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  1. Excellent update! Very much worth the wait for all that beauty!
  2. I suspect we're only seeing this because the parts have already been modeled, I'd be more hopeful of seeing the revamped APAS-75
  3. I can't speak with any certainty, but I don't believe autopilot technology had advanced enough to allow for autonomous landings, and even with such capabilities, the Astronaut corp put immense pressure on NASA not to include it, as they did not want NASA's flagship spacecraft not to need pilots.
  4. For my Big Gemini save I thought it would be funny if NASA decided to call it the "Orion" capsule...
  5. Does that include the Soyuz-style base or just the one for the ASTP docking module?
  6. What is the status of this addition? I would certainly love to play around with those beautiful ports!
  7. When I try to use the Venera lander probe, as I enter into Eve's atmosphere the heat shield survives but the probe inside is destroyed. How do I prevent this?
  8. Doy! I saw that picture and was so caught up with the S-IVB adapter that I totally missed the LES tower! Glad to see it's making it in!
  9. Friggin BadS!!!! I'd love to see your take on a full IPP moonbase mission if you're up to it, though obviously not until after a well-deserved break! Could you also add a proper launch escape tower for it as well? I believe that was part of the plans for Big BasicallyCleanSheetInGemini'sClothing
  10. I wish I could super-like this, it's so friggin awesome to see the IPP architecture in its full glory (RDM, you should have taken notes!)
  11. Ooooh, those VA and H-II parts are very pretty! I love this mod and I've been using it a lot in my latest save, one question, would you be able to add the white color for the Almaz parts back in? It seems to have vanished in the 1.12 update for Tantares.
  12. I see, makes sense, although I have Intercolour installed as well and I'm not seeing those colors either. I guess I'll have to take it up with Zarbon?
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