with the backward smoke: t seems to me that the original creator used a fixed particle system blowing from launchpad to sea, meaning that the current part is only used as a starting point for a cone of particles, so the orientation of the part should not matter? Can someone test this with different part orientations? In my test install an octosat with mirrored vaporvents around confirmed this behavior. Importing the original model.mu into blender unfortunately destroys the actual effect. Thanks again, See you soon!
  9. Hi together and @linuxgurugamer, haven't been around a while and saw that you took up so many good mods and gave them a new home -including this one. Thumbs up! I also saw that this mod still needs a new model. I'm fairly new to Blender, but I'm currently trying to remedy this need soonTM as a small token of gratitude for your work. I have one question though: You mentioned emissives are needed for the code. Since I've never done emissives before, could you please tell me what's exactly needed? Thanks in advance for your time. See you later folks!
  10. Sorry to barge in like this, but Goodspeed did it with two nodes and the one time i myself tried to model a hollow structure it did work that way...
  11. On Linux, the required log is called Player.log and can be found in ./home/[username]/.config/unity3d/Squad/KerbalSpaceProgram/ on Mint and I think also on Ubuntu. Cheers and a happy new year, especially to @Proot and thank you for your amazing work!
  12. I can confirm there is a noticeable performance boost through removing the ReflectionWrapper.cfg . Thanks for the tip, Proot!
  13. Hi Denny, and thank you for redoing this, much appreciated! I have noticed you used @Part[dockingPort*] in your MM-patch, is there a particular reason I'm unaware of? Cheers
  14. This is incredible, I always wanted docking ports to work that way...THANK YOU!
  15. Hi Onieronaut, DE stands for Desktop Environment, basically the graphic user interface for linux Hope this helps, cheers
  16. Initially I used Unity and lightdm, then tried lightdm with Cinnamon, both had issues with the fglrx drivers, switched to Slim and Cinnamon, still issues, now Mate with Slim and the open source drivers from oibaf work fine and stable... Yeah, would be nice to have independent confirmation, it might be a last drastic workaround then installing either KSP or Ubuntu again
  17. Hi sal, actually, it is the same install, just swapped the DE and it worked... cheers
  18. Sorry to barge in like this, can it be the buggy behavior is related to using lightdm with the unity-desktop? I think I read somewhere that this combination has a special problem with the open source driver...if it helps, MATE with slim seems to not exhibit the buggy behavior (switched to it due to the persistance of memory and graphics issues... cheers
  19. Ah okay, thanks for the info! Guess it's a kind of gamble to get it to behave nicely... btw, what's your current opinion on my proposal for LET regarding the command capsules? cheers
  20. Hi Necorbones, and CONGRATS to the release! Will try it these days, if my junior will allow it Something I noticed: On Kerbalstuff it is labeled "CKAN", yet it does not show up in it? As this is an alpha release, is that intentional? Thanks and Cheers
  21. Hey, just had a wild thought: Thomas P., would it be possible to manipulate the projected drag cube in KSP? I'm thinking of something similar to CIT NodeHelper, a very useful tool for modders... Thanks and cheers
  22. So, basically...run... Ahem. I mean, nice to have a size for lifting an ISS in one go
  23. Thank you for the valuable information! I became rather frustrated with modelling cause of this, so maybe I try it again some time in the near future...
  24. Oookay...what's the poly count of that tank. I tried something similar but couldn't prune down the faces enough to get under the recommended ~1000 polys... Thanks
  25. Wow, love the detail on the the tank butt! Are the girders real parts of the model or texture magic?
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