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  1. Started taking steps towards closing down my beloved 1.2.2 save, by performing my first Mun Landing in 5 years and setting the stage for a full scale Munar Expedition! Simulations show that my lander can make the roundtrip to and from the surface: Launching the Munar Transfer Vehicle into orbit: Sending the Surface Habitat to the Mun: Launching Mun Lander Now the full stack is in orbit and ready for its crew! Time to return to the Mun!
  2. Is that a Macey Dean style warship I see?
  3. The drill is to create fuel for the ascent rocket, and the Fetch rover heads over to a previously landed sample rover and takes the samples to the lander. I'm using a modified version of NASA's Mars Sample Return infrastructure that was to go with the cancelled MAX-C Rover
  4. This is just the Duna Ascent Vehicle, In the album you can see the tanks for the launcher to lift off horizontally, then switch to vertical on the second stage, which I did because I don't have Infernal Robotics. As for retrorockets, it just uses parachutes to land on the heatshield. It should be fine...
  5. Today I designed a Duna Sample Return vehicle, here's hoping it can get there and back safely! Album with more pics:
  6. Pictures from all my recent "Trailblazer" Probe Missions: Trailblazer 1: Trailblazer 2 Trailblazer Mun (Failed on Launch) Trailblazer Minmus SMART/Trailblazer 3
  7. Took my new carrier out to Minmus, but still working on a legitimate way to launch it KerbalX file:
  8. Today, I built a Macey Dean-style carrier, inspired by the Quasar-Fire-Class from Star Wars: Beauty Shots: Construction pics:
  9. Well, the SLS will have such an abort system, so I feel significantly more comfortable with the use of SRBs. Also when the SLS was initially created, the plan was to eventually replace the solid rocket boosters with LRBs, but it looks like that will not happen anytime in the near future.
  10. Because almost all of the devs we knew of were gone.
  11. The thread is flaired as NSFW for some reason.
  12. Other than the Roverdude OKS thing, which is obviously false, the only thing the guy on reddit was doing was regurgitating and exaggerating what other people have already said.