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  1. Project Valentina it was then, can we have a few useful things now like Planets and I don't know optimization?
  2. Why can't they just not attract males and just stick to being lovable idiots who go to other planets and nothing more?
  3. How does this constitute a hype building name like Project V?, Squad sure know how to hype the most insignificant things.
  4. I'm probably too optimistic to think Squad could do 'something' to help performance and since a Beta is for fixing these sort of issues then I guess we'll see.
  5. Will this update finally do something for performance? I can't play this game at 5fps on an i5 4670k anymore.
  6. One day I shall play this mod without it crashing or playing at 4-5 FPS but today is not this day!.
  7. Hopefully it works for me since every time I try to use B9 it just crashes on the menu. It makes me sad.
  8. I was actually thinking of downloading Karbonite but I'm worried it'll just be one of those mods that eats too much memory and crashes like B9 does for me.
  9. Rovers get no love, they are actually very pointless right now and definitely deserve some sort of upgrade from Squad.
  10. Mine only crashes if I try to launch through Steam, if I open the .KSP64exe then it runs fine, there are a few bugs like having to go in and out of the R&D building when I research a part so that it shows it's actually researched but other than it looks good.
  11. I'm SO happy that the fairings now fly out into space, oh man have I missed that feature.
  12. I did but I guess I'm a little too 'Roger Murtaugh' for this, people do this all the time on forums and I never understood why it's made into such a huge deal.
  13. Seems a bit melodramatic to be honest.
  14. This would be really great, especially for places like Dres and Eeloo.
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