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  1. Wow, this looks really cool, can't wait to go through the whole thread. I love those mission patches!
  2. Wow! Loved the video, that music combined with the polar landing site really made the Mun seem eerie and beautiful.
  3. Real Check Yo' Stagin moment... Also, it's a shame you can't do a halo orbit in game without Principia. Maybe as an extra challenge mode?
  4. I love these graphics! Takes a lot of work to make meterial that looks this authentic.
  5. Hopefully it will assuage your worries that the Meatball is still going to be the "Primary logo"
  6. The Worm looks like it never belonged anywhere more than it does on that falcon, it's a match made in the heavens!
  7. Awesome work! I tried to build the Chasovoy station in 6.4x ages ago back when the thread was still going, unfortunately my computer at that time couldn't handle KSP and kept crashing while I was testing the vehicles. Very cool to finally see it done.
  8. I just used infinite fuel to fix a situation where I didn't realize my mission plan was impossible and wasted a bunch of fuel on it.
  9. Coronavirus has given me time to clear up my old 1.2 save at long last. On Monday, I put some Kerbals on the Mun: Last night I put them in a line: Then I finished assembling my Space Station And then I discovered that my interplanetary probe's Eve capture was fated to be naught but an Eve gravity assist:
  10. Started taking steps towards closing down my beloved 1.2.2 save, by performing my first Mun Landing in 5 years and setting the stage for a full scale Munar Expedition! Simulations show that my lander can make the roundtrip to and from the surface: Launching the Munar Transfer Vehicle into orbit: Sending the Surface Habitat to the Mun: Launching Mun Lander Now the full stack is in orbit and ready for its crew! Time to return to the Mun!
  11. The drill is to create fuel for the ascent rocket, and the Fetch rover heads over to a previously landed sample rover and takes the samples to the lander. I'm using a modified version of NASA's Mars Sample Return infrastructure that was to go with the cancelled MAX-C Rover
  12. This is just the Duna Ascent Vehicle, In the album you can see the tanks for the launcher to lift off horizontally, then switch to vertical on the second stage, which I did because I don't have Infernal Robotics. As for retrorockets, it just uses parachutes to land on the heatshield. It should be fine...