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  1. Yaaaaaaay! Here's my take from a few months ago: https://imgur.com/a/oxKctCv I used an upside-down Vostok capsule in place of the orbital module so I could have a command point for landing. Oh god why are Zarya and Zvezda just nodes that's so cursed. (Also what do they use for reboosts then) (Also that still looks pretty badS)
  2. Nice! Will we still have the plain round ones though? I found them to be pretty useful for making fake terrain and stuff. Beautiful and perfect
  3. Thanks! It's been a bit since Skachok 1 launched and not much has happened since then, but my semester is wrapping up now so I may be able to show you more soon!
  4. Most of them were the results of importing screenshots into Paint.net, making them black and white, increasing the brightness and contrast a bit, shrinking them, and adding a little bit of noise. EDIT: also a few have some clouds that I put on an upper layer with low opacity and then merged downwards.
  5. To express my appreciation for this mod, here are a few scenes from the Soviet-style science save I've been playing since January:
  6. Has anyone else had an issue with the camera seemingly picking up orbital paths? I don't know if this is just an issue with Neptune or a bad mod interaction or what.
  7. Something about that design makes me think it would be a cool looking re-entry vehicle... Probably not a terribly sound design engineering-wise though.
  8. Huh, shame, I'd been hoping for one with the same form factor and colors as the Octans, I suppose I must have mistaken the female SSVP for it somehow. I might check out the Benjee10 version but I don't think it's quite what I was looking for.
  9. I may be nuts, but I feel like there used to be an APAS-89 style Octans port. If this did exist, why was it removed, and if it didn't can it be added?
  10. Oh it's beautiful. I must have it. Oh, and the rover is nice too...
  11. I hope this means we get Luna 15/16/24, KSP is currently really lacking in good parts for automated sample return.
  12. TBH if there were to be moonbase stuff I'd prefer for it to be closer to the designs that were actually considered, like LESA, SLAMB, or any of the other various LM truck-based shelters and rovers. Actually, that would be a pretty decent idea for a BDB spinoff mod, if only I had any idea how to model and texture.
  13. Would it be possible to make FoV, Resolution, Noise, and Grain tweakable in construction? Or would that require too much change to the base code of the mod?
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