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  1. It's certainly on my radar, though if I did end up doing it it'd probably be just one glider and one passenger ship, as even the one Moon Lander did some not fun things to my framerate. As for Burntogether, it might actually work for me since I'm actually still on 1.2
  2. Continuing onwards from my previous post, today I finally sent my Von Braun Mun Lander on the expedition she was designed for! Most of the mission was fairly straightforwards, but the landing was probably the hardest I've ever done, this thing has the maneuverability of a battleship in a glacier!
  3. Very impressive, I love that you hads the sttion and the three landers as well! This would make for a pretty cool challenge, might write one up once I finish this mission.
  4. Thanks, it certainly came together surprisingly well!
  5. Last night, instead of working on my ongoing save, I took on the gargantuan task of building Wernher Von Braun's insane moon lander from his 1952 series of articles in Collier's magazine: As far as my google searches can show, I'm the first person ever to build this design to Kerbal scale and post it online. At 444 parts and a fuelled mass of 1,177 tons, I can see why!
  6. Have you considered using a Shuttle C to launch larger and heavier payloads so you don't have to do as many flights? I Believe that was what NASA was planning to do for Freedom.
  7. I see!. I was personally hoping for a Dual Keel, but this configuration should be awesome enough to tide me over. (Also probably a lot easier for you to construct). And hey, given how many delays the real thing had in its design process, I suppose its only fitting for this to take a good long time to get out of the gate, lol
  8. What are your plans for Space Station Liberty's design? Will she be closer to the IRL ISS, Bush Era Freedom, Dual Keel, or one of the even earlier design studies?
  9. Wow, this looks really cool, can't wait to go through the whole thread. I love those mission patches!
  10. Wow! Loved the video, that music combined with the polar landing site really made the Mun seem eerie and beautiful.
  11. Real Check Yo' Stagin moment... Also, it's a shame you can't do a halo orbit in game without Principia. Maybe as an extra challenge mode?
  12. I love these graphics! Takes a lot of work to make meterial that looks this authentic.
  13. Hopefully it will assuage your worries that the Meatball is still going to be the "Primary logo"
  14. The Worm looks like it never belonged anywhere more than it does on that falcon, it's a match made in the heavens!
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